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GOLD! Fastlane Parenting (Tips, Tactics...)


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May 17, 2017
St. Charles, MO
It's great because the content is awesome and because it's refreshing to hear the course from a high energy, successful parent. Here are some of my notes.

Nothing on earth can help a person with the wrong mental attitude and nothing on earth can stop a person with the right mental attitude.” - Oprah Winfrey

It is our primary responsibility to instill the right attitude in our kids so that they better energy, so that they feel better about themselves and so people want to be around them

  1. Consistently teach the power of positive thinking. Read the book The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale together with your son or daughter. The moment that Matt started to place a priority on positive thinking, Caleb became energetic and had more enthusiasm
  2. Train your kids on reactions and responses that are positive. Most parents let negative reactions slide but Matt gave him consistent training on reacting positively
  3. Accentuate the positive. Catch your kids doing right and brag on it like crazy. Read the book Whale Done Parenting (was a life changing book for Matt). The more Matt celebrated Caleb doing right, the more Caleb would do right
  4. Don’t allow your kids to speak negative words — don’t say negative words about yourself, other people or circumstances. Speak positive words and think positive results. Be intentional
  5. Speak life over your kids and encourage them everyday. “I’m proud of you” is nice, but be specific. “I’m proud of you because you opened the door for the couple at the mall.” is better. Your kids need to know that you believe in them and that you’re their biggest fan
  6. Practice gratitude everyday - go on gratitude walks and name 10 things you’re grateful for. Intentionally do this as a family. Write thank you cards to people
  7. Be the most positive and enthusiastic person your child has ever met. Set the example of positive thinking, positive words and a positive attitude

Your home ought to be your kids happiest, most peaceful place on earth. It’s all about the energy and atmosphere we create at home

How to avoid the 7 negative emotions:

  1. Don’t allow yourself to get bitter. On a daily basis, you’ve got to practice forgiveness.
  2. Stress - handle it well through exercise, giving, positive thinking and healthy eating. Protect your home from stress. Laugh and have fun everyday
  3. Depression - have a good sense of humor and learn to laugh and not take life so seriously. Teach your kids to love themselves. Depression can kill the energy of your home. It’s hard to meet somebody that exercises on a daily basis that’s depressed
  4. Worry and anxiety - Never fear the day you’ve never seen. Everything comes back to energy. Your kids are born to be powerful
  5. Fear - Be intentional about becoming a family of faith. You have 100 more things to laugh about than to cry about. We forget how blessed we are
  6. Anger - an extremely toxic emotion. Let it go. Don’t talk to your kids with anger and don’t allow anger energy in your home. Learn to be a peaceful person and work on your tone of voice
  7. Negativity - can ruin relationships. You’ve got to bring it back to positivity. Don't let negativity in your home

Your goal should be to have the biggest impact and influence on your kids. Your goal is to get to the place that even when your kids are older, you’re the most impactful and influential person alive

You must be viciously protective of your inner circle and the people you allow to speak in your kids life

With positive, impactful people:

1) Go on trips with them

2) Send thank you cards to them (positive relatives, parents of friends, teachers, coaches, etc.)

3) Give permission and request for them to speak into your kids life. Let them mentor them, coach them, etc. When you request that they speak into their lives, they’ll want to do it more

4) Become the kind of person for other people’s kids

5) Speak positively of your kids influencers. It’s important to speak positively of your community

6) If your a business owner, never hire people that your kids don’t like. During their interview process, let your kids be apart of the interview

Ask your kids a lot of questions. Ask:

“Who makes you feel the best?

“Tell me the top 5 people that encourage you the most?”

Let go of teammates who aren’t encouraging to your kid. You’ve got an 18 year window to parent your kids. Never feel sorry for how you parent your kids and your boundaries

Ask your kid these questions:

“Name the 3 family members who encourage you the most that are the most fun to be around?”

“Who are the most negative people in our family?”

“Of all my friends, who has been the kindest to you?”

“Of all my friends, who has the most negative attitude?”

Then intentionally create your inner circle around those responses. It’s all about who you allow and strategically allow to influence your kids

Get your kids involved in something that gets them out of their comfort zones and pushes them to excellence

Benefits of playing sports:
  1. He learned teamwork skills
  2. He learned how to be coachable
  3. It taught respect - hold the doors open and stand up when an adult comes into the room. On a train or bus, stand up so a lady can sit down
  4. Physical fitness
  5. Influences of the coaches - some of Caleb’s greatest influences were his coaches
  6. It taught him the power of focus - in the moment focus and what the coaches were saying
  7. He developed the power of having a routine
  8. It taught him healthy competition
  9. It taught him not to be entitled - Be so good they can’t ignore you. In 6 months, he went from being the worst to being the best. He was the first one there and the last one to leave
  10. It taught him how to handle unfair situations and calls

