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INTRO I'm going to be honest... I really don't care.


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Dec 7, 2012
Ok, I'm a technical guy, I can write programs, I can install and configure routers, firewalls and switches, I know a ton about Electrical Engineering, and I can sell. I have decent morals, and if i am honest I consider myself an Anarchist, I do what i like , when i like, and I ain't star struck about any living being.. oh and at some point in the near future I will probably be banned from this forum.

I used to work for a large military aircraft manufacturer in UK, wonderful job for a young person, but as i got to about 21 I was thrust into no longer training, I was like a serious employee. After a couple more years i didn't like having a ceiling on what i could earn, i used to work overtime and didnt even bill for it..I couldnt be arsed billing for another 100 pounds a month, that was chicken feed in my eyes.. I wasnt even prepared to break sweat over it. Anyway after being led by people i would rather punch in the face, people who had issues with me for whatever reason. I decided to leave and swap my computer programming role, temporarily for a sales role and move to London.

In London, I worked at a small recruitment firm, and within 18 months, I had trippled my wage from my highest wage before that, this is when i realised that wow there was a lot more money out there and it was accessible to me. Anyway i worked the contracting section, and as you can see, when im being myself, I'm the king of the world..the director of the company didnt like my confidence but she loved my figures, and kept trying to bring people in above me head my section and to expand my section.. They all ended up getting sacked. But for certain reasons she wouldnt give the section to moi.

I said F*ck you and left my company and said I m gonna set up on my own...I set up my business and asked a collegue to join, and within another 18 months i had shattered all my records, and in a single month i once earned about 35 thousand pounds, and it was all my money if i wanted to withdraw it..and it was like easy money.
I soon fell out of love with my collegue and ssacked them....which left me all alone in my office with my girlfriend showing up for a couple of hours a day..and i got bored and started to just live off my money for a couple of years just partying and playing and training...until my pot ran dry..I actually thought i couldnt fail and more money was always easy to me...making money was easy, was my mindset.

I then opened an electrical business, and made a brief plan and started from absolutel zero..within about 2 years i had a couple of employees, a nice van, all the tools and certs, but on a good month, i used to earn like 12 grand...and about 2 of that was parts, about 4 of that was wages to employees...leaving me with 6 grand a month after running round all over london morning noon and night..i thought man i used to make easier money than this. this is a crap business. and i closed it down, let the staff go and said im going into higher money business.

I then scooted around for ideas and met a bunch of developers who spent millions of buying properties and changing them and then selling short this did not work, i had several of my properties stolen off me by the money guys, and i quit...
all the time eveyrone telling me to get a job, you earn good money in a i sat down for a couple months and did cisco ccna and started studying for ccnp..anwyay i landed a job at a managed service provider and worked there for about 18 months..i was really looking at the business side of things, thinking how could i set up my own operation like this...i could open up network field installation firm, or advertise lines and resellthem for the company i was working at.. I hadnt been in corporate office for many years and i hated it. I didnt like the director of the company , my boss was an a**hole, and at the end of the month i was paid about 4 k...ha ha, and sometimes i got in the office at 8:30 and got home at midnight. I left...

ps prior to getting this job , I had gone to the last phase of another job interview, they said the office manager wanted to meet me. This guy walked in who did weights, he said he is not technical, but according to his guys, I had passed that side of things, he said he just wants to chat...During the conversation, he said oh so you used to own your own recruitment company, I told him yes, he said did it go bust, I said no. He said well why did you shut it down, I said i was bored of it and wanted to do something else...He said how much money did you make, I said well in my best year i turned over around 300 thousand, and of that about 100 grand was profit...he said bullshit...I said well what can i say to that, he said well why woul d you stop.. I said i was bored and didnt like it any more. He said well he has a friend who does that and he is a top consultant and he only just makes that kind of money and you are saying you did it on your own...I said yes...He said i think your bullshitting..I said listen Im going to leave, but if you want to check its as easy as looking at my accounts , i was a limited company and its all available ..good bye..and afterwards i kicked myself , i should have told him to go F*ck himself.

then i sat down and what is yoru problem what do you want to do ... and i realised that my main aim was to do whatever i have zero agenda to spend my life in freedom, I also resented any company i had worked for, I hated company politics and for the main kept out of it by keeping my gob shut, and basically trying to just get on with everyone, even then (although inside im a bit of a monster) when i behave myself, i come across as a softie, and people actually tried to push me around at times...this was quite amusing...some weak minded weak body punk trying to push me around....THE KING...YOU DONT PUSH THE KING AROUND.
Anyway, after much thought, i concluded, that in my mind a job was corporate slavery, I didnt like being told what to do by my inferiors, I had been brought up by slaves, all my life my father was on my back telling me to get a job and work hard and save, my mother knew i was more of a, gonna do things my way, and all i want from life is FREEDOM !
the only important thing in my life is freedom, I need to be in charge of my own destiny in its entirety, and businesss is only thing that has given me what i would say is close to freedom in my life.
My dad recently retired, after working and putting up with lots of shit all his life, he had a lot of tia, which are mini strokes, got diabetes, and hydroceffulus. so he is pretty much bed ridden...
that poor man worked all his life to retire in a close to death mother worked really hard, we were very poor to start with, and my mum taught herself the way s of the world and now she has one of the most beautiful average houses in town which she owns outright, she has just finsihed doing it up how she likes it, she has just retired, and boom she has breast cancer...which is small and seems like it can heal

