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  1. msd23

    I would be grateful for some advice on the direction of my business

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some help with choosing the right focus for my business, as I'm feeling a bit lost right now. I wanted to talk about it with someone, and I think this forum is a great place to do that. First, a bit about me. I'm quite familiar with the Fastlane model but what I...
  2. BusinessValue

    From Being Homeless, Depressed, & Changing My Life - My Introduction

    Introduction: Hello to everyone who is reading this introduction to who I am, my life's story, & my plan to adding value into the world. This is my first post and official introduction to this forum, so I'm pretty scared of even making this my first post because it's very personal but I want to...
  3. Aidan04

    Our Generation's Great War... Climate Change?

    The actual greatest "war" of our generation hasn't fully started yet, but it's going to heavily involve Climate Change as the main driver. The world is going to get chaotic and we need to do our part to stop this or mitigate the damage. This isn't a literal war that will be happening of course...
  4. The-J

    Want to Succeed? Don’t Waste Your Time Doing This…

    Inspired by a recent series of posts (as well as recent personal experience). The market has spoken. They don’t want what you have to offer. You’ve tried something and you’ve failed. It hurts. I get it. You’re out some money, time, and you’ve embarrassed yourself in front of friends and...
  5. Ronnie Bryan

    Please Define Value.

    Hello audience and fellow thinkers, I have come to the realization that my writing lacks the excitement and engagement that I desire. It seems to be more of a snooze button on an alarm rather than a thrilling adventure. I understand that this may be due to my perception of value, which may not...
  6. ExistingExpert

    Start of my UNSCRIPTED journey

    Currently reading UNSCRIPTED. Looking to provide some value and maybe make some cash along the way. Came here to check out the forum that is talked about a lot in the book.
  7. AnonMV

    How not to be an Entrepreneur.

    It has been 5 years since I read Fastlane for the first time. In all those years, I have never once doubted the Fastlane. However, I have wasted the 5 years doing the exact thing MJ warned against in the book: Being a money chasing dreamtreprenuer. Over the past 5 years, I have attempted (and...
  8. LYKHM

    How To Increase Your Value Output By Using Alex Hormozi's Value Equation

    Alex Hermozi's value equation looks like this: Dream Outcome (increase) X Perceived Likelihood of Achievement (increase) ---------------------------------------------------------- = Value Time Delay (decrease) X Effort and Sacrifice (decrease) Ask this: What will I make: (dream outcome) How...
  9. Johnny boy

    Small changes, big results (value discussion)

    (this was a reply to this post IDEA - MINDSET - RELATIVE value, not value ) In almost all things, you buy it before you experience or use it, so you are not even buying because of value or relative value until you go back to buy it twice, you are buying purely because of perceived value at...
  10. M

    RELATIVE value, not value

    Providing value is the epitome of a productocracy and of the fastlane. We all strive to provide as much value as we can. But sometimes people are left wondering why their business failed even though they provided value. Unfortunately, it wont matter if you provide 10x value, if customers can...
  11. MJ DeMarco

    The Parable of Value, Context, and Self-Worth...

    If you've read the latest Fastlane Newsletter (all registered forum users get the newsletter when you opt to receive forum email) you noticed that I took the liberty to rewrite a famous parable. I really enjoyed rewriting The Mexican Fisherman parable, so I did it again. Lots of takeaways in...
  12. Mr.Maverick

    Get Out Of The Idea Phase And Start Selling Something Valuable.

    Intro Hey everyone, this is going to be my first real post in the forum. Coming from the slow-lane, reading TMF was such an eye opener that I felt like I had to shift my mindset dramatically just to get moving. I hope this helps some of you get inspired and moving again. Back story I...
  13. MJ DeMarco

    The anatomy of massive value creation, and massive ROI (1,700%)

    This weekend I watched my wife make homemade vegan cheese. If you’re not familiar with vegan cheese, it has the same consistency / look of dairy cheese except it is a bit softer. In my opinion, it tastes very similar to real cheese, although I’ve been vegan for 5+ years so perhaps my...
  14. A

    Porn Blocker potential idea ?

    Hi ! I recently watched a company called WonderShare from what I see it's a company that builds software and I scrolled toward some porn blocker on internet and famiSafe which is a porn blocker from their company seems to be a great bet for parents who need to control children from internet...
  15. Renata57

    Escaped an abusive household, now it's time to escape the rat race!

    Greetings everyone, Well, since you've read the title, let's start with a bit about my situation. I'm currently 22 and moved to a new city in Germany with my girlfriend. I have quit my job August 2021 because we are able to live comfortably on her sole income as a microbiologist. Since then I...
  16. AppsOfUse

    30-Day-Value Challenge to productivity app! (Intoduction, Story, Help needed)

    Hi there, I'm new on this forum. 21 year old student, read Unscripted last year. In it, MJ states the 30-day-value challenge. To build something of value within 30 days and sell it. It took 50 days for me. And now (1 year later) I earned about 100$ with it! But I spend 250$ lol. I had this idea...
  17. Ismail941

    Blood Circulation in a Human Body <*-*> Money Circulation in the Marketplace

    Hey Folks, I have just had a huge realization recently More like a breakthorugh or epiphany. You could say that. It was like a thunder spark in the sky. Well it does not matter. Okay here is my jaw dropping moment saying: "Closed Mouth do not get fed and Closed Mind can't get learnt" Make sure...
  18. E

    The Definition of Value

    What is your personal definition of Value? What are the bulletproofed pillars/concepts for you to create it?
  19. Fr33zerPop

    Need help picking red pill or blue pill. Am I adding any value compared to the competition? (demo)

    Being an amateur musician and an animator, I wanted to get into the space of creating beat visualizers and lyric videos for musicians by creating my own designs. This ground is already being well covered by some slick automated sites. I'm looking for free ideas on finding my niche/value add...
  20. S

    Andy Black's New Courses are AWESOME

    If you: Want to learn a fastlane skill that you'll never regret having Need to solve a Google Ads problem immediately Have consumed all of Andy's content on the forum and want a more updated, refined, and in-depth understanding of Google Ads Want to learn it all ASAP in quick 5 minute videos...