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  • Hello,
    I think that there is an issue with the signup page of your website "".
    The is no signup form so that I really want to learn those 7 points that you're talking about there.
    Ah didn't realize that page was still up. Actually I plan to take that site down. Sorry.
    Hi Sadik,

    Could you please PM me your blog. I would be interested in having a read as i'm wanting to get into upwork for a bit of cash to inject into another project.

    I am actually looking for a freelance platform! I have been recommended to get into Upwork, do you guys have any other recommendations?

    Hello, i would like to get started with Upwork. Do you have any tips?
    Allan Ssematimba
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript basically. Not much going on right now. But i'm very willing to listen and learn from you. What do u think?
    Hi Allan, You have to use what I call, "product strategy" for references. What that means is that, create a product with your skills and give it away for free where some folks can use it and you can show social proof.

    So you can create a HTML5 / CSS3 theme and give it away for free on ThemeForest. Now in your profile on Upwork and in your proposals, use the link to the free theme as a reference of your expertise.
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