Matt also taught Caleb yoga and it greatly helped him with concentration and focus

10 benefits of Martial arts:

  1. Strong discipline
  2. It builds confidence
  3. Self-defense
  4. Balance and posture
  5. Self control and good decision making
  6. Mental toughness
  7. It improves focus and concentration
  8. It improves breathing
  9. The belts and ranking teaches them to be goal oriented and to celebrate achievement
  10. It teaches them the spirit of excellence

One of Matt’s top favorite parenting tips is to get your kids into martial arts. Get your kids out of their comfort zone. Motivate your kids for greatness

10 things Caleb learned about sports:

  1. Always look your coach in the eye. Encourage your kids to also look adults in the eye
  2. Disappointments are normal but we don’t cry after a strikeout or an error. Never change your body language after a disappointment. If Caleb dragged his shoulders or kicked the dirt, Matt gave him about 3 seconds to change his state and change his energy
  3. Always give 100% - from the moment you step on the field until the coach dismisses you
  4. Never, ever make excuses. It’s never the umpires fault because you don’t want to put the game in the umpires hands in the first place. Become so good that they can’t overlook you. When we make excuses, we give our power away
  5. Be the hardest working kid on the team. Build a reputation that nobody outworks you. Be the first to practice and the last one to leave
  6. Always show respect to your team. Always. Instill the values that you want in your kids
  7. Never show a bad attitude. Win or lose, you’re classy. Right or wrong, you never show a nasty attitude
  8. Never argue with an umpire. It’s OK to respectfully ask an umpire a question. Be classy to the umpires
  9. Practice like you play. How you do anything is how you do everything. Practice like it’s a game
  10. Never be critical of your coach

Have your kids start studying Olympic athletes at 7 years old. Have them watch YouTube videos of their routines. Studying the greats is a good idea because the greats will instill things in your kids

Good or bad, daily consistent habits will always produce results over time

The Daily Five

Every single day, 365 x a year - Make it fun! :)

Every day, Matt put 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables in his lunch and Caleb’s goal was to eat every piece

During Caleb’s explosion time, which was from 11-12, he would read 1 book a week and do 3 hours of personal growth every single day. He would watch Shark Tank, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy

Be insanely focused about them mastering 5 good habits

1. Reading and personal growth. Habit must become lifestyle. Matt would set a timer and have Caleb read for 10 minutes everyday. After reading, he would watch a motivation/success YouTube video for 5-10 minutes

2. Write down your goals and speak them with power, passion and in the right state on the way to school. Caleb would pull out his goals and speak them with passion as if they’ve already been accomplished in the car and speak them on his way to school

3. Daily exercise. Every single day, they would take a 20 minute walk

4. Eat 5 fruits or vegetables every single day. Sometimes they would be put in a juicer

5. Daily meditation. The mind is powerful. He wanted him to learn the power of focus and breathing. The key is consistency

Matt printed off a points/rewards sheet on his refrigerator and if Caleb did all 5 habits, he would get 50 points. He got 10 points for each habit

Matt did it because that’s how life is. If you do good habits, you get good rewards

How to motivate your kids:

  1. Keep score and each month, set goals for your kids — 10 points per action for the daily 5 habits

Whenever your kids want things, instead of buying it, tie it into motivating them to read books or one of the 5 habits

Give them feedback, such as going back 3 months and give feedback on patterns such as not exercising enough. Then you can self correct and keep track. Keep a folder for each month and say “‘This was your score for February. What’s your score for March?”

2) Give a consequence if they score low. If you let your kids tell you the consequences, most of the time they’re going to be tougher on themselves. Set the rewards that they want and the consequences

3) Start having your kids make their bed everyday. It starts the momentum for the day of your completing. It will have a huge impact on their success because it starts the momentum for the day for you completing. Also, no toothbrush on the counter and no towel on the floor

If Caleb repeatedly left his towel on the floor, it was consequence time - this was in the movie Karate Kid. He would warn him first. He would make him pick up the towel, do 5 push-ups, drop it on the floor and do 5 push-ups. That broke him from leaving the towel on the floor

4) Clearly communicate expectations. It’s unfair and unethical to punish our kids for something we haven’t clearly communicated our expectation on

5) Use the power of positive reinforcement. You as a parent have to be the cheerleader. Some parents go crazy for an athlete that they don’t even know but they don’t for their own kid who they would die for. Verbally express when your kids are doing something right. “When I do wrong, my parents don’t forget. When I do right, my parents don’t remember.”

Say something like “I’m so proud of you for doing the dishes!”

