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New Contributor
Nov 9, 2015
Always wanted something like this. Is it available for macOS 10 or only 11+?
Hello, for now it's available only on 11+ but i'm finding a way to make it work with older versions for the next update. I'll let you know when it's ready!

*EDIT I got it to work with macOS 10.15 , it's up on the app store
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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
Bump. If you have something to sell, feel free to post it here. Might be worth some link juice as well.


Silver Contributor
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Jul 24, 2019
Now you can buy ʻOumuamua NFT on OpenSea marketplace, or some other asteroids based in our solar system.
Later you can sell shares of those NFTs to finance asteroid mining, distributing wealth among your NFT shareholders.

Andy Black

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May 20, 2014

Walter Hay

Legendary Contributor
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Sep 13, 2014
World citizen
I am reviving my MARKETPLACE Walter Hay’s Sourcing Service because again recently I have been approached by members wanting my help on small sourcing assignments. I think this is due to the C0VlD effect and some are looking for ways to expand their product offering.

Any who need help, please first read the details in the thread link above, and you will see why I charge a fee, and why the fee you pay is your choice. I don't have set fees.

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New Contributor
Dec 20, 2021

I have my radio plays and some comedy online at: View:

My patreon link is

I have a lot of audio to edit, including an independent, no commercial radio station and have another new comedy, Easter Mass, so feel free to stop by the Patreon link to donate.
Martinis with Jesus, a comedy, will be there on Soundcloud soon, it needs some editing.

I also have a cruelty-free cosmetic line start-up, looking to attract an investor.

May 23, 2021
Hey, just wanted to first start off by saying this is a pretty extraordinary forum with an exceptional amount of excellent information, so thank to you all. Attempting to rebuild credit based on poor decisions made a few years ago. Most frustrating part of this all is that USAA is my primary issue - very annoying considering that they're designed to support active duty and I've found them to be incredibly unresponsive. Jan 2018 - began missing payments on a USAA Career Starter loan with a balance of $4753. Long story short, I was supposed to be on autopay for this loan and somehow it was removed (USAA app is miserable in my opinion). I asked repeatedly for them to reinstate my autopay on the phone and even got to the point where I asked them to record my conversations so that I could prove that I had authorized autopay but ultimately the responsibility is on the person, not the company. May 2018 my loan was charged off and closed, reporting the balance. It was never sent to collections based on my CRs. Foolishly, I attempted to dispute the account with Transunion based on active duty circumstances, and my TU score dropped from 685 (Vantage Score 3.0) to 615 because the dispute "reopened" my closed account. I've asked USAA to report accurately, but after a month of phone calls and even attempting to pay in full, no change in status. I received a letter from Revco Solutions offering to settle for 50%, which terrifies me because I assume that this will now be reported as a collection. It does not show as a CA account on any of my CRs so far, but I just got the letter. I heard on this forum that CREDIT SPECIALIST is the best company to repair credit score, delete collections and credit card debt, but I was not sure. And I'm very fearful that they’ll just scam me. I still gave them a try. Seems strange my credit score has been raised to 810 across the 3 credit bureaus collections and credit card debt has been deleted across all my report. Big thanks to credit specialist. Contact them: CREDITSPECIALISTatTUTANOTAdotCOM
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New Contributor
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Jan 17, 2022
EDIT: The site linked is in spanish, but I'm now in Atlanta, and could work for you no matter what's your country, the method does not change...

I used to get pretty good at making Google Ads for contractors,

so while i'm coding a new app, 2022 will be my last year freelancing.

Here you can see some results Esta publicidad para empresas de reformas = 400 contactos

Many clients have at this point more than 1000 leads, and are buying home renovation contracts for about 150€ each.

If you want me to create that same system for you, just send a PM

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