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  • Hi Chris - I read some of your posts and think what you're doing is great! My business partner and I are starting to flip houses and develop co-living properties (PadSplits). Would love to connect and pick your brain. What's a good way to contact you directly? My email is
    I've been reading your profile for a little bit now. I'm 23 years old and starting my journey in real estate. I have all my funds lined up and have been looking to acquire my first fix and flip. I feel lost and don't know a direction to start to get that first property. Was seeing if we could talk a little more about this in depth over email.
    Hey Chris, just read your story , mate absolutely unbelievable , such an inspirational story. Fair play to you man I can't believe how quick your life has turned around, you could write a book about this .....
    Never heard of real estate wholesale, but sounds brilliant and I should look into it
    Hey man I'm very happy for your success that I've seen you post about in past posts i have been studying the wholesaling game for a while and I wanted to know if there is any advice you could give a fellow teen so that I could have as much success as possible.
    Hi there! I love Tony Robbins, his books impacted me in so many ways. I'd love to get your notes from the Unleash The Power Within seminar. I would be really glad if you could send me. My email is
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