Sometimes it would be a reward. He would go to putt putt or somewhere and say “The last few days, you’ve been doing so great at such and such…”

The more that you reinforce the positive, the more that you affirm the positive, your kids will go crazy trying to do more of it. Kids need praise. For every criticism, you better back it up with 10 praises

5) Example it. Model the behavior that you want them to have. It’s monkey do, monkey do. You do, they do

Healthy Habits:

  1. Health - their physical health can save them from depression. Start with one thing. Matt started with Caleb drinking water with lemon. The more he drank it, the less he craved coke. The second thing he started doing was he got Caleb into juicing. He put pineapple and watermelon in a blender with a little bit of mint, a small hand of spinach leaves and water. Caleb loved that. He also mixed carrot and apple juice with lemon

Foods affect moods. Every Sunday, they would make a meal plan. Matt doesn’t bring junk food into the house. If they have a cheat meal, they’ll go out and have it

One day, Caleb was craving Oreo's and be wanted 4 of them so they got in the car and Matt bought some, gave Caleb 4 and threw the rest of them away because they were going to go in own of two places; Caleb’s stomach, or in the trash

2) Get good sleep. Sleep is almost as important as work. Negative energy and bad vibes are sometimes the result of not getting enough sleep

3) Physical exercise - Bike riding, jump roping, swimming, walking, etc. Exercise will make them more creative and impacts their energy. It also improves their self-esteem

The healthier you eat, the healthier you’ll crave

4) Create the best vibes and laughter in your home as possible. Sick patients have a better chance of survival because of the power of laughter

5) Love yourself. Teach your kids self-love (practice the Mirror exercise). No negative self-talk or self defeating behaviors

6) Spend time with healthy, happy people. There was some kids that Matt didn’t allow Caleb to hangout with because of their unhealthy habits and unhealthy lifestyle. People that have healthy lifestyles are healthy, positive, have really good vibes and really good energy

7) Keep your kids from avoiding sugar as much as possible. Teach moderation. If your kids are overweight, it’s going to affect their self-esteem. One of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is healthy habits so that they won’t struggle when they get older

Instilling confidence in your kids:

1. It all comes back to how your kids see themselves. There’s no amount of motivation that can help a negative self-image. Matt started by having Caleb visualize himself as being confident. Teach your kids to visualize success so that way rather than just trying out for a sports team, they’re confident because they’ve already visualized a successful outcome. This also applies to taking a test

2. Surround yourself with confident people. The type of people they associate themselves with is an absolute guarantee for success or failure. If a kid had even a hint of negativity, Matt wouldn’t allow Caleb to hangout with them. People that are insecure are dangerous

Make sure that you’re developing your own confidence so that they have confidence in your home and among siblings

3. It all comes down to self esteem. Kids that do extremely well have self esteem. If your self esteem doesn’t match your dream, you’ll never reach your dream. You’ve got to grow your self image and develop a very healthy, positive, strong, confident self image and say “At the end of the day, there’s no reason to dwell on my shortcomings because I’m a great person.”

There’s a power that comes to you when you believe in yourself. We’re in a world of insecurity and negativity. How you see yourself is mostly likely how others are going to see you. How you see yourself is how you’re going to show up

4. Have your kids speak affirmations everyday such as “I am talented”, “I am focused”, “I am successful.” If you speak these every single day, especially in the right state with power and with passion, you’re going to start to believe it. What you think, speak and believe is 100% what you’re going to produce

If you’re producing bad results, it’s because you’re thinking bad thoughts and you’re speaking bad words and you have bad beliefs, which always lead to bad actions

5. Get your kids to change their state. Matt had Caleb listen to every Tony Robbins training their is. The #1 thing Tony teaches is that you have to change your state

6. Make sure your kids dress well. How you dress is literally how you’re defined. One of the biggest confidence destroyers is letting your kids gain a bunch of weight as a kid

Don’t pass on negative energy and negative beliefs onto your kids, especially on clothing

7. Believe in yourself. Teaching your kids how to have a big dream and a big vision helps them grow their confidence

8. Give them ways to win. Post pictures of their accomplishments. Hang them in the house. Celebrate them by calling your friends and make sure your kids can hear you when you call. That is a major boost of confidence

9. Get your kids in some kind of sport or martial arts

10. Train your kids to think big - focus on strengths and not dwell on past failures

11. Don’t allow the negative self talk. Cut it off. Don’t allow your kids to say “I can’t”

Our kids are going to become who they associate with and we are their greatest source of influence so we as parents cannot afford to continue to allow ourselves to be insecure. We want to explode with confidence

4 step formula for confidence:

1. Think it, believe it, speak it and act as if. Every thought we think is physical. We will manifest what we think. “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Think big. View failure as a gift

2. Believe it. Refuse to believe that you’re defeated

3. Words. Never speak the problem. Speak solutions. If you do speak a problem, it’s only in identifying it, never accepting that the problem has defeated you or is holding you back

Always speak with certainty because speaking with certainty impacts confidence. When you speak with certainty, even when you’re wrong, there’s a power that comes to you. Never speak doubt, fear or hesitation. Always speak with certainty

4. Act as if. Believe and act as if you’re confident. The more you act with your actions, the more results you’re going to get. If you want your kids to be the best, they need to start acting like they’re the best

Matt had a poster blown up of Caleb playing for the New York Yankees that said “I will be the future shortstop of the New York Yankees.” Get a poster blown up of whatever they want to be in the future

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May 17, 2017
St. Charles, MO
Wow @andyhaus44

Thanks for sharing your notes... amazing stuff.

