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  • Hi Steve! I don't really know everything about this forum. How do I PM you? I have personal details I wanted to ask but didn't want to post publicly. ;)
    Hey SteveO, if you don't mind I'd like to run some ideas by you regarding my real estate situation and would love to hear more advice from you. Pm me if so...thanks!
    Peace I would like you to Pm me your stance on Marijuana as well . My name is Rome and I've been lurking while taking small steps . I respect your wisdom and insight
    Sorry for the delayed response. I don't recall the post that started this conversation. I personally don't use marijuana but don't care who does. For me, lose motivation to do anything when high. It does not work for me.
    Hey SteveO,

    how did you build capital to get aparments? should i stick to wholesaling? also thinking about gettin gmy license
    hey SteveO, can you pm me please im not sure how to start it
    What are you trying to start?
    jumping in the real estate game, duplexes and up. Ive read TMF, and also how to buy apt buildings, but i just have a couple questions on how things work here in texas, i stay in SPI and mcallen part of texas
    It is nice down there on the coast. I think apartments are overpriced right now. You can find something decent if you have patience and wait for the good deals.
    Hey SteveO! I was wondering how the tub stripping went?
    We got a rain deluge with flooding. It side tracked us a bit. We will be stripping today or tomorrow. I will let you know.
    Hi, I know I'm new, but I'm looking to establish a "sangha" in San Diego. Hopefully we can get a small group together and have a cup of coffee every now and then. Maybe just get updates on progress and discuss things. I'll probably start a "meetup" on just because. Sorry if this is presumptuous. Just ignore if it's insulting or out of line. Thanks.
    Hey steve i have some questions what if a apartment building does not sell and how long would it take to sell?
    Much respect to you for your running dedication. I recently started running... and its tough! My problem is that I'll miss a day or two, and that puts my body's endurance way back. Not to mention the weekend drinking. I'm doing my first 6k Saturday morning... should be a challenge.
    Ha! I should keep you guessing about who I am ;) Really, I am in awe of what you did Rim to Rim to Rim. I just decided about a week ago that I'm going to run 1/2 a marathon. I used to be a runner, but that was years ago. Time to get back into it.
    Hi, My name is Faina. I followed you here from RD forums to this site (thank you so much, this resource is so great for so many topics - now I read it everyday!!!). I'm looking for partners to buy US real estate for cash flow purposes and as sort of capital preservation if hyperinflation will happen, which in my opinion is very likely to happen. Unfortunately I'm from Canada and can't travel a lot, so in order for me to invest in US RE I have to find right US partners. I read all your posts I could find - and concluded that you're very knowledgeable and experienced and the kind of person I would like to teamed with. Would you consider a partnership with foreigner? If yes, please write me to (I didn't figure out yet how to use this forum to read pm) and i will tell you more about myself...
    Watching the Masters Golf tourney and I can't believe how much you look and sound like Phil Mickelson ... even the voice!
    Thanks for the help on property management tonight! If you get a chance, drop me a copy of the contract you use. In the meantime, I'm digging into your ideas.

    Bob White
    Sorry that I ran out of time when I was in Phoenix. Maybe next time I'm out there we can meet up. ...How on earth do you run in that heat?!
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