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Do This When You Don't Feel like Executing Your Process (3 Motivational Methods)

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Jul 8, 2017
Northeast Ohio
There are days when putting work in is the last thing I want to do. I assume we've all been there.

I think this is especially prevalent during the desert of desertion phase. This is the phase MJ describes as the season when you're building a product/asset, but have little or no market feedback, because the asset isn't yet ready to be placed on the market. Gah! It's a CHALLENGING phase. That's for sure.

I've been using THREE motivational methods to keep myself going on days when I feel tired, unmotivated, unfocused, or [fill in the blank].

1. Stephen King's 1,000 word per day writing method.

Stephen King doesn't think about writing an entire book at a time. He simply writes 1,000 words per day. No matter what, he sits down and writes 1,000 words. 99/100 times, he says that writing 1000 words leads to 2,000, and that leads to 3,000, and so on.

I've adapted this to my personal fastlane process, and work 1 hour per day, no matter what. In light of all the work I still need to get done in order to put my product on the market, 1 hour per day keeps me working consistently, and minimizes the power fear + anxiety + frustration (AKA overwhelm) has over my choices.

2. Fear makes things seem worse than they are in reality.

I keep in mind that thinking about something in advance makes it seem scarier/worse/a bigger deal than the situation truly is in reality.

This is very simple. When I begin to feel fear or anxiety about sitting down to work, I simply remind myself that the fear/anxiety is all in my head, and has no exterior basis in the real world. That is, it is my thoughts that I'm actually afraid of, not the exterior thing in the world that I'm attaching my thoughts to (in this case, sitting down to execute the fastlane process).

When I attach my internal feelings of fear and anxiety to an external idea, such as working, or a project, then I believe that the external thing is actually what I am afraid of. This is erroneous. I've simply unconsciously attached my feelings to something in the external world. The feelings are inside of my mind, and as long as I recognize this and don't attach them to something external, I'll sit down and execute my fastlane process every time.

3. Remembering your ULTIMATE WHY.

This is huge. I don't know about you, but there are days when I completely forget about my WHY. MJ discusses this topic in his books. Essentially, it's something you derive deeper meaning from that will keep you going. What's your ultimate reason for wanting to do well financially? For example, the novelty of a nice car fades, but being able to take care of your mother, or someone else you care about, for a lifetime is a meaningful, lasting thing. So, what is your ULTIMATE WHY, beyond having nice stuff?

I'll share mine. This is what keeps me going when the thought of an upgraded car or home isn't enough to get me in front of the computer to start executing:

A friend of mine works for an organization that teaches urban children who don't have a mother or father, or any role model present in their life, life skills. Things like basic repairs, making meals, and learning about teamwork and community.

He starts working with them when they're at a young age. But the organization isn't solely teaching these kids practical life skills, they're pouring connection, kindness, and affection into their lives, something they won't get anyplace else...and something that will mean the world to them when they have more self-awareness as adults, and begin to process and unpack their earlier life experiences, as most of us do at some point.

Needless to say, he doesn't make much money doing this, and the funding of this organization is limited, as is the case with many organizations such as this. I donate a thousand dollars here and a few hundred dollars there as I am able, but I'd love to give these kids more. With a few hundred thousand or a few million dollars, my friend's organization would have the resources to do even bigger things for these kids.

So, there you have it, that's my ULTIMATE WHY. I'd love to hear yours.

To summarize,

1. Just 1 hour per day, and that's it! Don't think in terms that are overwhelming.

2. Fear makes the thought of executing your process seem worse/scarier/a bigger deal than it really is in reality. The fear is made up in your mind, it has no basis in external reality.

3. Remember your ULTIMATE WHY. What's the impact you want to make in the world?

These three motivational methods have helped me out, and I hope they help you.

Also, it'd be great to hear the motivational methods other people are using to continue executing even when they don't feel like it...
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Anuj Raman

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Nov 1, 2017
When I begin to feel fear or anxiety about sitting down to work, I simply remind myself that the fear/anxiety is all in my head,
This point reminds me of a quote from Eckhart Tolle "Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry - all forms of fear - are caused by too much future, and not enough presence"

Whenever I am doing something that I don't want to do, I just keep repeating to myself "stay present to the moment" "be here now".
This helps me focus on the task at hand without judging the task like how much work I need to get done or how long it will take to finish this.

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