It'll stick better if I hear it from the source, I'll check it out.
You’re very welcome amp, my pleasure to share. Glad you like them. The speaker (Matt) has great energy and is wonderful to listen to. He says “Take this course like 20-30 times so it sinks in.” and I believe that. The cool thing is you get a lifetime membership to the course


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May 17, 2017
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Just finished reading a parenting book from the guy in the course called “Parents 4 Success” and wow it’s great. Totally different content from the course, too and here are some of my takeaways —

Listening to music and telling jokes are two of our favorite things to do together

It is your emotional and physical presence that your kids desire more than anything. Please remember that

My greatest lessons and guidance came from my son. I always asked my son questions, and I still do. I ask him how I can be a better dad, what am I doing that I need to keep doing, what should I stop doing, what are some things that I need to start doing, and what can I do to make him feel more supported and loved. I listened, took notes and did everything I could to improve

Have a clear, specific vision for your kids. “Without a vision, people perish.” A lack of vision is a death sentence. Not a physical death, but it will be a death to a life intended for purpose and impact. The greatest secret to success is having a clear vision

Our kids must know that we believe in them. If they don’t, then you have failed

At age seven, Caleb read The Success Principles because he didn’t want him to think like every other kid his age

If our kids are 25 and still living at home, we are doing their laundry, and they’re still coming to us for lunch money, then we have failed as parents

Strive to become the most positive, enthusiastic human being that your kids ever met. Our kids should see nothing but positive energy flowing from us. We can’t display a negative attitude in front of our kids or allow them to feel negative energy coming for us. Our homes should be the happiest place in the world

Set a focused goal to make your home so positive that all your kids’ friends want to come to your house because they feel so much love, happiness, laughter and positive energy

Reward positive words and always give consequences when negative words are spoken

Be very strict about NEVER saying the word “CAN’T.” View it as a cuss word

Since he was 8, Caleb has read The Power of Positive Thinking every year

Finding the good in everything is not always easy, but it’s so worth it

Teaching Caleb to eat healthy was absolutely one of the top 3 things that I’ve done as a dad that made the biggest impact

The biggest challenge that you will face is making sure that your kids choose positive friends

When your speak positive words, you get better results and always feel better

Make sure that you and your kids create powerful affirmations. Affirmations are very powerful and will always yield results

Every day, I made Caleb write down a gratitude list and speak those things that he was grateful for

Attitude is everything. The attitude that our kids display is going to make them or break them. Challenge your kids to run from negativity like they would a deadly rattlesnake. Negativity is a poison and harmful to the mental and emotional health of your children

The happiest people in the world are givers. God will find a way to bless you financially if you give to the poor and take care of the fatherless. Receiving is an inescapable part of giving. You will get so blessed if you give out of a pure and open heart.

Please at least take your kids to serve at veterans’ hospitals, single moms in need, battered women’s shelters, children’s hospitals and kids that are without fathers

Not only do we get blessed financially when we give, but it’s also a very powerful spiritual experience that leads to true happiness

The early days of giving to the poor was a huge reason why Caleb is fearless, bold and confident. I challenged him to get out of his comfort zone even when he didn’t want to do it

Serving and giving is one of the healthiest things that you can do for your kids

Our missions trips are powerful and full of energy. Your kids will absolutely love the experience. Go to and register for one of our missions trips

Matt gave Caleb $20 for every success book that he read and when he finished, he wrote a paragraph long report that outlined what he learned from the book

By the time Caleb was 8, he had already watched all of Tony Robbins’ videos on YouTube

Here are the top 10 people on YouTube that you should have your kids watch:

Caleb Maddix
Tony Robbins
Jack Canfield
Eric Thomas
John Maxwell
Russell Brunson
Will Smith’s motivation videos
Nick Vujicic
Wayne Dyer
TD Jakes

Families that read together and grow together are always happier and more peaceful

Rather than saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” say something powerful like “We have the ability to create all the money that we’ll ever need.”

Make a list of 20 possible ways to make $10,000 within the next 30 days. It will open your creativity and keep your focus on what’s possible

Instead of “We can’t afford that”, say “We don’t have the money for that right now, but we will in the future.”

