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lead generation

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  1. trylks

    How to find companies interested in outsourcing AI/ML?

    Context, feel free to skip it, it's mostly me talking to the duck, it is here only because it might be relevant for someone: I see many job offers in LinkedIn that are part of the SCRIPTED lifestyle, but I find it more and more challenging to deal with it. In particular, everything that is not...
  2. berrydev

    Lead generation for real estate agents??

    Would it be a bad idea to web scrape various different sources containing leads for real estate agents? I know there is competition, but feel there is still opportunities available in the niche. Thanks for any and all feedback :)
  3. MHP368

    EXECUTION My Unusual Marketing Agency.

    So "official" launch was today although i've been dripping things in over the last week. Sort of hard to explain (still trying to nail my elevator pitch) but i'll try. I've become a re-seller for a firm that does identity resolution, essentially we can track all the URL level activity a person...
  4. K

    How (Should I) can I set up a contract between a business and me in a Lead Generation Model?

    Hello all, I am in the process of building a lead generation site for agencies in a niche in the travel industry. I am absolutely new to this area. The agencies will be distributed geographically around the country. I was wondering how to keep track of the leads and how to make sure a company...
  5. C

    Is website renting still a thing?

    Hi guys, So after reading the millionaire Fastlane I really liked the idea of selling leads to other businesses like MJ did. Coincidentally, a few weeks after reading the book, an ad popped up on Facebook about renting out websites to small businesses. The course demonstrates how to rank sites...
  6. C

    INTRO Hello there

    I am a newbie here. To discuss and learn things from you guys. Personally I am belongs to internet marketing industry so most of interest goes to there.
  7. DennisDuty

    My Youtube video with 30 views made $12.1k in a week

    A few months ago I deleted 45 videos from my personal YT channel. I replaced them with two lone videos. I shot these on my phone (also free microphone I stumbled into). The videos don't get likes or comments. They're not monetized or SEO optimized. In fact, as of the time of this posting...
  8. Scot

    RANT I don’t care about your lead generation

    just tell me the f@$&ing Price! Getting high bounce rates? Low conversion rates? Maybe it’s because you don’t list your prices. I know I’m not the only person out there who immediately hits the back button if you make me call for a quote. If you sell a product or service that can easily...
  9. U

    EXECUTION Cold Calling Challenge - Too Many Leads

    Inspired by what @Vilox did in his 30 day cold calling challenge I have done the same the past week, calling businesses that definitely need a website and seeing how I could help. In the past week, I made 182 calls and got 5 new leads. From anyone who wants a new site and is interested in...
  10. J

    Pull apart our customer journey! Simple lead funnel - nothing too time-consuming.

    Howdy, fast-laners. It's an honour to now be a part of this forum. I read Unscripted and Millionaire Fastlane (in that order) late last year and it's fair to say these books changed my life. My first venture since ditching the slow lane involves developing all of the online marketing for a...
  11. Chris McCarron

    HOT TOPIC How to Build An Epic Email List Fast (So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It)

    Direct link: How to make money with a website - 60% - 80% Opt In Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization Anyone who has a website knows how important it is to grow your email list. Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to get your message read by tens of thousands (if not hundreds of...
  12. P

    I built my first "real" business

    I'm 21. For over two years I have built a business finding email addresses for people from scratch. Window washers, inventors, online marketers, and startups have all come to me to research and build lists of email addresses for them. It all started two years ago when my mentor who is the...
  13. JustKris

    EXECUTION Fresh Start, No More @$#%# Action-Faking!

    What's up Fastlaners, When I first joined this forum 3 years ago, I was all over the place. I wanted to write a novel, make a movie, do a product placement business, and a million other things. And the thread definitely reflected the action-faking and scatter-brained approach. So here's where...
  14. U

    Who Needs a Sales Team?

    Hi Everyone, I am in Bali, Indonesia and I stumbled upon something yesterday. I met a women who does cold-calling sales here in the country. Specifically, she calls over 200 people a day and sells event space to them for the hospitality industry. In this work, she speaks only english, deals...
  15. Jamesdoesmith

    WHERE!?!?!? Does everyone learn to build websites/SEO/Social media marketing?!

    I am in a dilemma where I need to learn how to create my own sales leads. Landing pages/SEO things/ Create funnels/Ads on social media. I am tired of paying for these services. Where did YOU learn to do these things? I am trying to cut out the middle man and generate my own leads.
  16. R

    Lead Generation Site - Getting Started

    Hello All, I've just read TMF and I've already taken a huge chunk out of Unscripted as well. Love the books so far and the fact there's this resource is great. I'm going to push myself and MJ called me out directly. I've had a lot of ideas and very little action. So here goes... I've found a...
  17. Fred Chevry

    EXECUTION Lead Gen business from day 1

    Alright let's do this. A little bit context first... Been raised on the sidewalk, bought in the slowlane, tried it, hated it. Became self employed; realized it was better, but not good because the T and S in CENTS are kinda very mucho important. Decided to immigrate to the USA because I love...
  18. Andy Black

    AndyTalks with @Tweeve11 about generating web design leads and business learnings

    AndyTalks with @Tweeve11 about generating web design leads and business learnings @Tweeve11 recently created a marketplace ad to generate leads for web developers and digital marketers: Marketplace - Web Designers & Digital Marketers Looking For Leads On-Demand? I’m Here to Help I thought...
  19. Ankerstein17

    Do I need a Disclaimer?

    Hey, guys, it's been a while since I last posted on this forum! I hope everyone is doing well in their ventures. I have a question and or concern that I could use some help with. But before that, let me provide a little background to what I am doing and what industry because I think...
  20. cini

    EXECUTION Lead Gen. - From Action Faker to €€€ - While Getting My Shit Together

    Background: 23y/o, live with my parents, no “real job” at the moment. I am not going to lie, my situation is pretty much the same as the guy in this thread. I...

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