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NOTABLE! Great apps, tools, software... What do you use?

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Jan 8, 2018
These I'm researching at the moment, not used yet:
- Odoo: open source ERP + CRM
- Mautic: open source marketing automation
- Calendso: open source Calendly alternative
- MojoAuth: free passwordless login provider
- Stacky: micro websites

These I have used and can recommend:
- Kdenlive: open source video editor
- OBS: open source broadcasting software
- Inkscape: open source vector graphics drawing software
- Krita: open source digital painting tool
- GIMP: open source image manipulation software
- Slack: communication
- Signal: secure communication
- Vivaldi: better browser with builtin adblock and vertical tabs
- Visual Studio Code: maybe the most used IDE today
- KeepassXC: cross-platform password manager
- Zim: desktop wiki
- Postman: API development and testing tool
- GitKraken: Git GUI
- DBeaver: free database tool
- Darktable: open source virtual lighttable and darkroom
- Geany: lightweight IDE
- GnuCash: open source accounting software
- Adobe Scan: actually working mobile document scanner

Web apps:
- Favicon Generator: create favicons for all platforms at once
- Splitwise: expense splitting
- Trello: simple todo/kanban
- Figma: design tool
- Seobility: SEO, I've only used the free version and don't have much experience in this area
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Patrick Besong

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Dec 8, 2014
Central PA
EmailScraper (available on Mac App Store). You can drag folders and files to the interface (or select them via the buttons) and it will extract all the email addresses from them so you can put together custom email lists. It will scan plain text, CSV (Excel files), and Word docs. It can do websites too if you enter the web address into the form. It will remove any duplicate email addresses when it's done searching and allow you to fine tune the list by either keeping or deleting certain domains (like maybe just keeping .edu domains to target educational customers). It has a search feature too. You can export the email addresses as either plain text or CSV files that you can import into your email service. A Windows version is planned too, as well as support for PDF searches. Link: EmailScraper on Mac App Store

MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT

Andy Black

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May 20, 2014
I like Basecamp for managing projects.

Recently signed up to to create a website for our LetsChatSales podcast. It’s great! We upload episodes to (which is free) and they get distributed to other podcast platforms and automatically to the website. Magic.

+1 for Camtasia. I use it to edit and annotate some of my course videos.

I did buy Doodly for creating hand drawn videos but haven’t put enough time into it.

I like Telegram for messaging and small group messaging. The little circular videos we can send are pretty cool looking.

New Zenler is pretty good as an all-in-one email and courses platform. could be good for community when they sort out a fee niggles. In the meantime I might use Discord.


Nick Kadutskyi
Speedway Pass
May 8, 2021
Los Angeles
My stack:
  1. ClickUp
    • Project and task management
    • CRM
    • Customer Feedback and communication
  2. Loom
    • Quick videos for SOPs, F.A.Q.s etc
  3. Zoom
    • For communication and recording calls
  4. Calendly
    • Makes it much easier to set an appointment
  5. Telegram, Slack
    • Communication
  6. Fastmail, Postbox
    • Fastmail because I avoid Gmail
    • Postbox is a great desktop email client
  7. Adobe Suite, Sketch
    • For prototyping, ux design, ui design and sometimes presentations
  8. JetBrains PhpStorm, DataGrip and Intellij IDEA
    • I think these are the best tools for programming
  9. Nova for Mac
    • This is supplemental tool for programming but it's only for Mac
  10. Paw
    • API testing
  11. MAMP
    • Local servers
  12. Tresorit, Dropbox
    • Tresorit is very secure since it's zero-knowledge meaning no one can read your data without your password
      • I store everything there personal and business stuff.
    • Dropbox only for certain clients that won't get rid of it
  13. n8n
    • It's great self-hosted tool for integrations. Replaces Zapier and Integromat.
    • I use it for connecting ClickUp with zoom, Asana and Google Sheets. I run it in Google Cloud and at this point it costs me just $3.5/month.
  14. Obsidian
    • For knowledge organization
    • I use it according to Zettelkasten principles
  15. Cold Turkey blocker
    • A great way to block any app or website on your computer. And it's really hard to delete the app so you won't be able to easily get access to what you blocked.
    • Supports scheduling and different kinds of blocks


Oct 20, 2020
South Africa
My list at the moment:
  • Camtasia (creating videos)
  • Microsoft 365 (productivity & collaboration tools)
  • PowerPoint (creating simple icons, banners & diagrams -> then save as image)
  • Unsplash (royalty-free images)
  • Azure Compute & DevLabs (VMs for testing)
  • Azure Bot services (Q&A Maker)
  • AWS Polly / Azure Speech Services (Text-to-voice -> use neural voice)
  • Wix (quick websites)
  • TalentLMS (SaaS LMS for online course creation & hosting)
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New Contributor
Aug 1, 2018
The greatest app (IMO, of course) on my phone happens to be something that's not work-related at all. It's Strava: the first thing I do after reaching home from my run is sync my Garmin watch to my Strava mobile app. Then, after my post-run routine and breakfast, I log in to the site and evaluate my run. It really sets the tone for the rest of my day.

It also helps that I can follow some elite athletes: Amelia Boone and Jo Fukuda are quite active on the app, and observing how elites train has also been useful beyond running.


New Contributor
Jun 29, 2019
XMind: This is the best mind mapping software that I have come across. I use for it organizing ideas, building content maps for SEO articles, creating to-do lists, and more. To me, it makes thinking on a computer significantly easier. The free trial never runs out (but they do have ways and means to convert you to the paid version.)


New Contributor
Jul 21, 2021
Omni: It's a virtual phone system that has been a lifesaver after my small business begin picking up and my team and I started struggling with the sheer volume of calls and messages. I've been using it for its virtual receptionist feature and also to customise my call menus.

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