Teach your kids to show respect to the rich and learn to study them rather than be critical or skeptical of them

Your kids should graduate high school with healthy beliefs about money that they learned from you

The Maddix Top 10 Healthy Money Beliefs to Teach Kids:

Money is Spiritual
Money will only be attracted to people that operate at the highest spiritual level, which is integrity. People that don’t operate with integrity might have money, but eventually then will lose what they have if they don’t change their ways

Save 10% of Everything You Earn

Respect Money
Money is literally alive. It is no different than a human being. Don’t have change scattered in your car or left on the dryer, etc. You must keep your money organized and clean. Show it respect. Don’t have your cash crinkled up and left around

Learn from the Wealthy
The best thing that you can do when you are around wealthy people is to ask questions

Master Good Money Habits
Get your kids into the habit of earning and managing money. Don’t wait until your kids are 18 to try to teach them good money habits. Do it now

Another essential money habit to teach your kids is to always pay their bills on time

Don’t Have a Fear of Losing Money
When you have healthy money beliefs, you never have to worry about the lack or loss of money

Always Get Around People with Money
Go ahead and spend the extra money to sit in the VIP section

Have an Abundance Mindset

Never Feel Guilty for Having Money

“Discipline is making the decision between what you want and what you want more.”

For every criticism, include at least 10 positive praises throughout the day

Catch Them Doing Right and Affirm it Every Time

Be Consistent

Keep Your Word
Follow through with consequences

Don’t Contradict the Other Parent

Always Touch and Encourage
Usually after about an hour after disciplining, I give Caleb a hug, tell him that I believe in him, and encourage him to not beat himself up with regret. Give them consequences for their actions but always make sure to follow with meaningful touch and words of affirmation filled with love

Communicate Clear Expectations
Ask your kids to repeat back your expectations, rewards, and consequences for their behavior

Delayed Gratification for Self-Discipline
We would get a donut and I would make him wait an hour to eat just for the sake of self discipline and delayed gratification. We would also go to our favorite pizza place and only order salad. Try this with your kids. Tell them that you want them to wait until Saturday at 3:00 pm to play videos games

Yoga for Self-Discipline
When Caleb was 7, I started taking him to yoga classes. He became mentally strong from his yoga practice and his focus increased

Make Your Bed and Keep Your Room Cleaned for Self-Discipline
Train your kids to make their bed first thing in the morning. It’s a proven fact that when your kids have a structured and clean environment, they do better

10 Ways for Kids to Become More Disciplined:

Physical exercise
Get good sleep
Eating healthy
NO video games
Practicing good body language and posture
Turn off their phones for blocks of time
Wake up early in the morning
Take cold showers

If our kids don’t master respect, they have a zero percent chance of having any success in their future

There is never an excuse to respond to an adult without saying “Yes, sir,” “No, mam,” or “No, Sir.”

Give an Adult Your Seat
The small really does impact the big. How we do anything is how we do everything

Hold the Door Open
Have them hold the door open for everyone, even if it’s people their age

Wait to Eat Until Everyone has His/Her Food

Train your kids to always be the most respectful kid an adult has ever met

Always Show Respect to Authority
Listen to the country song “Watching you” by Rodney Adkins -

Be respectful and have a positive attitude towards police officers

It is your duty as an American to be respectful and watch what you say about the President

If Caleb is going to his friends house, he follows these steps:

Take off your shoes before walking into the room
Take your plate to the sink and put scraps in the trash
Make your bed in the morning
Don’t leave your towel on the floor
Take or the trash if it’s full

Everyday, talk about gratitude and use “thank you” as often as you can

Matt’s ONE thing to Caleb: Master sales like Bruce Lee mastered martial arts

Unless your kids are going to do the following, keep them away from college:

Veterinary medicine

Top 3 things to teach your kids:

Give to the poor
Master sales
Surround yourself with the right people

What Can My Kids Sell?

Here is a list of possible things your kids can sell:

Cases of water door to door
Other people’s books and items
Stuff around the house. Every kid should have an eBay account (of course through you) where they learn how to sell stuff on eBay. Kids should be figuring out ways to sell online rather than sitting around playing video games
Starbucks coffee. You can buy travelers at Starbucks for $12. They give up to 12-15 cups of coffee. You can sell a cup, door to door or on a street corner for $3 and profit $24 per traveler
Lawn mowing
Shoveling driveways
Arts and crafts
Washing and detailing cars. If your kids became skilled at this, they could make $460 a week by getting 6 people to pay them $75 to detail their car
Pet sitting or dog walking. The pet industry is a billion dollar industry

You want your kids to use their brains and try to brainstorm solutions rather than numbing their mind on video games all day

