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  1. T

    What is the best possible way to break into the internet services market.

    Hello fastlaners, this is my first post on here so I thought I would introduce myself. I am a 15 year old "hustler" from the beautiful country of Bulgaria. Despite my age I have made decent profits on side hustles like reselling and digital e-commerce. Also I am a freelancing web developer on...
  2. iamivanstoev

    What is the new Internet?

    Hi everybody, as mentioned in my Introduction post I distribute the book The Millionaire Fastlane in Bulgaria. I am collecting feedback from people who are reading it and this is what a client told me three weeks after she bought the book "The book is great but the author was lucky to catch the...
  3. A


    Hello Everyone, My name is Austin and I am new to the forum. I stumbled onto MJ's first book about a month ago and read it in about a week after I started it. The information and perspective of that book is essential to my development and for that MJ, I thank you. As a 21 year old who has...
  4. Disciple96

    Edge Computing - the Future of the "Internet of Things" - Web 3.0

    Here a few videos about "edge" computing. The first one explains how it is likely to replace our current hierarchy of processing, "cloud" computing. So, instead of online services, your device itself handles the majority of the workload, before sending the most critical data back to the...
  5. D

    Understanding The Internet And Its Young Majority

    Hello, This article will aim to help anyone who doesn’t quite understand internet culture and how it drives millennial's and youths to such a great extent. This is merely my opinion and I welcome, with open arms, any criticisms. Now lets begin. Intro The internet is, without a doubt, the...
  6. L

    Can you add too much value?

    The forum constantly mentions adding value first, rather than money chasing, then charging. The thing is if you always constantly added value first,why woukd anyone pay you for anything? This is why I'm struggling with the concept. So how do you decide the point when you have added enough...
  7. P

    19yr old overcame vGame addiction and read TMF and wants to start his own business

    Hey what’s up everyone ! I’m 19yrs old and just graduated from high school as I overcame my video game addiction and I’ve recently picked up readings business books and MJ demarcos TMF. Book opened my eyes about the slowlaners and Fastlaners and I’m trying to start a new online business while...
  8. Brett Beckwith

    Utilizing the Internet

    I've recently started my path as an entrepreneur, and I'm trying to learn new things to add to my toolbelt of skills. As discussed in TMF, utilizing the internet can lead to a lot of opportunities, such as providing some sort of online service. One example was a service that told you the...