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  1. Awoken

    The Elephant In My Mind: Fear of Failure

    I've become very self aware recently about what's going on in my mind. And I've finally realised the root cause of my problems. Fear of failure. This is immense for me. I've always known I feared failure throughout my formal education, but as I began my first product venture after graduating...
  2. NeoDialectic

    Let your fear of RISING TO THE OCCASION go!

    Another 2-part post here. Part 1 being advice to beginners and part 2 asking for people with experience to check in. Part 1 There is so much talk of providing value, that it seems many are paralyzed in the value creation phase instead of letting their ideas fly and actually providing the value...
  3. smn03

    When Your Family Destroys Your Dreams

    My position: (you can skip this if you want to) my dad owns a company, makes more than 200.000/year but in my opinion hasn't archived financial freedom. still gets up everyday do drive to work and work long hours in order to keep the business going. my mom isn't working at all. spending time...
  4. YelmisPravida

    Life altering insight: Pursuing a clear vision vs. improving iteratively (and how lack of trust in myself led to the latter)

    I've always seen life through an evolutionary lens: The best and safest way to build something is to start with what you have now, identify the current biggest problem or bottleneck, improve that - in a way that is "reversible" should it not work out. Doing this over and over will lead you to a...
  5. Antifragile

    **This thread will change the way you think.**

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Here are notes on things that aren't obvious but will change the way you think about life. An eclectic collection. Your habits are what drives your mood, and mood is a filter through which you experience life. Happiness is not some fantom state of joy, it is how your mood filters experiences...
  6. A

    Surpassing anxiety to achieve success

    Hi ! It's Alexis Autotte theautismgenius here I'm here to ask a question about some of people in this forum who have succeed and even the author of millionnaire Fastlane could probably answer my question. I was curious to see if there was people who suffered lots of fear in their process of...
  7. KenDunlop

    Uncertainty is not danger

    This is a distinction I've noticed a lot of Scripted people seem to miss; uncertainty is not the same thing as danger. Often when Scripted people talk about 'risk' or 'danger' or implore you to 'play it safe' they're not really talking about danger, they're talking about uncertainty. Normally I...
  8. Goldfels

    Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway: Beginning Entrepreneurship with Web Design

    I bought @Fox 's Freelancing Course four days ago and I've been trying to take notes and fully get the ideas in the course between school and work. A lot of it has me scared. Scared I will mess up on a sales call and not get the sale. Scared a design for a client will not be good enough. Scared...
  9. Devampre

    Overcoming Fear and Lethargy

    How do you personally deal with or overcome feelings of fear and/or lethargy? As of late, I have been falling short of my desired potential and haven't been acting/grinding as my higher self would prefer. Through self reflection and introspecting I believe at the root it is fear and lethargy...
  10. astr0

    What is the most scary moment in your life?

    Those moments seem to have a huge impact on life, would be great if everyone could learn something from other's experience too. All mine have something to do with driving as I've used to drive like a reckless idiot when I was younger. This made me value my life more We were going on 5 car...
  11. Dragan9

    19 yo Dancing with fear, Call to action, Leaving Home.

    I am a 19 Year old Bosnian. I always hated the 9-5 scam. I hated the idea of selling my soul to a job that i hate. I saw life has more to offer, so when people asked me what do I want to work when i Grow up, I had no plan. I would usually give them a short answer,Doctor,Lawyer bla bla...That was...
  12. PizzaOnTheRoof

    2019: Becoming Unemployable (Local Lead Gen)

    “Wealth eludes most people because they are preoccupied with events while disregarding process. Without process, there is no event.” ~ M.J. DeMarco Quick shoutout to the Unemployable Podcast. Lot's of great nuggets for freelancers and "solopreneurs" who don't know where to start. Now, as Tim...
  13. M

    21-year-old uni grad - frozen & stuck because I fear failure

    OK, here it goes. I know I was supposed to do this 3 1/2 years ago, but better late than never. I’m a university grad, born, raised, and schooled in the hellhole known as Toronto. I majored in finance at a business school, & got a job as an accounting clerk shortly after graduation. During the...
  14. MidwestLandlord

    A Room Full of Opportunity (Follow up on the darn leads!)

    I have 2 stories to share. I think it's easy to get involved in the fastlane here, and start to lose sight of how most people in the world actually are, and hopefully you can realize that it isn't actually that hard to set yourself apart from most. It really just takes some legit effort and...
  15. K

    Fear of Failure

    Hey Folks, So i've just finished re-reading MJ's awesome tome and assessing some of my prior business failures/disasters and i'm noticing some common threads. I actually sat down the other night and wrote down everything I could remember about my 3 or 4 false starts and some of it very much...
  16. andrewthomas

    Overcoming Your Fear(s) .....

    We all have to deal with fear (especially as Entrepreneurs/Marketers) ... However the fear you experience cannot stop you from becoming successful or achieving your goal(s). As Bruce Lee (and Susan Jeffers) famously said: "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!" Personally something I'm somewhat...
  17. Supa

    The White Carpet

    Did you ever get cold feet? Oh boy, do I feel that cursor hovering above the <- on the top-left of your browser tab, waiting impatiently for that moment that you just click on that. But wait. I'm not going to sell you some warm fleecy socks now to get rid of your cold feet during that...
  18. SteveO

    Do you get discomfort?

    How often do we find ourselves in situations where we are bothered by people in our environment? Someone asking direct questions, sprawled against you in a plane, acting incoherent or loud, pushing hard in a negotiation, making judgmental comments, or maybe just staring down their noses at...
  19. DanDaily76

    5 Ways To Be More Confident

    5 Ways To Be More Confident If you feel that you need to take yourself out of a situation where other people undermine your abilities or you just need to challenge limiting beliefs that were formed years ago, you need to work on your self confidence. Actually, self confidence refers to...
  20. Blaise84

    Do This When You Don't Feel like Executing Your Process (3 Motivational Methods)

    There are days when putting work in is the last thing I want to do. I assume we've all been there. I think this is especially prevalent during the desert of desertion phase. This is the phase MJ describes as the season when you're building a product/asset, but have little or no market feedback...