5 Ways to Become Great at Sales

Ask questions
Study and train every day
Prospect everyday
Follow up until you hear “No” 12 times. One of the number one secrets to sales is that you must hear the word “no” at least 12 times before a sale is made. This should relax our kids
Be enthusiastic and persuasive

Train your kids to be healthy

Water with lemon
Stop buying junk food
Exercise every day. When Caleb was 6, we had a daily routine to do at least 29 minutes of physical exercise every day
Healthy breakfast. Stop eating cereals and sugary snack bars for breakfast. Put some of their favorite veggies and spinach in a pan with some olive oil and mix in a few organic eggs. Serve them this for breakfast. It’s very healthy and a great way to start the day. Another option is oatmeal. Add some fresh fruit and nuts. Drink water with lemon first thing in the morning
Sugar in extreme moderation only
Greens, Greens and Greens. God gave us greens to give life to our bodies. Our rule is broccoli, asparagus, kale and spinach every day. If we go a day without putting greens in our body, we can feel the difference. We are more sluggish and don’t feel as good. Train your kids to love greens and eat them on a DAILY basis. The best way to do this is to drink spinach or kale juice everyday with some pineapple, strawberries, watermelon or fresh fruit. Caleb’s favorite is spinach, pineapple, watermelon and mint. Do your kids the biggest favor of their entire 18 years and train them to put greens in their body every day

Here is a list of healthy greens:
Swiss chard
Collard greens

7. Reduce stress. We must train our kids to handle pressure and keep the right perspective. Pressure and stress are the realities of life but we must train them how to deal with it the right way

8. Eat small portions every 3 hours. Start serving meals on smaller plates. We usually eat too fast. Train your kids to eat slower and they will eat less and therefore have more energy and feel great. Get your kids a good workout plan, put the right foods in their body, and train them to be healthy

One of the most common traits that all successful people have is the ability to withstand a great deal of pressure. They have mental toughness and do not get rattled by stress, difficulties or setbacks

Mental toughness:

Get rid of the victim mentality
Don’t bail your kids out. Bailing him out may soothe him temporarily, but it will cause irreparable damage that will negatively impact him
Don’t spoil your kids. Entertainment such as video games, cell phone, television, etc. are privileges they must earn. Spoiling your kids by giving them what they want all the time without instilling the quality of earned rewards may provide temporary convenience, but it does a lot of long term damage
Get your kids involved. Putting your kids in clubs, sports teams or after school activities that challenge their minds and bodies are great ways to build mental toughness. Embrace your kids’ failures. Treat it as a teaching moment and learning experience that will help your kids grow
Live by priorities. In the morning, Caleb makes his bed, shower, brush his teeth and straightens his top before touching his phone

5 strategies that will help you develop work ethic within your kids:

Set the expectation. Write down a checklist of your daily expectations and have a family meeting. Make it fun and engaging. The expectations should include household chores, behavior, and priorities that must be accomplished daily. By 5-years-old, your child should know how to fold towels properly, do laundry, and clean dishes
Set the example. If the car needs to be cleaned, everyone can do it together. Make it fun and energetic
Keep your kids active. Much of the rising childhood obesity rate is linked to the sedentary lifestyle connected to technology. Movement is so essential. Every day, make your kids do something that requires movement
Make work fun. Play music, tell jokes, create games out of work, make it competitive, set the timer, etc. If you learn to make work fun, you can turn any work situation into a positive experience
Reward your kids

6. Start young. When you are going to wash the car and change the oil, take your kids with you. Make it a fun experience for them

Model the behavior you want replicated and watch your kid’s life and future blossom

7 things to start building confidence:

Believe in them. Consistently tell your kids that you believe in them. Speak words and write a daily note that emphasizes the fact that you believe in them and know they are going to make a huge noticeable impact in the world
Speak powerful words. Tell your kids that they are world changers. Pull out a map and tell him that he’s going to change the lives of people in that country. Words are more powerful than machine guns. They have ability to bring life or death. Your words will either build up your children or tear them down. If you want your kids to perform at their best, then speak positive and powerful words over them
Practice body language and posture. Tell your kids to sit up straight, look people in the eye, smile, and stand tall. When walking together, always make sure that they look up. Teaching the “acting as if” strategy is a quick way to build confidence. The quickest way to jump start confidence is to have them focus on the way they walk and enter a room
Appearance. Set your budget to ensure that your kids are in quality clothes. Make sure they smell nice and have fresh breath
Affirmations. Make a list of 10-20 affirmations that your kids can speak. “I am loved”, “I am powerful”, “I am creative”, “I can do all things”, “I am confident”, “I believe in myself”, “I am happy” “I am a millionaire.” Have your kids say their affirmations every morning with feeling. Affirmations can be life-changing, so make your kids speak these affirmations every single day
Praise. Be your kids’ biggest cheerleader. Keep looking for the right that your kids are doing and take the opportunity to shower them with praise
Never criticize or belittle. We may see or kids as little things, but it’s the little things that make a big difference

