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Apr 3, 2014
Everything is ready. Been evaluating different term sheets, once this is decided, we'll proceed with launch.
Will keep you updated!
Great news... Congrats!

Can't wait to hear more
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Apr 28, 2014
@juanalou How did your pre-orders go and where did you drive the traffic from? Who is your initial target market?

Beautiful packaging and website. Who designed this for you? Best of luck! Looking forward to seeing the update.


Bronze Contributor
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Mar 16, 2013
Brooklyn, NY
Hey hey @juanalou

First and foremost, I wanna praise what you've put together.

Right out the gate, the packaging and website are CLEAN (very minimalist goin' on).

I have NO CLUE how difficult an undertaking it's been for you to figure out this part of the puzzle.

Ok, my background is copywriting and marketing strategy.

Although I wouldn't call myself the greatest on the planet, I have had a few big wins for enough clients to believe I've earned the right to be "listen to" worthy.

While I think many of the foundational things are pretty much good to go, there are always opportunity for optimization.

I haven't really looked at what others have posted so forgive me if any of my advice is redundant.

Here are some things you might wanna give consideration to tweaking BEFORE going ape shit A/B split testing.

These are like the things I believe are lacking in a nutshell:

  1. You've got what and features....that's it.

    If you were to think of your product in terms of a news story, you're missing the who, when, where and WHY!

    If purely sales then to beef up your features you MUST (if you care about conversions) give it benefits and maybe even consider advantages.

  2. Compare your sales page to the multimillion dollar one(s) you'd love to replicate. Do a compare and contrast and make better analysis. It appears you've already dialed in the what they'll buy, but you haven't figured out how to speak to your target market constituents WHY and you haven't properly incentive-ized them to sign up to find out more.

  3. Move that opt-in up and give them a COMPELLING reason why they should sign up, other than to learn more (don't be boring).

  4. Referring back to 1 - who, list who it's FOR and who it's NOT FOR.


    This qualifies and disqualifies ideal and non ideal prospects for your product. It draws the proverbial line and helps you create the us versus them that's necessary in tribe building.

  5. With respect to your"what" you're not listing base ingredients that are universal to all and to go one layer deeper, you could start itemizing the unique components inherent in each individual chip "flavor" category you have.

  6. As far as your OFFER goes, if you want people to do something NOW, TODAY then you've got to give them an irresistible reason to do so.

    You can do that using some psychological tricks such as:

    Scarcity - Limited supply or limited price point (again give a reason why), which doves tail nicely into...

    Urgency - helps give them a reason why they need to do something now...they'll lose out on early bird benefits or pay more later or something...better hurry!

    Exclusivity - Maybe your kickstarter is a one of a kind offer that WON'T be available to the general public again. Think special edition or, something related and that is...

    Rarity - Can't find this anywhere else, and once this is gone, like the dinosaurs, this shit is gone.

    Pedigree - What's the story behind these chips? Were they inspired by your desire to deliver the mythical healing benefits of the ancient Spaniards that were lost during the crusades, but somehow your grandparents were able to recover the lost secrets but didn't want to make it public...until now?

    Anyways - I hope this was helpful and if you want more insights, have questions or whatever, I'm available.

    Just hit me up via PM.

    Best of luck.





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Sep 25, 2017
United States
Don't see any incentive to leave my email though.

For what it's worth, I haven't signed up to be on a list for any food product.

Couldn't he just have the email box right underneath the description or video, and under the email box it says "Enter your email to be notified when this product comes out."

To me that's incentive enough. Being notified when it comes out.


Silver Contributor
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Oct 3, 2017
There's a young guy who developed a "soylent green" product that includes every nutrient one needs on a daily basis. His company has taken off. Even has major investors. Try it. Why not? Maybe they're military applications similar to MREs(Meals Ready to Eat).

I think Solylent Green was banned in Canada this week for not being "real food."

@MJ DeMarco I think the OP wanted the thread hidden 2 posts before mine
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Jul 13, 2016
Barcelona, Spain
I think Solylent Green was banned in Canada this week for not being "real food."

@MJ DeMarco I think the OP wanted the thread hidden 2 posts before mine
Yes, @MJ DeMarco, please! I'll see you all in the you in the INSIDERS forum soon and keep sharing the journey. Been very busy lately so haven't been able to make a long (a$$) progress post. Thanks!


Legendary Contributor
Staff member
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Oct 31, 2011
Gulf Coast

Carol Jones

Platinum Contributor
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Oct 5, 2017
Rural Australia
G'day @juanalou from Oz,

What an interesting story.

I'm a foodie fan. And read tomes of articles about food. Just because I'm a curious gal. Who cooks. And eats.

