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  1. Emma__

    Have I joined the fast lane? Or is this another bad move

    Hi could I ask for some advice on a new job decision? I’m an aspiring entrepreneur and have been a PT for 10 years but dropped out and now looking for another industry that can make me money and hopefully lead to freedom. I have applied to be a sales negotiator at an estate agents, I have...
  2. mikecarlooch

    The Books That Made Me Drop Out Of Coding Class

    Before I say anything that influences anyone to drop out of anything, please know I am just a young entrepreneur documenting my process on this forum. As I learn more, my personality drastically changes with new information. With that being said.. Yes, it's true. The books and people I'm...
  3. T

    [SELF-DEVELOPMENT] Ignite Your Potential: Daily Dose of Motivation

    MINDSET (to instagram page) I am currently running a daily motivational content video on Instagram and it's doing better than I have imagined. Going through Instagram to get motivational content, almost all of them had cars as their background clips and I had...
  4. BlackMagician

    It's NOT about money. It's about Freedom & Control

    Woke up today at 8am, without alarm. The first thing I saw was my 7 months old son smiling at me and sucking my shirt. What a wonderful start. Slowly the day started. The giggling of my son, my wife calling me, hugging me and saying sweet words in the first 30 mins of my day. My parents and...
  5. NF-

    Work & Isolation [SEEK ADVICE]

    I'd like to begin by expressing my admiration for this forum. I've already gleaned valuable advice from this community, and I'm truly grateful to all of you. As for the topic at hand...For quite some time, I've grappled with a sense of not quite fitting in. My values, moral compass, and...
  6. Barto

    Breaking free from society mindset

    Hello, I’m Barto. I’m 18 and still living with my parents. For the last few years I’ve been on my journey in self improvement and here I am - the fastline forum. Throughout my journey I’ve seen really talented people working 9-5 from Monday to Friday for some other people. I’ve always been...
  7. Stoicmind

    Mind of ambition, the foundation of success?

    Hello. I am a 15 year old teenager from Sweden, I strive for wealth because I’ve seen mediocrity and poverty. Neither is attractive to me. I’ve learnt the difference between poor, broke, mediocre, rich and wealthy. A poor person will never overcome their fear, and will alway stay poor. A broke...
  8. Epynok

    Valuable Fastlane Lessons for all Teenagers from this MUST SEE Podcast Episode (Link Below)

    If you are a teenager and you are in this forum, then I believe this podcast episode featuring the famous entrepreneur Ryan Daniel Moran would be beneficial for us teens and young individuals to learn valuable lessons about perseverance and pursuing our dreams. The guest on the podcast was Max...
  9. GoldenGlow

    GoldenGlow's Accountability Thread 2023

    Why I’m posting this thread Focus and mental clarity. . Seasoned entrepreneurs can watch the watcher far better than I can right now, so they can help guide my focus back to the habits conducive to attaining results. They can also aid me in forming systems conducive to long-term success, rather...
  10. Felix Nachem

    Could you build a business without this ONE thing?

    I'm reading TMF for the 3rd time and something got me thinking in the chapter explaining „the law of effection". Could you possibly create a business, just focusing on the process and giving a F*ck about visualizing yourself on a beach with a cocktail and a macbook? Do you need to be thinking...
  11. mikecarlooch

    5 Quotes That Changed My Life

    4 months ago I had no idea what to do with my life. Who knew that 5 measly quotes could be game-changing so fast? I'd like to share a couple of my experiences with each of them so that you, the reader, can perceive these quotes that way I did, and hopefully they can change your life as well...
  12. SebastianSkinner

    Change your BODY and change your MIND in the process.

    Hello all, I have been a member of this forum since August 2020. I have read so many amazing stories from individuals on this forum who have provided fantastic value. Because of this, I feel that it's only fair that I try and provide some value to my fellow aspiring entrepreneurs by way of...
  13. Bowzie

    The Potential of Self Induced Challenges

    Hi All, How would you utilize "self induced challenges" to aid in the MFL journey and mindset? Some backstory... Last year I attempted and completed the 75-Hard-Challenge with some buddies. It had 5 rules: Pick a diet to follow, with no alcohol or cheat meals. Drink a gallon of water...
  14. T

    What are your ways to be around good influence?

    Hey you, I hope your life is great. What do you do to be around "success"? What I mean by this is by being around good influence towards Money, Business and Enterpreneurship. Like do you have a successfull Friend that made a million last year and you get some tips from him? Or do you watch Iman...
  15. Likwid24

    How To Go From a Scarcity To an Abundance Mindset. This changed my life.

    This is an important topic that I see, but I don't see often enough. I know I haven't been on the forum much lately, but I feel I need to post this. This was life changing for me and can be life changing for you. Most of you may know me as The Paint Brush Cover guy that was on Shark Tank. I...
  16. A

    How do people get into the "Business mindset"?!

    I'm hearing all around about the type of people that see a fixable problem (a.k.a. a business idea) everywhere they go, having a so-called "Business mindset" and being a wantrepreneur with a concerningly hard time coming up with business ideas, I want to know... How does one achieve this...
  17. T

    Are there Breaks in the Fastlane?

    Hey Guys. Currently I have Holidays and I use the time to create a Software. My question to everyone and especially to people that succeded with the Fastlane is,if they used every second of Freetime, and I really mean every second they could get to produce? Currently my usual routine is...
  18. Domis

    Reading The ENTIRE MJ's Recommended 101 Book List

    I was watching PBD podcast yesterday and there was a challenge he put up: Read every well-rated Business, Finance, Human Relation and Psychology book you can find on Amazon. I kind of tweaked the challenge for myself and am going to do this: Read Every single book from @MJ DeMarco 101...
  19. Gepi

    If you decide to go Fastlane, you are setting yourself up for failure...

    Yes. If you decide to turn your life around, pursue an entrepreneurial life, try to start and grow your own business instead of working for someone else and finally uncouple cashflow from time, you are setting yourself up for failure. This thought occurred to me while I am in the midst of...
  20. alexandra.domeau

    B2B2C issue - Market testing

    Hello everyone, I need help! I am currently working on a market test in France for my project. My ambition is to revolutionize the game by creating an innovative platform that skillfully merges matchmaking and marketing to meet the unique needs of my customers and users. For individuals, my aim...