anyone reading this...dont feel sorry for me ..this is gonna happen to you all, shit just telling you my score toughen up and dry your eyes.
every one is gonna die, and it could be any time..thats all i know...If anything, im lucky to have been brought up all my life with 2 real healthy strong parents who are still married and brought us up well..thats a result in my eyes.

So here we are, I have been battling for years, I am a slave escaping the massa, who is corporate slavery ..and that is all i have been doing for the past 15 years, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees..I cant live the life my parents did, I am KING of my world.
After much thought i decided to go back into recruitment, ( a lot has changed in how it is done since i last did it ) but i shall prevail, and this time, i won't make the mistakes i made last time,

The main lessons I learned is that, dont think money will always come easy to you.
when you make money, invest back in the machine , dont just keep working at the business, work on the business,
wild horses could not make me take a job,
maybe part of my quest is proving to my family, that i told you so , the slavery of life stopped at me , i can run things, i dont need to work for others.
i also have a lot of people i want to stick it to, when i was doing great, they were kind of timid around me, when i ended up with nothing, and starting business again (sevearl times) they suddenly became the know it alls, and cocky even one of them telling me he was ahead of me in life...he is a bloody truck driver, and he though t he was ahead because he got a mortgage on a bloody 2 up 2 down poky filthy house...time to show these F*ckers who really knows the score. So i have to get massive success, not just for freedome, but i want people to resent the time they ever set eyes on me
always telling me ...why you not clubbing any more , why you not smoking weed any more , why you not wanna go on holiday with us any more, why not watch tv for 24 hours any more, you must be depressed you must be lost ...bullshit bullshit and more bullshit..i stopped explaining myself to others several years ago..they dont get it that i wnat to control my own life ..and that although they feel they are in control ..they arent.
business experience makes you look through to the essence of bullshit,
i dont think like i used to and really think working at a job would now be like a prison sentence for too far gone now.
I dont know if i will succeed, I think i must at some point, but even if i dont, I m happy with that, that i spent my life doing things my way.
business is hard work, but its all for your own benefit so no big thing
everyone you know is gonna die, and you dont wanna die a slave
freedom is the only thing worth pursuing in my life proper freedom.

I may add to this if something pertinent comes to mind .
i like this guy for some reason, gives me a charles bronson vibe.

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May 29, 2019
That's great, no one should be. Celebrity/athlete worship infuriates me...

But then you proceed to say...

So in other words, you want other people (here) to treat you like a KING, like we should be star-struck at your presence.

Amazing contradiction.

And you're already talking-down to some of the forum people like they're your servants.

Keep up the attitude and "I'm a KING" attitude and yes, you will be. So that doesn't make you king, but a pretty proficient forecaster and predictor of the future.

To be clear, you're perfectly welcome here as long as maintain a modicum of respectful engagement.

I'm not going to allow my members (some of who have been here for years) talked down by you, or anyone else. I don't care if you're living with mum or the UK's next Felix Dennis.
OK ..I don't wanna bring down the tone of the forum, but a little spice here and there is good for hits.
But i understand you have the bigger picture in mind.

On quora when i was planning this new business venture, just for fun, i put up a post along the lines of .. OK, Im trying to get business moving , i made a lot of mistakes, so now im just gonna ask. Will someone just give me $1 million dollars..
no ties, Im not gonna give it to charity, Ive had it up to the eyeballs, and i just want someone to hand me a million quid on a silver platter...and left it at that.

Anyway the post got traction, and in less than 8 hours i normally have like 100 views on quora....but i got over 250 thousand views in less than 8 hours.

Most replies were saying, well i will give you something for the blatant beg.
others were saying hey you cant do this.
others were saying ..good luck.
before the 8 hours were up..there were about 10 people offering to give me a little amount of money....and then there were reams of complaints to quora from people saying he y stop this guy, he is bringing down the site...i dont come on quora for this type of trash...and i started to think , you know what someone is gonna pay it to me .. and what started as a chance move, actually started to get proper traction.
quora then took down the post at about 250 k hits in less than 8 hours..
i contacted quora and said they must be making money off the hits and to let it run, and that if some one did give the money , then they could get a free story out of it which would no doubt drag in millions of new punters...bu they were having none of it and said if i post it again i will be banned.
ps just for a note...when i changed the text slightly, and used capital letters and correct punctuation and spelling, the hits slowed during that 8 hour period, but when i put back in all the ... and the lowercase and a couple of spelling mistakes, (which clearly had some effect) the hits rocketed back up.