How to effectively train kids:

Build trust and never break it. The fastest way to earn a child’s trust is to keep your word at all costs. Being a good listener is a fast way to win the trust of our kids
Be consistent. We must be consistent with our values and beliefs. Be consistent with your health, spirituality, relationships and in your disciplines
Never EVER lie to your kids. Lying is so destructive to our kids’ hearts. They will lose all trust in us if we lie to them. We must commit to a life of impeccable integrity and character and not lie to others. Don’t be a flaky or dishonest person. It’s never ok to cheat, steal or lie even in the smallest areas. Remember, small reveals big
Repetition, repetition, repetition. One of the biggest things I did right with Caleb is repetition in my training of his personal growth, money, and sales. I used repetition when it came to Caleb’s health and habits. I made Caleb make his bed the first thing in the morning. It was repetition. Don’t check your phone until you are fully ready for the day. Turn your phone off one hour before bed. Reading was all about repetition as well
Immersion and mastery. One of the biggest secrets to truly learning something or mastering a new skill is immersion. Most never do this in their life. Go for the best in the world. Become the Bruce Lee or Warren Buffett of something. It’s possible as long as you are willing to put in the training. “Fear not the man that knows 1,000 kicks but the man that has practiced one kick 1,000 times.” “I’d rather you read one book 30 times rather than read 30 different books.”

One of the biggest breakthroughs for Caleb was when I made him listen to only Tony Robbins for a year. He went all in on his teachings and watched some videos up to 40 times each

6. Get a mentor/coach. Caleb learned a lot directly from Russell Brunson, Joe Benoit, Travis Worthington, Steve Schwartz, Dante Bichete Jr, Grant Cardone, Kevin Harrington, Jake Paul, Glenn Twiddle, Wayne Mack


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May 17, 2017
St. Charles, MO
Here is a cool story I wanted to share —

Once upon a time, there was a young guy who grew up in a family whose father was a Fortune 500 executive, extremely wealthy. This kid grew up having everything - he had servants, money and everything else. He grew up spoiled beyond belief and his father was busy working and so on but for one reason or another, he grew up very spoiled

He was pushy, he was arrogant, he was rude toward the servants and toward other people. The father had realized he had raised a really spoiled, wasteful type kid because he never had to work for anything in his life. The young man went off to college, completed college, reasonable grades and then he came back and he said "Okay dad, get me a job." so the father said "Okay I will get you a job." The father realized he had made a mistake with his son and he wasn't quite sure how to help him but he got him a job with another Fortune 500 company and the young guy went to work. After 18 months, the boss called him in and said "You're fired. We don't want you around here anymore. Your work is low level. You're not very competent. You're fired. Get out."

The young man was shattered; it was his first job. His friends got jobs working for large companies. He came home and said that he had been fired. His father said "Well, you know I'll see if I can get you another job." so a couple of months goes by, his father gets him another job

He goes and he works for 18 months at this job - this time he works really hard because he's determined not to be fired. After 18 months, boss calls him in and says "You're fired. Get out of here. Get out. Out, out, out. We don't want you around here. You're worthless. You're no good."

The kid goes home and now he's in his mid 20s. He's really upset and angry. His father says "Well, let me see what I can do. I'll call around." This time he gets him another job and 18 months later, he's fired for incompetence

He does this four times and then the son discovers when he's about 28, 29 - by this time he's working hard. He's working long hours. He's working himself silly so he can do a great job and he's doing a great job. He's gotten better and better, more disciplined, more focused and everything else but fired four times in a row from major companies and then he finally finds out - somebody let's him slip and he said "Well why am I being fired?" He said "Well that was the deal."

He said "What do you mean, deal?" He said "Well, the deal was I told your father I'd put you on for 18 months and he agreed as long as I would fire you at the end of 18 months." He said "Quite honestly, you've done a fantastic job here. You're one of the best we've ever seen but that was the deal."

This young man went home and now he was in his late 30s - he was so mad. He got into a shouting contest with his father. He swore at him and he said "I will never talk to you. I will never have anything to do with you for the rest of my life." He walks out, leaves, gets his own job this time with a Fortune 500 company, becomes an executive, moves up to a senior position. He's well paid, well respected. At the age of 38, he's still mad and he's talking to his spouse about his father and what his father did all in his 20s

His wife said "Honey, did you ever think that maybe your father loved you so much, he was willing to put you through all of that knowing you'd end up hating him but he did that to make you the kind of man that you become today?"