I've been on your website. And the product looks good. And is free from harmful ingredients found in most processed food.

Some observations.

You need to appeal to niche markets separately. And tell each niche market a different story.

Baby Boomers are in retirement. Or nearing it. And are looking for nutritious food to eat that's minimal preparation. And cleaning up afterwards. They've already consumed a lifetime of the harmful ingredients that are in packaged food. So are aware of the benefits of all natural ingredients. Especially if they're going to feed it to their grandchildren.

Generation X is obsessed about avoiding processed food that causes cancer. And they are fanatical about what their children eat. They read the fine print on every label. I see them put items back on the supermarket shelves muttering 'that's too dangerous to consume'.

Millennials. Or Gen Y. Are mature now. Many are in their 30's. They're starting families. Buying houses. They eat mostly wholesome food. Eschew fast food restaurants. And really aren't into processed food in a package.

Gen Z loves nutritious food that doesn't need to be prepared. Or cleaned up after consuming. Your Complete Chip is exactly what they're looking for.

These are all different groups that need different stories to make The Complete Chip appeal to them.

Regarding funding. How much do you want to raise?

Have you got the followers to make crowdfunding work for you? You need to have tens of thousands of followers on social media to meet even a small target.

If you fall short of your target, do you get to keep what supporters contributed? Or do you lose it all?

Is there a difference between Kickstarter and GoFundMe regarding what $$$$ you get to keep?

If you acquire an email address, what will you do with it? Do you have a strategy for developing a long-term relationship with your customer using email? Do you know how often you'll be keeping in touch with them? Do you know what you'll be offering them on a regular basis to keep the relationship active?

Regarding Facebook.

Facebook is virtually a grandparents platform now. The most active users are Baby Boomers. Keeping in touch with old friends. And with their children.

Gen X is on Facebook. But the ones who are interested in your product would mainly be found in Groups on Facebook. Which are very popular with this generation. Parenting groups. Food groups. Business groups. Craft groups. They introduced their parents to Facebook.

Millennials. Gen Y. Have Facebook pages. But rarely use them. They are found on private platforms. They don't want to be where their parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles are.

Gen Z, which is a good market for you, are not on Facebook. They're on Snapchat. And other more trendy platforms. They definitely don't want to be where their parents and grandparents hang out either.

Avoid coupons - your conversion will be low, and the people that tend to buy are people that only buy when your product is on deal. You are looking to create actual fans - people who will repeat-purchase at full price. Discounts can have this same effect of cheapening your brand.

I agree with @G-Man on this. As a consumer, I can relate to what he says. If my first purchase is a special price, I resent having to pay full price for my next purchase. I also think most people who buy an item first time on a special price are tyre kickers. And don't become loyal fans.

On the other side of the coin. If I'm a devoted consumer of a product, and it goes on special. I consider myself lucky. And I don't resent it when the next time I purchase I have to pay full price.

I sat in on a seminar last week regarding churn. And learned that 70% of consumers never buy a product a second time when the first purchase was a special price.

And of the remaining 30%. Most will only be a repeat customer twice more.

We're a complicated species when it comes to the brain!

You have to factor those percentages into your long-range forecast for sales.

You have a lot of positive feedback from the forum about the product. And its natural virtues. But everyone is still at a loss as to how you get it into the marketplace.

Have you established this product in Spain? Your home country? Is there a reason you don't want to start small? And then progress to larger markets like the USA?

Lots of questions. As I said, I'm a curious gal. I wish you well. And look forward to following this thread. ~Carol❤
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Silver Contributor
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Nov 27, 2014
Updates? Any sales? "Pre-Orders are not available in your country" - I live in the USA. Where you marketing to?

The whole 'healthy / organic foods' and 'on the go' are huge markets, IMO. Who are you targeting (assuming you're still working on this), and what's your sales strategy?
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Feb 6, 2018
Carol has given some excellent info, here! I totally agree with everything she's said!

I'm a GenX-er and the first thing I noticed was GF/NONGMO (good) but that it's not certified by a 3rd party...and then I saw the Soy Flour. Non starter for me and my house. Safe to say I fit the profile she describes for my generation.

Good food for thought! :D


It's A Long Way To The Top....
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Feb 13, 2013
Southern California
Updates? Any sales? "Pre-Orders are not available in your country" - I live in the USA. Where you marketing to?

The whole 'healthy / organic foods' and 'on the go' are huge markets, IMO. Who are you targeting (assuming you're still working on this), and what's your sales strategy?

I also wanted to Pre-Order (California), just to taste it. I would recommend ditching the white flour and soy though (if the final formula is not 100%).

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