So I understand, the site has a purpose, and certain standards, but I'm a hits man, but will start to behave myself, out of respect for this being someone elses site.

ps the reason i recon the hits were so quick, was that quora enable s people to share the post, on a site like this .. the ability to share a post on facebook...may give the site more traction, because , the books and that have a lot of good info, and i know a lot of the business books etc...but to be frank, i never heard of you or your books until about 4 days ago...and in my opinion, wether you are making tons of sales or not... i think there could be a lot more interest out there, and possibly sharing a post on facebook is a way to market to people around the world who have not been exposed yet.

im not talking about my posts...but i have seen a few decent posts in the forum that are exceptionally motivational etc..and a lot of people would be interested.
just my 10 cents worth.
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Jun 29, 2011
no im not the a**hole i just right least most of the time.
but nice try. I dont even hate you and you may or may not be an arsehole....
if the cap fits kind of thing.
I like this guy


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May 12, 2016
St. Louis, MO
"A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle."
~ Benjamin Franklin


May 31, 2019
I'm way too young to comment but as I young guy I can comment a lot(as I am not brainwashed by my surroundings).

I'm going to make points where I think you went wrong:
1. For an example, it's okay to grant yourself the right to be king but don't yet make delusions(this is made without judgment) and treat people poorly(it won't help anyone and you will even feel bad) and at the same time do everything in your power knowing that you can be one.
2. Saying f**k you to the place you worked is a bad way to go, would you wish they do the same as you to yours(character builds over-time and some of your decisions later were definitely impacted by this one subconsciously)?
3. With your first electrical business income you could've either put it back in the business or open more companies(you fell for the easy money trap a lot of dudes fall).
4. Working for 18 months is way too long(unless you learn a skill in the background or work on your fitness).
5. People can sense If you're lying.
6. To do whatever you want not live is still an attachment and makes you very vulnerable.
7. Mentality: The slavery of life is an self-imposed heavy dead weight. No one is stopping you from anything.
8. If you had people around you that doubting when you were starting your own business, I would ask them first what's up(in the criticism, somewhere lies truth - because it had impact on you!).

It's not about pursing freedom mate. That makes you a slave and your RAS is focusing on the wrong things since the very begging. Have an unforgettable life journey(by your image) and everything takes care of itself.
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Jan 26, 2017
Kolkata, India
Ah you should run for President... After Donald, I think you have the flair... :p


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Oct 4, 2017
I like this guy
Man is interesting for sure.

He makes me think of The Notorious (Conor McGregor). But without the pedigree to back it up.

Though I wonder, Conor has been that wild - allegedly - before he was famous. So I wonder if he would've been that successful without his brash side.


Seemed to care a lot about looking like he didn’t care at all.
I think we should have given the guy a chance.

I don't condone looking down on people or acting almighty.

But he could have been an example of what not to do.


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Oct 4, 2017
Ya I have alerted @MJ DeMarco to see if he wants/can do an unban.

The thread hadn't loaded fully for me and I didnt see MJ had already talked to him and he had calmed down a little.
All good!

If that attitude has worked for him, I can't blame the guy for doing that.

Hopefully, by hanging around here, he will realize that confidence - not arrogance - is the way to go.

On the same note:

Andy Black

Any colour, as long as it's red.
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May 20, 2014
Seemed to care a lot about looking like he didn’t care at all.
People who say “I don’t give a shit what you think” are typically the ones who give a shit the most.

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Jul 2, 2012
Love an internet tough guy, all edgy and cool and giving zero f**ks.... Obviously hasn't found what he's looking for in life or he wouldn't have come here..


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Nov 7, 2015
Well, that was interesting while it lasted...


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May 19, 2019
loool you are a very hilarious guy and in some sense we all know the kind of values and attributes we should not possess or else we would become an ' HAS BEEN".

Just imagine you weren't this cocky and BSing about everything and everyone? Imagine you sold your so called profitable business for Millions or had a management run it for some passive income? you had so many options and you F*cked it up.

Thing is you have the skills, heck - you have the experience too and in my humble opinion a little calm , self discovery and change in mindset might get you back to the Fastlane.

Vitaly the Winne

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Jun 4, 2019
I don't do celebrity worship - I AM KING

I've had many successful businesses and have told people to F*ck off and fired people - WHY AM I SO UNHAPPY AND DON'T HAVE WHAT I WANT YET?

This post was an interesting read, better than Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings combined. Great entertainment value!

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