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How to respond to haters

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Jun 22, 2018
People who bring you down are just insecure about their own level of success.
Nod, agree and move on.

It's as if you were clambing a mountain and you were further on top than them, and they would try to pull you down because they are scared to keep climbing.

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Apr 21, 2018
I don't recall having any girlfriends though.
Excuse me my therapist's waiting... :playful:

Girls just wanted to use me. I entered in too many relationships, too fast.

Sooo, my therapist is also waiting... :playful:

Okay, I guess I'll use this ludic moment to explore a little bit the topic of haters.

I was also bullied when I was a kid. I was bullied for being too smart(primary school), having acne(middle school), and being too poor(primary, middle, high school, and college, because I live in a dorm).

This never stopped. Then I was segregated because I didn't want to smoke drugs, and my school was basically infested by it. I've tried to change school, but my parents said "f you",and the school principal said: "the drugs problems need to be addressed with psychologists, not with the police".

So, 4 years later, there are still drugs there.

The years passed and things changed, but I live in a town with 2.5k's inhabitants, and in a school that serves 9k, so it was basically always the same people, and I've had always the same value for them: a shitty one, I were always shit. Only excuses have changed.

In college, one time all my ex-classmate from high school who were studying at the same place as me organized a dinner and they invited everyone except me.

So, basically bullying and hate never stopped.
Yes, I had friends. But most of the times to be with a person I liked, I needed to be with another person, who didn't like me.

When I went to college that problem stopped.

I didn't do anything: I was always the same person.

Because when it comes to haters: it's never about who you are, it's always about who they're.

In college, I am shit. I have bad grades. I don't speak to a lot of people(I am not rude with anyone, I just don't know a lot of people). I am much worse as a person, for my own judgement, because I am not as happy as I used to be. I am not as interesting, because I'm much less interested in people, and in life in general.
But people treat me better.
Because they're better people. They treat me like they should: as a normal human being with problems and shit to deal with.

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