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AndyTalks with @Tweeve11 about generating web design leads and business learnings

Discussion in 'Advertising, Marketing, Social Media' started by Andy Black, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. ApparentHorizon

    ApparentHorizon Gold Contributor Speedway Pass

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    Apr 1, 2016
    Greenville, SC
    Rep Bank:
    There's a 0.000000000001% Amazon goes belly up tomorrow, and no one gets their packages. Since it's an established company, we have faith they'll come through.

    There's a 90-something % chance that a newly formed business doesn't succeed.

    I don't know about you, but whenever I spend money for my business, I expect an ROI.

    Lease an office building?
    - There's the expectation it will catapult my biz to the next level with in house employees.
    - There's also a chance it burns down the next day and all of my equipment.

    Buy a new computer?
    - There's the expectation of getting projects done faster.
    - There's also a chance it gets infected with a virus.

    Everything is an investment.

    I got my money back because I managed him like an investment. He knew if he messed up, he would have bigger problems.

    I'm not saying that to showboat. We both lost time and money on that. On what could be used for other more fruitful ventures.

    But to say paying for a service to increase business is not an investment...well I'll have to respectfully disagree.

    One of the best industries I became familiar with was the stock market, a few years ago. Day trading, options, forex, long-term Warren Buffet style investments, you name it.

    It completely changed my view of the world, and now the first question I ask...whether it's buying ice cream from Publix or evaluating multi-national corporations...is, what's the Risk/Reward?
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