It was just like a whack in the face and suddenly, the son realized in all honesty, he was a jerk when he came out of school and that now he was a successful, highly respected person and it would never have happened in the absence of those experiences

So he went to his father - he's now 38 years old, father is about 60 something. He went to his father and confronted him and said "Is this true?" and he said "Yes." He said "I hated to do it but I realized I had made a mistake in raising you and I had to compensate for it." "I had to make you the kind of person that you could be and it would only happen with adversity." "I was willing to lose you in order to save you." They embraced and they became best friends for the rest of their lives

The point is, he went from being angry to the age of 38 to changing his perspective and he realized that what had happened was a good thing. What happened was done out of love and not out of unkindness. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood


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May 27, 2013
United States
Just finished reading a parenting book from the guy in the course called “Parents 4 Success” and wow it’s great. Totally different content from the course, too and here are some of my takeaways —
Just ordered it, thank you.

Appreciate you for keeping this stuff top of my mind.

My big takeaway from your last notes dump a few weeks ago was zero-ing in on the "i can't" business.

I've turned all of those moments into a teaching moment. Giving her strategies. Re-framing her situation. Giving her other things she can say. Talking about the self-fulfilling prophecy our thoughts can have on our actions.


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May 17, 2017
St. Charles, MO
You’re welcome, amp. Love it, glad to hear that she is making progress. Matt Maddix says “cant” ought to be treated as a cuss word and I totally agree


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May 17, 2017
St. Charles, MO
So I messaged the guy from the course just asking if he had any other recommended resources and he said “What’s your number my friend?” He called me this past Sunday and we had a great conversation. Looking forward to talking to him again.

The point is not to impress you but to press upon you to KeepEducatingYourself because you never know where one book or course can lead you to


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May 27, 2013
United States
So I messaged the guy from the course just asking if he had any other recommended resources and he said “What’s your number my friend?” He called me this past Sunday and we had a great conversation. Looking forward to talking to him again.

The point is not to impress you but to press upon you to KeepEducatingYourself because you never know where one book or course can lead you to
I've been reading the book. It's great, but a little all over the place. Lots of good takeaways though.


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Jan 13, 2014
Does anyone have any experience with Kumon or similar programs for pre-K age kids? There are so many to choose from that it's kind of confusing. Looking for basic reading and math. My son is starting to read words on his own a little, so I'd like to get him going.

I'm also interested to hear if anyone started their young children in language learning. Did it cause confusion for them? I feel like it would be an abject waste to raise my children in TX and not have them grow up English-Spanish bilingual. I could teach them, but would rather have them taught by a native speaker for obvious reasons.


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May 17, 2017
St. Charles, MO
This is a GREAT book to read to your children everyday because each principle is 1 day and also 1 page long - short and sweet. My son is only 2 but I started reading him a page everyday


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Jul 26, 2019
I know that the forum can't be solely made up of 19yrd olds that aspire to boats n' hoes
Haha, fellow parent right here! So good to hear there's more of us! ;)

This is something my husband and I discussed a LOT in the early years and ultimately decided to homeschool and we make sure the kids are involved with many things outside the home to expand their world view and experience.
I knew my oldest would be an entrepreneur when he was 8 when I found him setting up a table next to the elementary school (we lived across the street) right when school was getting out to sell cookies and pokemon cards. I didn't stop him, and pretty soon kids were lined up and he had a pile of coins. For weeks he continued, trying out different places and times and things to sell - ALL on his own. It was so funny but at the same time I was beaming with pride.
Now he is 13 and doing yard work and building projects (and still selling things to those poor kids stuck in school - haha)
He has just soaked up the mental side of things, growing up hearing us talk and seeing how we do things. I think not being in the public school and indoctrinated by the system helps. He knows he can do anything - doesn't doubt himself for a second, he's known since he was little (he talks about it like a fact) that he will be a multi millionaire and constantly discusses ideas with us.
So, in short, my advice is to just live it. Talk very openly and often with your kid about the fast lane life - just casually like it's the obvious normal way of life, and anything else they see later on will seem foreign, instead of the other way around. Encourage creativity (we always had an invention box to tinker with) and making mistakes (then learn from them), let them have adult conversations (even at 4 years old - don't even assume their too young to understand) with successful people, but don't force anything - let them lead and follow their interest.


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Aug 11, 2019
I didn't read the whole thread since I'm not a parent and atm it doesn't really apply but I tough this could be interesting.

Sadhguru said on impact theory (a great youtube show) that you shouldn't look at it as raising a child but as cultivating it. In which he means with raising you would apply your values to the child. Instead give him/her freedom, try to teach some important life lessons, like having a meaning etc. but let them figure it out, just be kinda of a guide through the journey of them growing up, every one has a talent let them find it. If you do this well they will probably flourish, if you don't they might seek the guidence somewhere else like streets/goths or whatever you can think of. Maybe I word it badly, but it really hit me at that moment. You can look on youtube for sadhguru, impact theory if it sparks your interest (it was just a short piece tho).

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