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  1. S

    Feedback on YouTube Channel: Open to all Feedback, Please Be As Critical As You Can

    Hi everyone, Hope you all are keeping well. During my days at college, I noticed that a major gap within the education system fell directly into their inability to teach the necessary soft skills to help students navigate their very first job search and/or start their own businesses. Many...
  2. GoldenGlow

    GoldenGlow's Accountability Thread 2023

    Why I’m posting this thread Focus and mental clarity. . Seasoned entrepreneurs can watch the watcher far better than I can right now, so they can help guide my focus back to the habits conducive to attaining results. They can also aid me in forming systems conducive to long-term success, rather...
  3. Vasudev Soni

    Job or Entrepreneurial Dreams at 22 – (Your Advice Needed)

    I'm 22 and just graduated college and my job is about to get started in the month end in a tech giant company. I already have two businesses, an amazon Fba and the other one is a mobile app Business. I have also experienced several failures in the past 2-3 years and I learned a lot from them...
  4. P

    Rate this idea : "P2P app to sell your food leftovers"

    Hello everyone, after I finished reading the book "The millionnaire fastlane" and the "Great rat race espace", I went to search for ideas of business which could help people to answer their needs. After sometimes, I found this idea : "P2P app to sell your food leftovers" Let's imagine you are...
  5. kalika

    How to get feedback on your business ideas while preventing it being stolen?

    I'm rather new to being an enterpreneur and typically when I have ideas (a business, app or a project idea), it helps immensely to discuss with someone else. The question and the problem that I'm struggling is how to choose with whom to share your ideas to get feedback, while also preventing it...
  6. Aidan04

    Rate These Ideas on Their Usefulness!

    Hey all, after this realization that I need to get concepts out there immediately as soon as I come up with them, I want you to check out some sketches/designs for products in my book and tell me if they're useful at all or not. First up, this one seems like a bit of a gimmick, but I think it...
  7. MexicanCreator48

    Idea feedback: Inventory Management System

    Hi everyone, I have been working on an idea which is creating a better inventory management system for all kinds of businesses, but it will benefit smaller businesses more and here's why it will work: * It is easy to use * It takes less time to get the right information * Allows better...
  8. MexicanCreator48

    Trouble finding the right information inside a company/business

    Hello everyone, I have been experiencing an issue with finding the right inventory information in the company I have been working for since it takes me days to find the right information needed to present to managers/executives. And here's the problem/need I'm planning to solve: I want to...
  9. ajakupi

    In soft phase seeking feedback

    I am currently in the Proof (Soft) phase. I have edited my website incrementally based on the users acitivity but I want to start an ad campaign with one single picture that showcases the physical product (which still doesn't exist, only a mockup). The picture shows a can submarged can...
  10. Paul David

    Roast my Email (or SMS/cold call script etc)

    I thought it might be useful for those of us who do cold outreach to have a roast my outreach content thread. We could post our content here and get some feedback from the business owners in the group on whether they liked it, hated it or offer advice on what they'd change. I'll start. Here's...
  11. ajakupi

    Croatian little man

    Hi to all of you which will read this, My name is Arjan and I'm from Croatia. Tbh I am still a nobody, I haven't built a business yet nor do I have anything special to provide except my mindset. I am driven to become libareted from time, locations and liberated financially. But I don't want to...
  12. Jrjohnny

    I need help and feedback

    I have a few ideas and I need feedback, I want to start restaurants as entrepreneurship but when i google profit of restaurants owners, it says not very profitable, and I want to start 1 fancy restaurant and eventually branch to like 7. Are restaurants profitable??
  13. F

    Please rate my website's design

    Hello guys. I'm a web programmer, not a web designer. I would like to know if my website's design is aesthetic, so I want to receive some opinions about it. The website is not in English, but I just want to know if it looks pretty. I'm sure that aesthetic website is key to have succesfull brand...
  14. L

    Is my business project a selfish idea, or am I seeing need/demand right?

    Hey all, before you go in on me for the title, I'm not asking anyone to do my job for me with this, I'm just looking for input from neutral parties. I'm working on creating a brand of dog dental care treats/products and I'm afraid I might be blinded to whether or not there is a need. I have a...
  15. constant

    Which of these do you think is the most suitable idea? (Pros and Cons)

    Hello. I have various ideas and would like to know what other forum members think or suggest. Context: 17 years old Idea 1: Local services (window washing, painting fences etc.) + Learning the tasks doesn't seem to be too difficult. + Will learn how to talk and sell services to business...
  16. Fede91Ts

    How do you evaluate if the website for your new startup looks legit and professional?

    Hi everyone! It had been a while since my last post in which I was introducing that I was about to start a business. After a few weeks of study trying to size the opportunity and building processes, I've spent some time in building the website for my venture. The plan is to start looking for...
  17. Gregory Diehl

    Seeking Beta Readers For A Book On Rental Property Investing

    I'm looking for a few beta readers for a book my company is producing about building wealth through rental property investing in America. Please comment below or message me if your interested in leaving some critical feedback on all or part of it, and I'll give you access to the shared Google...
  18. Asap_Luca

    e-com plan subscription to luxury brands

    Hello everyone! How you doing? So, I'm putting out a lot of ideas and i'm trying to get the most out from them. Basically i see that a lot of people, especially girls and boys here in Italy who have a classic 9-5 job, they 're not earning a lot to dress like they would, since everyone, almost...
  19. E

    Feedback and Wisdom needed

    I have decided to build a parking app that tracks which parking spots are open and would allow you to reserve them for a small price. In case anyone is wondering, I did get this idea from an idea dump on this forum. I am a homebody and when I do go out it is camping or to friends house. I am...
  20. Reynante Alvarez

    Help in choosing a business idea...

    Hey business people, I need your help if you may. Since I quitted social media and college two years ago, I had been working at my sister's bakery as an all-around graphic designer. It was a need and not a choice. My basics are covered here (shelter, food, wi-fi, electricity, etc.) in exchange...