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  1. Woosah

    The One Thing You MUST Do To Thrive On The Fastlane...

    The one important thing you need to know about creating an extraordinary life is simpler than you think. But without it, you're bound for mediocrity... Bound to live a life taking orders from those who were willing to do what you weren't. And you know what's worse? They're probably less...
  2. A

    Is reading pirated books ethical?

    So, for the past couple of years, I have been reading pirated books from the internet, and have learned a lot from them. But last year, my parents started stealing electricity, (cuz it's very easy to steal electricity in India). So I am thinking to stop them from doing so. But I think that first...
  3. G

    Does going down the Fastlane mean holding off on life?

    I know the decision is my own and I’d like to hear your input. I’ve sacrificed a lot these last 6 months. I saved a little cash, moved from NJ to GA for both business and personal reasons, and am currently learning web development to familiarize myself with CENTS (even though freelancing...
  4. J

    Health advice, GMOs?

    Hi,this is my first post here. I previously read MJ's books and now I'm reading the great rat race scape but I tried to apply the learned and now I have a problem with beliefs. In MJ's book, says you can break up beliefs searching for information and learning from scientists, leaders and...
  5. L

    Struggling with finding the right path

    Hey, I am in a very lucky situation: I can decide for myself what I want to do. By that I mean that my parents don't tell me what to do and I've been given many other opportunities (for example, living in Germany, being able to go to school, etc.). Therefore in advance: I am very grateful for my...
  6. mikecarlooch

    A "Do What You Love" DISASTER (Story)

    A "Do What You Love" Disaster This thread is for young people like myself, who grew up in the digital age. Those of us that are young, in our teens or early 20's have grown up in an era where hustle porn is constantly blared in our faces. "Do What You Love!" They say.. Constantly. We consume...
  7. Danny_Cox

    Motivation: 'The Violent Path of Francis Ngannou'

    View: This dude was born dirt poor in Cameroon. He was poorest among the poor. His Dad was cruel to him, then died because the family couldn't afford medical treatment. Fearing what might happen to his mother, Francis decided he must leave. He hitched a ride...
  8. mikecarlooch

    Is Ego Good Or Bad?

    I got a kick in the face recently from a book I read called Ego Is The Enemy Most of my life since the beginning of highschool I've been extremely egotistical. I'm not afraid to admit it because It's true. A lot of people have told me it's a bad thing, and some tell me it's a good thing to be...
  9. mikecarlooch

    A New Effective Productivity System

    The 3 Rules System I've struggled a lot in the past with trying to figure out WHAT to work on to move me forward. The reason WHY is because I couldn't see what had to be done right in front of me. Things would just keep popping up in my head and I would scatter my focus trying to do 5 things...
  10. mikecarlooch

    How To Unlock Creative Superpowers

    Creative Superpowers Well, isn't that quite a bold claim? "Creative Superpowers" I'm not even going to lie, this method of unlocking creative superpowers has been on my mind for a long time.. But today was the first time that I actually got myself to do it after perhaps.. years of thinking...
  11. mikecarlooch

    I Got My A$$ Beat...

    I Got My A$$ Beat... It has solidified in my mind that there is only one thing that holds us back from doing anything and achieving greatness in any aspect of our lives.. It's the thing that is the reason I've personally put off so many things that would have made my life hundreds of times...
  12. mikecarlooch

    What Is Your ONE THING?

    After recently reading a thread about work ethic by @MTF (a gold thread on the inside), I picked up the book he recommended within the thread titled "The One Thing" By Gary Keller and read the whole thing. An awesome and fascinating book. Within the book, Gary poses a "focus question" which he...
  13. JasperDeMuynck

    Validating my USP - How to best help fastlane entrepreneurs

    Hi everyone! So I started my second business about half a year ago and I'm doing extra market research to validate my positioning. Would very much appreciate your opinion on my USP, so I can better help my target audience (which should include most of you guys (ambitious entrepreneurs)). To...
  14. AviatorS

    A wantrepreneur story

    I'm sharing a story I experienced that I feel we've all witnessed in our observations of other entrepreneurs. People that have goals but looking for the easy way to riches, get rich quick schemes, pretty much sidewalk think. We've seen it in others, I'd argue that most of us here began in this...
  15. Nhervel 1

    We all have the possibilité to face difficulties

    Good evening to the Fastlane family You are already like family to me And it's a pleasure to live more than ever in this forum that I lost sight of for over a year I started with the Gold writings So many values received here that I also wanted to give value to others by taking a break It all...
  16. JasperDeMuynck

    Entering the Fastlane I What I learned along the way

    Hi everyone, Have been lurking on this forum for a while, almost finished Fastlane Millionaire and although I already transitioned to the fastlane before I read the book, the book had some profound insights for me that I am sure will pay off greatly. So thank you MJ! A bit about me - I help...
  17. K

    How My Friend Became A Millionaire

    Allow me to just rip off the band aid in the first paragraph. This story is not about how you get rich quick. Though it’s certainly a story of how one man got rich a lot quicker than most! And I’m really sorry to say this, but that was through hard work and discipline from an early age... But...
  18. mikecarlooch

    Entrepreneur "Cheat Days"

    In the fitness world, we don't allow cheat days. We DO Allow cheat meals. As a new entrepreneur and someone who's extremely obsessed with it just like how I was extremely obsessed with the gym(and still am) In the fitness world, I would always be trying to figure out absolutely everything I...
  19. mikecarlooch

    Taming Your Focus

    Over the past 2 years, I've noticed how much focus has affected my ability to perform at my best. Without focus, and constantly getting distracted, nothing gets done and because I'm so distracted by SO many things sometimes and it makes me feel like my brain CAN'T work all of a sudden because...
  20. Drwakiza

    Starting a Cleaning Company

    Hello guys, I am creating this thread for several reason, the main one is to keep myself accountable but also so that people can learn from my journey, mistakes and successes, and eventually getting advices from more advanced entrepreneurs. (I will try my best to have a correct english and...

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