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  1. Gleb Feder

    Need your feedback - product for entrepreneurs

    Hi! My name is Gleb and I want to do a product for entrepreneurs to boost their productivity. I'm at the very beginning now, I have an idea and want you to give me feedback. Please don't be afraid to offend me, I need criticism. I will be grateful for any ideas and comments...
  2. B

    Roadblock. Seeking advice.

    Hi folks, I tend to type a lot because I'm excessively detail oriented, so I'll break down this post into the following sections so that the TL;DR; folks can still jump in and hopefully respond where they seem most interested. -My Product -My Roadblock -Potential Courses Of Action -What I've...
  3. David Borodin

    Databases Problems Are Painful...

    Bonjour, So basically there is a problem that accrued recently... :xx: I will try my best to explain it simply and save you time. :thumbsup: If you have experience with it, and you have time to help me, I would absolutely appreciate it! :)...
  4. eekern

    Feedback on SaaS in MVP stages

    Hey everyone who teaches information and wants better client results I just launched the MVP of my SaaS and are in need of honest feedback Send me a DM with a sentence about yourself and what you do, and I will give you lifetime access to our highest plan :)
  5. polaroid22

    Help youtube channel feedback WANTED

    Hello everyone, I just read the millionaire fastlane(my favorite non fiction book!) and just started unscripted. These books are really inspirational, as I allways wanted to escape the sidewalkers/slowlane lane, I wish I read these 15 years ago, before wasting my time all those years with jobs...
  6. KushShah9492

    What skill would you recommend learning on a daily commute?

    I’m asking this just out of curiosity, if you were to commute daily for 4 hours(2 hours to work, return 2 hours from work to home), what skill would you recommend learning if she/he wants to start a side hustle? I just came across a bunch of people commuting daily for 3-4 hours, just downloading...
  7. D

    Looking to take the Next Step! Feeback / Constructive criticism needed

    Hello fastlaners! it's been a lot of years lurking in this forum, learning from the success and failures of others and I'm very grateful that I was introduced to this community. For many years I decided to push back an idea that I thought was worth the shot but never really pull the trigger...
  8. Tuqaneer

    Feedback WANTED

    Hi everyone, Me and my businesspartner worked for a year on and we're live since a month now and in desperate need for critical and non-sugarcoated feedback. Feedback on the business, website, pricing, whatever you can find which you would do differently or why you think this...
  9. KushShah9492

    Should I start a new business or grow my current one?

    I have been working on a business my dad setup a few years ago, in which I am struggling to develop some interest. I don't really know what my passion is so there's no other way around it. I have never faced the struggle of starting a business from ground up since the current business I am...
  10. Seonwook Kim

    Please give me feedback advice to get the first customer.

    Hello! I'm a freelancer who is a major player in drum lessons and playing. There are 3 individual students and there are academies going to class. However, while reading the millionaire fastlane book I came to aim for business. So, I wanted to slowly collect the lessons one by one, so I wrote on...
  11. LifeisSuffering

    Two Business Idea I need your Feedback §!

    Hello Good Evening/Morning After brainstorming I come up with some idea of a businesses that can solve a problem in my country, and fulfill a need, I did research and i found that two idea can make it in the market So The First Idea is : Lunch a platform that make plumbers and other home...
  12. F

    Feedback for an Habit App

    How about, we are a team of developers who are in the middle of building an App for the formation of habits, however we would like some feedback, here are the details of the app: Issue: We have noticed that several people have problems forming habits (which is elementary not only for...
  13. F

    Feedaback for an app Idea

    The most difficult thing is this entrepreneurial stage (in recent months) it has definitely been changing my habits, I was someone who wasted 60% of his time on fb, youtube, etc, and the other 40% in porn (ugh shit I said it), result, I invested some 15min a day really in entrepreneurship, (I...
  14. O

    Building an online education business - How do I provide the most value?

    Hello, I am currently working on creating an online learning platform in a specific niche where I believe there is a need, and I am knowledgeable in. It is within an industry where you need a lot of info to get started as a hobbyist or professional. So being able to have info collected and...
  15. deeptib

    Business Idea: A turn-key system that anyone can use to design, develop and release high quality websites?

    Hello! I've been a full stack web developer for many years. I have developed and released websites designed for clients of all sizes. Small businesses, and large 9k person operations. What I observed at all these locations is that the website products we released are highly inconsistent. They...
  16. C

    Prototype - Financial Education/Money Management Platform

    Hello, I appreciate being able to connect with experienced entrepreneurs to keep me in the game. It has certainly helped me. I've been busy developing a virtual, self-paced, prototype of a personal finance platform called the 5 Pillars of Financial Freedom. My primary concern at this point...
  17. D

    Getting a slowlane job VS starting right away

    It'd be awesome to have some advice from people that already went through this. End of June, I'll graduate and hesitate between going for entrepreneurship or get a slowlane job first to gain experience and see what the real world looks like. The business idea I have is not the simplest (French...
  18. Megalodon

    [New project] Value first - Monetization second

    Hey all, So this post is both 'seeking feedback' on an idea through the lenses of your experiences and to put my project to paper in the hope that it helps others come up with a starting point. I have domain experience in cyber security and cybercrime through my job and after reading MFL and...
  19. SirVladimir

    Rate me like a paper sheet. [FEEDBACK]

    Today, I'll set the record straight about my situation. If you are serious about giving me a feedback, please read first my introduction thread here. There are lines about who I am, what my strengths are etc. While I have 1,5 years of high school left (IT and programming -- though I lost...
  20. M

    Feedback for Entrepreneur Network Idea and Content Ideas

    Hello all, First of all, this is my first thread here, and I am glad to be a part of this community. I am building a website, namely; Hiveist - Entrepreneur's Network and now I am building it to become an Entrepreneur Network, in which people can share the content they read and find useful with...

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