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What is the most scary moment in your life?


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Dec 3, 2017
Lviv, Ukraine
Those moments seem to have a huge impact on life, would be great if everyone could learn something from other's experience too.

All mine have something to do with driving as I've used to drive like a reckless idiot when I was younger.

This made me value my life more
We were going on 5 car offroad trip in the middle of nowhere for 2 days. I had other things to do during the day, so 3 cars went in the morning and I and my friend had to join them in the evening before the night. Decided where we would stay for the night beforehand. But, unfortunately, my friend abandoned the idea a few hours before the start. I knew that one of the three was pretty inexperienced and had a car that wouldn't go too far, so still decided to join them alone, which is REALLY STUPID.

On my way, few dozens of kilometers before the meeting point, had to help a small bus that got in an accident (driven out of the road) to get back on wheels and on the road. It was pretty heavy and had no good points to secure a winch hook, so it took me almost an hour.

Got on a meeting points when it was pretty dark already. No one there, no one in the radio channel we're usually using and it's getting dark really fast. Spent another 30-40 minutes driving around horning, scanning all radio frequencies and looking for them, but nothing. Cell phone coverage ended 40 km before that. Decided that I should go back FAST as I had to cross a pretty deep and fast river two times and the car war semi-floating there and that's really dangerous + I don't have offroad lighting on a car.

Drove back two times faster and got a big log stuck between the drive shaft and the frame just before the first river cross almost stalling the engine. No trees to winch it out. Somehow managed to drive backward for ~200 meters to get a good winching angle. Had to go out of the car, 50-60 km to the nearest village, wolves howling nearby and hoping there are no bears around... Really almost shit my pants there, but the car won't save against a bear.

The log just broke when winching, leaving a huge part of it still stuck. Damn, mud everywhere, I can't hook to the remaining part. Managed to drive near the rivers with that log and somehow it got out after driving around back and forth. The rest of the journey went smooth. I've also lost a front license plate that day somewhere...

Stopped driving recklessly after this one
Going home from work, 140 km/h, BMW, highway, heavy rain, evening, lights on, nothing pointing for troubles. Suddenly the freaking truck decides to turn left from a T-crossroad where he's supposed to give me a priority... Automatically floor the breaks, see that's there's no way to pass behind him or to turn right on that T-crossroad, instantly decide to floor the gas and pass before him on the free upcoming traffic lane. Manage to pass like 4-5 meters before him, but on 140+ km/h and 45-60 degree angle to opposing side of the really wet road. Drifting back, going with less angle to the other side. But, sh1t, there are cars that turned from the same crossroad covered by the truck... Had to turn much sharper not to hit them, completely lost control and making circles. Time almost stops for me, remembering doing police turn exercises in winter a few years ago. Trying to stabilize and stop the car. Manage to take back control after 3.5 turns in total, going like 40 km/h backward. Parking on the opposing side... The truck also stopped and the driver went out. Waved to him that I'm fine from like 500-600 meters away, turned around and went home.

Boy, I got lucky that day... Haven't got out of the road, no upcoming traffic, haven't smashed to the cars going in my direction, stayed on the wheels. Heck, even the car was completely fine. And left beautiful long spiral tire marks in the middle of the road. Sold BMW a few months later and got a Golf instead, it was too provoking.

Got few more driving close calls including almost rear-ending a guy on 170 km/h who was driving like 80 and 4 times accidentally getting two wheels off the ground. But that wasn't nearly that scary and had almost 0 effects. Got into two accidents as a passenger (one offroad, on my car...) and had a really hurting one myself on a dirt bike - bad landing after a jump, but nothing serious.

Also crashed on 120-140+ km/h skiing due to bad rented boots/skies that got wobbling on that speeds and ultimately one boot got disconnected. Was stupid to continue that fast as I've noticed issues sooner, just not much was left till the end of the track. Passed out for 20 seconds to a minute, but only a few bruises and tendon rupture on one leg. Had no time to be scared, lol, so everyone who saw that was frightened more than me. Can't stop me from going that fast, so don't rent anything skiing-related since then... I was really lucky to have mine good helmet back then, just had no place for skies in the car.
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Speedway Pass
Jul 30, 2018
Realizing it’s all up to me.

Success or failure.

Lex DeVille

Sweeping Shadows From Dreams
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Jan 14, 2013
The Underground
Most scariest was about a year ago. I was home with the baby, fed her carrot puree that wasn't pureed enough. She started choking. Turned red, then blue.

I did baby Heimlich but it wasn't working. Felt like a lifetime. All I could think about was how many seconds were left before she died.

I kept doing baby Heimlich and the food dislodged. Baby cried. I cried. And that day I learned how precious the sound of a scream can be. Also the value of proper training and practice.

The second and third times were just as scary, but I was much better trained and way more prepared.

Entre Eyes

Bronze Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Sep 7, 2019
Traveling to Higher Conciousness
Sometimes the "what ifs" can creep up on what if something happens before I accomplish all my goals but you just have to be grateful and keep moving.
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