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  1. KushShah9492

    To all the dad’s out there…

    A relationship with my Dad hasn’t been on track since I can remember. He has always supported me, fed me, did everything he could for the entire family. He’s 57 now, and I’m 29. We haven’t talked like a father and son for a long time. I feel a certain discomfort in sharing even the smallest...
  2. sknowles

    If you had only one year left to live, would you want to be doing what you're doing right now?

    I've had my foot on the brakes for some time. Not where I want to be in my life in any area at the moment. This thought popped into my head this morning while I was engaging in a treasonous choice I've been trying to cut out of my life (smoking, btw). Clearly, not trying hard enough because...
  3. jesseissorude

    Should my Parents Invest in my Cousin's Business Idea?

    Putting this in "Investing" even though I think it could also fit in "People & Relationships." My cousin is a pharmacist of 20 years and has invented a doodad that makes dispensing prescriptions easier. She's asking my parents to invest in her idea. My parents are wealthy (they've just...
  4. C

    Friends & Fastlane

    Ho everyone, I'm 22 and I am trying to become an entrepreneur, so I'm using this forum to learn valuable information or to absorb any kind of knowledge. So my question is how you guys dealt with your friends and family in the period in which you tried to become entrepreneurs? I mean you left...

    Family has no trust in my journey. What should I tell them?

    I'm a musician. I've always been told my talent is incredible and that I could most surely become a famous singer. The fact that people told me this has disturbed my mind gravely for a long while. In my early 20s I ended up in a crisis and the pressure of the things people used to tell me when...
  6. seb451

    Parents own me, any advice?

    Hello people! I'm currently living with my grandparents in home town during pandemic. I usually live in a room in the capital city near to university (room paid by my parents). I've been here for the last 6 months) and still have 1.5 years ahead in college. My family is being paying for the...
  7. mcpretelin

    First Greetings

    Hi everyone, I am Marco Clark Pretelin. Thanks for reading my intro! I'll try to keep my story concise and pertinent. A few years ago a friend recommended I read TMF, so I did and it helped my confused mind a lot. At the time, I was about a year into recovery from my traumatic brain injury...
  8. Vigilante

    Drown Out the Noise, and Focus (First Things First)

    Drown Out the Noise, and Focus (First Things First) Maybe it took me a pandemic. This window of slowing down has crystalized a lot of things, and re-prioritized things. I have often preached to others the value of Steven Covey’s concept of putting First Things First. Prioritizing the things...
  9. GrandRub

    Is a Slowlaner environment dragging you down? Has your personal environment changed?

    Of course it's no excuse, but.... In my "real" environment there is nobody who is interested in self-employment and entrepreneurship.... Also nobody is completely against it. But there is simply no interest... Slowlaners who are happy and satisfied. Great people and my friends. No problem...

    How to Make the Right Fastlane Decision in an Agony of Choices?

    My question for the WADM fortune teller was more concretely: "How can I provide for the family (Income) and still get the most out for my fastlane journey." The fastlane journey being an internet business or application of some kind. I want to start building this business from zero as soon as...
  11. YeZi

    Can I call This my little achievement?

    umm, I think there is no person remember me.. But something happened me,.. and I wanna talk about it. (=small success) My first forum was about 7 days ago. I thought getting master's degree in Switzerland is really stupid. So, that night, I talled my mon I'll give up my Master's degree. I was...
  12. G

    G. Wellthy; trying to prioritize self and family as a tax-lawyer turned entrepreneur

    Hi everyone, my real name is Adam Hoffman, I was a full-time tax lawyer for quite awhile. I helped Canadian entrepreneurs save taxes and plan their estates. I didn't ever seem to be a client's "Trusted Advisor" and found it painful to save clients lots of money, but they wouldn't call me for...
  13. Galaxy16

    Looking for online article "save your family tree“ or something similar I remember having seen.

    Hello. Because this forum category is called "Ideas, Needs,", I decided to post here. If it is the wrong place, please move it. I am looking for an online article or maybe a video (not exactly sure), which said "save your whole family tree for good [financially]" or something similar. I saw it...
  14. Galaxy16

    What books are suitable for my 67-year-old slowlane father?

    (Administrators: Please reduce text size to normal. My mobile editor ceases to work.) My father is aging terribly. He is getting greedy, he is financially stressed and getting ill often. He is also physically getting weak. He is a non-smoker and a non-drinker, but often destressed. What are...
  15. KingChuck211

    The black sheep of the family, time to prove them wrong!!!

    Hey guys! Just thought I'd introduce myself after reading other introduction posts. Names Chuck, currently 26 years old and in the middle of setting up an e-commerce business. This is the first time I have felt on the right path after being the first in my family to drop out of university...
  16. Z

    I need advice asap

    Hey guys before I tell you my situation I just wanted to thank you guys for your time, as I know it's very valuable. Anyways, my name is zubair and I am 17 years old. I'm a high school dropout and everyday I wake up at 4am to workout and swim and read. I have an amazing app idea and I am going...
  17. Craig Cherlet

    Hi I'm Craig, a dad of 3 living in Vancouver, Canada

    Hey, everyone! I'm Craig, an entrepreneur & consultant living in Vancouver, Canada. I found TMF last night while reading a comment on a blog post by the Tropical MBA. I woke up this morning, as per usual at 5:30 am to head into my consulting contract. As I walked out the door, my...
  18. Scot

    Conversations over the Holiday...

    I was hanging out with my cousin-in-law (is that a real word) at an Easter bbq yesterday and we were talking about work. He said the phrase.. "But at least we have jobs, and we've got to be thankful for that" It took all of my self control to keep myself from walking to my car, grabbing my...
  19. Roli

    Family Time

    I have been reminded recently; by the passing of a loved one, that family time, is why I and a lot of fastlaners, entered this whole shebang. We want our wealth to be such, whereby we can leverage our time, and be free to spend it how we desire. My girlfriend works at a nursery for the children...
  20. Waspy

    Are you fastlane thoroughbred?

    I am interested to hear how fastlane your parents or family members were. Did anyone in your family show you the way, or did you find the fastlane yourself? My parents are the dictionary definition of the slowlane. But more importantly, they are very happy there. They are happy to be slowly...

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