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  1. Megalodon

    [New project] Value first - Monetization second

    Hey all, So this post is both 'seeking feedback' on an idea through the lenses of your experiences and to put my project to paper in the hope that it helps others come up with a starting point. I have domain experience in cyber security and cybercrime through my job and after reading MFL and...
  2. SirVladimir

    Rate me like a paper sheet. [FEEDBACK]

    Today, I'll set the record straight about my situation. If you are serious about giving me a feedback, please read first my introduction thread here. There are lines about who I am, what my strengths are etc. While I have 1,5 years of high school left (IT and programming -- though I lost...
  3. M

    Feedback for Entrepreneur Network Idea and Content Ideas

    Hello all, First of all, this is my first thread here, and I am glad to be a part of this community. I am building a website, namely; Hiveist - Entrepreneur's Network and now I am building it to become an Entrepreneur Network, in which people can share the content they read and find useful with...
  4. A

    Need feedback: Producing educational games and books for niche

    Hello everyone, my first post since my coming to this forum. I am from Brazil and I need some feedback on my idea right now, that I am already pursuing but have few(lots) of holes to fix. My sister in law is a psychologist specialist in autistic children and families, and despiste being new she...
  5. NeatStranger

    EXECUTION How does my new site look?

    Hello All! It has been a few months since I last posted, I have been steadily working away on my new website in the "Desert of Desertion". There have been new ideas come and gone, but I have seen this business through and I now have a fully developed product. This website essentially lets you...
  6. O

    Uncovering Business Pain Points

    Hello everyone. I'm going to be attending a small business networking event this weekend, and I'm looking for some feedback and ideas. My main goals as of now are: 1. To ask them wether they would be interested in a website concept that I have that may benefit them. 2. If they are interested...
  7. W

    Making a news aggregator and I would love all of your input!

    Fresh out of high school and I'm ready to start my own business. This is the first business project I've started and it's currently under development. This is going to be very unique than other aggregators out there in terms of features and customization. I would like to give you all the...
  8. Chris25

    A Website About Digital Branding

    Hey guys! This year I've been working on a new website that I'd like some feedback on. Here is a short Intro: The Digital Brand Blueprint website is a place where you can learn more about branding, marketing, social media, and other digital topics. I created this website with the goal to build...
  9. azt3k

    QUESTION: Should I stay or should I go?

    I'm hoping I chose the appropriate sub-forum to post this, so here it goes... For context: I'm currently working as a bilingual teller (English/Spanish) part-time at a bank in my area. I have 30+ 3-5 minute conversations with people from all walks of life at my window every time I'm at work...
  10. Tobore

    EXECUTION Launched a MVP building service. Feedback needed.

    Hello guys, Just launched this service. The purpose is to help non-technical entrepreneurs build Minimum Viable Products of their software idea. The problem we solve is to give non-tech entrepreneurs an option apart from: shedding equity with a technical co-founder. the stress of hunting for...
  11. K

    Feeback: Software for personal management

    Hi everyone. For some time I've been looking for an application to manage my private tasks. I was using Trello & Google Calendar so far, but I had many situations in which these applications bothered me or didn't help at all. The problem is, that almost all of them support only groups or teams...
  12. TopDirective

    Is My Course Scam? Design Advice Needed

    It's 0:34. Something totally unexpected happened today. Just before shooting Youtube pre-roll ad, I felt completely frozen and and unhappy. Not sure if it was due to watching ludicrous amount of advertising. That helped for inspiration for sure, but there was something else. I just could not...
  13. TopDirective

    Feedback Needed for Online Course's Ad and Landing Page

    Dear Fastlaners! I just finished something completely different than I am used to. A different industry. I took a hobby of my that I self-studied for some years now and created an online course out of it. In this quick post, all I ask for is a quick feedback on the landing page and the ad...
  14. learnElementor

    Feedback for a community blog on Elementor

    Hello everyone, As a non-coder, non-designer, I started off with web designing by watching YT tutorials with the hope of building my own travel blog. One thing led to another and I ended up with designing websites on my own. Learnt quite a lot in the past few months which brings me to...
  15. ErikKriebel

    Building a Community as a fastlane?! (Feedback would be great!)

    Hey Fastlaners! Thanks for taking the time to check out this post. The motive to write: The reason why I create this thread is because me and my team have worked on our business for roughly 2 years now, but with the mindset of it being a hobby of ours. Now, because we can find more time in our...
  16. Kevin mulenga

    RANT I sketched an idea and i need feedback.

    Mywill is a sketch i made up in under a day. It would allow senior citizens to create an encrypted last will (testament) that is safely protected and locked up. When a new user is created and a will has been safely saved and locked up. The user has the ability to send out 3 access keys to...
  17. G

    Patience or the NOW?

    So currently I'm still working on solutions to my buisness I'm going to create BUT, I'm curious towards others feedback so I at least know I'm on the right track. Currently I work a 8am-5pm job but the time consumed for the job from waking up to going home is 7am-6pm M-F. Besides weekends ,I...
  18. John P.

    EXECUTION I'm going to do an experiment

    Hi fastlaners, I've been lurking around, watching you all guys hustling in your projects and succeeding. When I don't lurk around, I develop a concept for a SaaS... Just a concept and I don't want to go much into detail. I would say that it's a Custom made Software as a Service (CmSaaS) :) I...
  19. Primer

    FTE to launch to pivot

    Hi I thought I’d post about where I’m at in the hope of some feedback and advice. 18 months ago (3 weeks before my first child was born) I had my true FTE. Since then i have been working the stressful day job, spending as much quality time as possible with my family, and basically have...
  20. GatsbyMag

    What's the best incentive I can offer local business owners to complete a 2 minute survey?

    I have made a 2 minute survey (RK Virtual Survey - Business Owner's) to find out more about a problem that business owners face in order to create a product that can help them (a type of client portal). LinkedIn and Facebook are the platforms being used to reach out to the business owners, I've...

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