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lead generation

  1. ali.lari2x

    Do I *really* need to cold call? (Growing a lead gen agency)

    So I've been doing cold outreach and lead propsceting for my lead gen agency consistenly for 11 days now (before that, when I would half-a$$ my business, I would do 5 days and then give up), and I was wondering if cold calling is really necessary to land my first few clients. I'm getting good...
  2. F

    Anyone with car dealership experience, what is something that would make a lead gen offer exceptionally different?

    Fell for the easy entry scam, and now I'm stuck. I saw videos on smma, and decided to give it a try and of course, the market was oversaturated. CarGurus, carsforsale,, CarMax, Carfax, etc. I have Been trying to sell prequalified leads to used car dealerships, and everyone in the smma...
  3. Shubham Gacche

    Help Carpet Cleaning Businesses Add £3000 - £5000 to there monthly revenue Or THEY DON'T PAY.

    Hello Everyone, i have been working on my Agency from past one week and the Progress i have made till now is as follows, Agency Name: CleanLeeds Media Niche and Location- Carpet & Upholestery Cleaning and Leeds, UK (the Niche and location are selected based on Most Searched businesses on Google...
  4. S

    I built a platform for converting website visitors into individual leads

    Hello dear fellows; we all know about those projects offering identification of companies based on website visitors. I went further and, in the last half a year, built a way to legally identify individuals with their contact data, which greatly simplifies lead generation. I am not here to sell...
  5. REALTORenrique

    Wanting to build valuable website for potential clients

    Heres the deal, I am a new realtor and to tell you the truth (as embarrassing as it is for me to say) I have yet to close on a deal. Shit I have yet to have more than just one client. (Unfortunately we did not get our offer accepted). Ive been licensed for about 8 months now. I have followed my...
  6. Joker_P5R

    How to hack an industry? I’m working in logistics/international forwarding and I’m searching for an idea on how to build a side-hustle.

    Hi guys, I want to have your advice/confrontation about an hyper-specific and very particular industry: logistics / freight forwarding. I’ve been working into this industry for 16 years and I’d like to create something about it as a side hustle. First and faster idea is to build an...
  7. mavdm22

    Trying to get started freelancing - Google Ads / Web Design

    Hello All, Hope you are well. So basically as the thread title stated i am trying to get myself started with Google Ads ( got my Google Certification and also ran my own ecom ads a few years ago) and Web Design. Focusing on lead generation. I have spent time learning Google Ads and web design...
  8. Black_Dragon43

    Secure 15 to 30 Sales Calls for Your Agency or Online Service Business Every Month

    PLEASE CHECK THE FULLY UPDATED LANDING PAGE HERE: What's New? • We've released the product again, this time it has been updated and there is an extra bonus, a workflow that shows you how to take any conversation you start from the beginning to a booked...
  9. rodvaN - B2B/B2C Lead Finder, Verifier and Exporter to other Platforms. Many other Tools, Templates, Spy + Community [FREE Trial]

    SAAS / APPS MARKETPLACE is a platform that will allow you to Scout the whole internet for TLD's, Footprints, Contact-Pages, Profiles with Contacts, Telegram Groups, and all that can be found on main Search Engines. It also includes a Search Engine for Google Places which will be crawled with our AI to get...
  10. T

    Trial and Error or Building an Audience first?

    Hi guys, I became aware of the forum a few years ago when I read MJ's great books, but have only ever read and never really participated in the forum. So this is my introduction. I am 36 years old and live in Europe. I've been wanting to start my own business for well over a decade, but have...
  11. J

    Virtual Tour Business, Marketing don't work

    Hello, i am 360 photography i make virtual reality application like virtual tours ( I also make Virtual Reality Training like this one here: View: ). My website is: NEW360 - 360° Fotografie, Video, Apps und Virtual Reality . I write cold e-mail (I...
  12. M

    Lead Generation Webdesign Business

    Hi, I’ve read the Millionaire fastlane multiple times and can’t get enough of it. March 2020 I’ve decided to buy a dog and listen to MJ’s audiobooks while walking my dog, which are even more revealing for me. Thanks MJ! Thanks to this book I’ve decided to start my own business in Webdesign...
  13. KushShah9492

    Started my first gig on Fiver.

    It’s been just a couple of days on this forum, and reading the millionaire fastlane has changed my perspective towards business, and life itself. With a lot of motivation from the people in this forum.. I’ve taken the first step going from slowlane to fastlane. I’ve started a gig on Fiver. It’s...
  14. rickylafleur

    Lead gen oversaturated?

    I was talking with someone who said lead gen is oversaturated. I’m looking for a good side hustle and was looking into various lead gen courses, like on Udemy or google maps cash. Is this still worth pursuing? I want to have income coming in during grad school so I have more time for my studies...
  15. P

    Where do you extract business profiles with contact info for marketing? Free resources?

    Hi, I've been purchasing data from the large (mostly shady) providers like Exact Data for about 5 years. The cost per contact is around 5 cents there. is a public site I've put together where I expose 3M contacts with direct phone, email and LinkedIn profile. This is free...
  16. trylks

    How to find companies interested in outsourcing AI/ML?

    Context, feel free to skip it, it's mostly me talking to the duck, it is here only because it might be relevant for someone: I see many job offers in LinkedIn that are part of the SCRIPTED lifestyle, but I find it more and more challenging to deal with it. In particular, everything that is not...
  17. berrydev

    Lead generation for real estate agents??

    Would it be a bad idea to web scrape various different sources containing leads for real estate agents? I know there is competition, but feel there is still opportunities available in the niche. Thanks for any and all feedback :)
  18. MHP368

    My Unusual Marketing Agency.

    So "official" launch was today although i've been dripping things in over the last week. Sort of hard to explain (still trying to nail my elevator pitch) but i'll try. I've become a re-seller for a firm that does identity resolution, essentially we can track all the URL level activity a person...
  19. BizyDad

    21 Ways To Get More Referrals ~ For Free

    A quick search of the forum and I found little advice about how to get more referrals. The closest is some excellent advice from Andy Black in a couple of threads. When I find them again, I'll post them below. Sure, maybe asking for referrals isn’t as awesome as having a killer affiliate...
  20. K

    How (Should I) can I set up a contract between a business and me in a Lead Generation Model?

    Hello all, I am in the process of building a lead generation site for agencies in a niche in the travel industry. I am absolutely new to this area. The agencies will be distributed geographically around the country. I was wondering how to keep track of the leads and how to make sure a company...