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HOT TOPIC Can you add too much value?

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May 7, 2017
Here’s how I see it:

People are tunnel-visioned when they think about value.

The popular view is: Value upfront.

That’s not the only way to provide value. It’s the weakest form of providing value.

The ROI on giving value upfront for most business model isn’t great.

A better way is to just go for the sale.

If your offer/product/service is great and provides people 10x the cost in benefit, then that’s VALUE.

If I’m selling $10 for $5 you can bet I’m goin for the sale. No bullshit give value upfront like giving you a $1 first as a bait. That’s enough VALUE I’m giving you. Are you in or what?

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May 7, 2019
I'm coming in without having read any of the rest of the thread, so I don't really know what else is going on.

If you're struggling with the concept of why not to chase money, it may help to remove money itself from the value equation. Money is just an extra step.

Money is just a stand in (like a variable in math) for what you, and everyone else actually want and need.

Return to the primitive:
You, the farmer, want X; the butcher needs Y, but produces X. Thankfully, as a farmer you produce more Y than you need, so you need give him enough of what he values that he can part with what you need.

Money acts as a place holder, when the butcher wants Z. You have no value to give the butcher with your excess Y, so your value has to be channeled to the wanter of Y, in exchange for money, with which you can buy X and the farmer can buy Z.

See? Chasing money is a phantom. It's just chasing a means of exchange.

So you may say, "so I just chase X?"

Not really, but kind of.

What you need to do is switch your mind to the producer mentality, and chase the best value you can put out into the world. What is your Y? How much of it can you produce? How much exchange value will butchers give you for it? And how do you give it to as many butchers as possible?

Then, you'll have all of the X you'll ever need.

Also, good morning. I need coffee.

Dude you should write a big post about it so that people can understand it.
it looks like you know the nuts and bolts about this situation


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Nov 30, 2018
Wow. There are some deeply caring ppl commenting on this thread. I wish I could buy drinks for all of you.. or give rep. Instead I just liked a LOT.

OP I just want to hug you. But I sense that doing so might be unwelcome. Of course, I’d ask first.

Anyhoo, let me ask you this.

How does a person who can’t perceive emotions know when they are being loved?

When someone focuses on you and speaks in a logical way, engaging in discussion with you... you place more value on that conversation than a nonfungible “thank you” from a stranger passing by, correct?

So, if I continued to engage in direct, polite, purposeful discussion with you but neglected to go to work or pay my bills I would be adding value to you but taking from myself.

The second commandment is “Love your neighbor as yourself” not “love your neighbor so much you end up dead”.

So to answer your original question, yes, yes you can add too much value.


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May 7, 2019
To OP:

Are you interested in philosophy or results?

If what you seek is financial freedom, then do whatever you must to make your business succeed. Businesses that tend to succeed help people overcome a problem. Sometimes, businesses are too small and lack credibility in people's eyes. In this case, such businesses may need to do "free" work until they become credible enough for people to start paying.


If what you seek is elaboration on the idea of "chase value, not money", then here:

Solve problems to add value. Add a price to your solution to see if people feel it's worth paying for to solve their problems. If they don't pay you to solve their problems, then it is ultimately a problem with perceived value. People aren't paying you because they do not believe it is worth it.

You can convince them it's worth it by doing free work, giving them a taste of it. Since you seem to be in IT, look at softwares. Versions of this "free work" includes trials, access to a software that is limited on features unless you pay for access to get the rest of the features, etc.

"Free work" is ultimately to convince prospective customers that, yes, your service/product is worth it. You do this until people believe you're worth paying for to solve their problems.


OP, I have seen many forum members I respect and admire respond to you. I hope you will one day understand the message they are trying to tell you: Simply care about people. Respect them. Appreciate them. Love them for who they are and what they can become. All of the wonderful people that have responded to you did so because they just care about you and want you to succeed since they just care.

Why do I care that you understand them one day? Because empathy and compassion will make you way happier than money ever would; science proves it. I want you to be happy because, why not? You deserve it simply by virtue of existing.
By Free Work, did you mean: Food Sampling?
I am just curious

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