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Feb 16, 2018
Hey Fastlaners! Thanks for taking the time to check out this post.

The motive to write: The reason why I create this thread is because me and my team have worked on our business for roughly 2 years now, but with the mindset of it being a hobby of ours. Now, because we can find more time in our lives, we want to help more people and actually work on this business full-time, starting the beginning of Februari 2019. (1 month from now)

The business:
We provide calisthenics (Bodyweight) grouptraining in our hometown in The Netherlands. We do this outside, in a park that has been created by the authorities (Doesn't cost us any rent). This first started out with us knocking on doors to invite people to come train with us... 3 people joined the first session... now we have 4 training sessions each week with a standard volume of around 15 people.
Out of these people we get multiple participants for other programs we offer them

The product-proposition:
As we won't really make a big impact with only the group training sessions, we decided we should create extra services, such as:

1. Personal training program (Here we will create a personal tailored training schedule for the client and guide them through a process of 6 weeks by speaking to them 30 min/week via video call.)
2. A 90-Day-Challenge that offers a group of people to focus on their habits in Nutrition, Training and Mindset. (Here, people will get a video-tip on either Training, Mindset or Nutrition each and every day for 90-Days straight and have a recap call with one of the trainers every Saturday to look back on their weeks... this is how we tweak the ''unproductive habits'' of these people and change them into productive ones) This has been really effective for the first 25 people who joined this program... results were epic: multiple people lost over 10Kg steadily in 90-Days. Others have found healthy balance in their lives back.
3. Year transformations. This is for people who just need a litle bit more help with getting back on track. Here we give people a full nutrition and workout plan and provide them with support in the form of a 30 minute call every week for a full year (This is also our premium package).

Now, before you're going to yell at me about that it's an epic slowlane (I know that, it doesn't support our personal costs) I just want to share with you our ideas for the future :)

The future:
As we look into the future, we want to make more impact on people around us and over the world (We first will focus on people in Europe). This is why we are now really focussing on 2 things at the moment:

1) Our online appearance... through website & social media (Youtube, Facebook & Instagram).
2) Creating products that can change people's fitness for the better and run in a (Semi)-automated way.

1) Our online appearance:
- We are creating a website which will make it easier for people to see what we have to offer (In a lean way, we'll not put 6 months and 10000,- in a website... it just needs to work as lean as possible now). Also we would like to help businesses with things like team-building events (We did some in the past, which were a great success for the business that hired us).
- We are focussing on social media content and advertising as it is our portfolio... The idea is that people will get free, helpful advice that will already help them in advance.
- Creating blogposts for our website is also something we want to be doing in the future.

2) Creating (Semi-)automated programs
- Part-time I'm working with an architect who is working all the time, he is an example of one of our target markets because he is ''too busy'' to actually go to the training sessions we have (Which are provided in another city). This is one reason why we want to create an online fitness program that requires you to have some space and your own bodyweight... this way you can always get your workout in.
- Nutrition is something most people struggle with, and therefore we want to create a basic program that explains the most important outlines of nutrition and a generic nutrition plan which can be easily adjusted to the person who buys the program.
- Flexibility is a problem for most people in their 40's. Especially those who sit in their office all day. The stiffer you get, the faster you get old because your body doesn't work properly. That's why we have a flexibility course in our planning that will help these people get more flexible in 6 weeks.

CENTS analysis:
According to the Millionaire Fastlane , this should be a way with unlimited upside:
Need: Most people don't really know how to actually get fit, they seek guidance they can trust will give them results... there is enough free content on the internet, but there is so much that it gets difficult to tie everything together, people get confused and we see that people seek the expertise of a trainer. Of course personal training is extremely comoditized... therefore we want to focus more on The Habits that are surrounding the behavior of people in Nutrition, Training and Mindset. We combine this with building a community which will help people support each other to get the most out of themselves... This is different from those standard personal trainers in gyms.
Entry: It takes skill, experience and a whole lot of work to get a group of people together in training sessions and to get paid for it consistently (Although it's not enough yet)
Control: We have 100% control over our marketing, products, management etc.
Scale: With online programs, we are able to scale our business to more people.
Time: Once people are taking the automated programs, we can create a situation in which we get results regardless of if we're putting in all the hours.

2 challenges:
1) Getting enough eye-balls
There are enough ''fitness guru's'' out there and we're competing with some guys who are definitely better in the sport than we are... The content often has already been written a 1000 of times. Still there are so many people who are searching for the right way to get fitter and actually commit to what they choose... Currently we are really struggling to get to the people and get extra eye-balls on social media. The thing is that most of the fitness guru's and other fitness businesses focus on getting people as shredded as possible. Personally I think there could be an opportunity if we focus on the people who are not being drawn to the ''become as big and shredded as possible in 3 weeks'' type of stuff... Thinking about: Small business owners, the wifes of business owners....

Right now, we don't have so much eye-balls on our company that we can simply put out a product out there and people would buy it... We should focus more on Lead Generation and capturing
What do you think? How could we make more impact on the market/world?

2) Creating the products as lean as possible
As MJ DeMarco said as well: ''Writing a book is not a business, selling a book is''. Just like that: ''Creating a program is not a business, selling a program is''. I don't want to put in all the effort of making a program without even knowing if it will mean something to people... Therefore my plan is:
- To find around 5-10 people to work as ''pilot-clients''. We will analyse their situation, help them exactly with what they're struggling with in a way that we use for the training program as well (So answering questions and showing all necesarry exercises with videos for example)
This way we'll be able to get results with these people and the only thing we ask from them is that they shoot a video testimonial (Including before and after pictures) so that we can use that for marketing.

Then, as we progress with more people in our programs, we will add more and more videos of exercises and answers to questions.

To finish it all off:
Thanks for reading this post! To make this as useful as possible, I will put some of my questions in order:

1) What do you think of the idea for the future which I sketched above? (Do you think it's possible to actually make an impact with this plan? or do you think the market is already too commoditized to make a good chance? why? I'd like your opinion on this to get multiple perspectives)
2) What would be the best way, in your opinion, to get extra eye-balls towards our company and the results it's bringing to the clients?
3) Do you have tips on how to generate and capture more potential customers?
4) Do you have any tips on the creation of the programs I mentioned above? Any experiences you want to share?

I'd love to send you guys the name of the company and multiple links so you can check it out... I just don't want to create advertising on this page (If it's ok to post the instagram and youtube, please let me know and I'll post it)

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New Contributor
Jan 4, 2019
I think you are right in trying to target another group than the 'get as big and shredded as possible' group. I think you have a good chance of providing value when you focus more on the habits and surrounding factors within peoples lifes. It then will be more about lifestyle than just sports, which is actually how it is supposed to be I think.

You are however opperating in a market where personal contact provides most of the value. When you put out online training courses for example, you will lose what you have now, the personal contact with the people that need that contact because they are confused. It will be hard to automate this.

Andy Black

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May 20, 2014


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Dec 29, 2018
Check this THENX

Sounds like what you are aiming for...

I think that you could start on Instagram to get an idea of where you currently are in this market.
If you are thinking about reach a world-wide english speaking public, you will face some thought competition as there are already zillions of trainers stars offering challenges and plans by cheap prices but at the same time you have a very specific niche and that could work in your favor.
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