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product development

  1. P

    Is my product too niche?

    Hey folks, I just joined the Fastlane Forum and are very happy to announce that this is my very first post. I am mid through "The Millionaire Fastlane" audiobook. I am very involved in the book and I am thinking about starting a business for at least 2 years. I thought "The right idea will...
  2. RightyTighty

    ChatGPT for Inventors

    AI is an amazing tool. A few tips based on my experience in applying it to product development: Ideation: Give it a problem and ask for innovative physical products to address the problem. It will give you some good avenues to ponder/pursue. I tried once to get it to actually “invent” a...
  3. steel-potato

    Should I raise Capital or teach myself product development

    I already know HTML, CSS, and the basics of JS. But the business I am building will require a more complex backend such as React and Tailwind CSS. I currently work as a product designer for a reputable agency, so am confident in my ability to design the damn thing. But I am not a full-stack...
  4. RightyTighty

    Getting Started In Product Development?

    I’m a retired engineer involved in product development and fairly new to FLF. To pay it forward, here are a few basic thoughts for those who have ideas for physical products and are thinking about moving them forward. The views below are strictly my own perspective. Hopefully, others with...
  5. RightyTighty

    Never Too Old

    I’m 68 and retired. I spent most of my career as the principal of a consulting engineering firm I founded. My family situation and my own inertia kept me on the slow end of the fast lane, but I had a very rewarding career and I was fortunate enough to be able to grow and sell my firm. I’ve kept...
  6. Lunaticc

    Should we prosper in a project that is too technical?

    Hello to all ! I think my issue happened to some peoples here, but the point is : I think I have an idea for a product, but it’s a very difficult product and this is partly in the medical and technological field. With a difficult, specific field like that, and with limited knowledge about this...
  7. J

    I Just Launched Vue.js/JavaScript Productized Service

    Today I launched Vue.js Agency as a productized service and wanted to share it with you. I will divide this post in two parts. First part is the sales pitch I used on IndieHackers post today (to keep it short and sweet) and the second part is the backstory of it and how I got it all together...
  8. oskarilmundo

    Product development process

    Hi there, My name is Oskar. I am currently starting a new business and i'm currently waiting for the product development to be finished (i payed someone). Meanwhile I am working fulltime. 1. Does someone have any tips about product development, and what should I pay attention to when letting...
  9. Niptuck MD

    How many individuals here need help with Quality Control

    Seems like it has been a lonnngggg time have been busy with several projects over the pond. However due to all the changes (politically, biochemically thanks COVID) I have been receiving a lot of messages about what to do in regards to manufacturing and logistics. I am thinking about either...
  10. D

    What is Fail Fast? Fast Idea Validation and Follow Through

    Hi Fastlaners, If your like me, you've probably failed before. I actually wanted to kill myself the first time I had a business go under. Spoiler alert... I'm still alive. Now I am fast-laning with my new approach to online business. Over the past 4 years I have tried and failed. Now, I...
  11. ycee

    How do I choose my MVP?

    Hey Fastlaners, I'm working on a remote consultation platform, similar to Jane App - Practice Management Software for Health & Wellness Practitioners. It would be a platform for doctors to set timings, send special links to patients, collect payments, take video consultations, and give...
  12. Roulf

    A cake for MJ DeMarco. Non-stop grinding until I reach the fastlane.

    Hi all, Some background for anyone interested. You may jump to the next post if you are not interested in the recent history leading to right now. Born in Brazil, scripted family, scripted friends. Always felt like Neo, believing that there needed to be something out there. Searched about how...
  13. William B

    Any HEALTH/WELLNESS entrepreneurs out there??

    Hey fastlaners, I’m about 3 months deep into R&D and I finally completed a draft of ingredients for a supplement designed to decrease stress and increase subjective well-being (Mood supplements). Although I have spent weeks toiling over creating the best product possible (ingredients-wise), I...
  14. Mhinto

    An Inventors Introduction to The Fastlane Forum

    Hello Fastlane Forum. My name is Matthew Hinton and I am a new member. I'm a 27 year old heavy equipment operator and I desperately want to get out of the slow lane. Luckily, the only debt I have is my mortgage and children are not in my plans for the near future. I feel that this gives me a...
  15. Jonathan S.Diaz

    Creating an online card game

    Hello, Fastlaners. I'm glad to be back, I let the script kind get to me the past couple of months, but I'm making a comeback. I'm using my last year in high school to try and build a product and monetize off of it. For the past couple of months, my friend and I have been building an online...
  16. NeatStranger

    How does my new site look?

    Hello All! It has been a few months since I last posted, I have been steadily working away on my new website in the "Desert of Desertion". There have been new ideas come and gone, but I have seen this business through and I now have a fully developed product. This website essentially lets you...
  17. Jesse D

    Roadmap for market testing small product-- online or brick & mortar?

    Hi Everyone! I read TMF almost a year ago and it kick started me into developing a small product for a mobile device (i.e. cell phone) stand and cord holder. My design philosophy was simple: 1) Research a similar, high volume selling product online and in box stores (Amazon, Home Depot...
  18. Readerly

    [Progress Thread] Amazon FBA

    This is a continuation of a progress thread started on the inside. If you're an Insider and are curious, you can read that thread here. I launched a second brand on Amazon selling two products in one niche. I sent in 5 units of each product and ran ad campaigns on a set of targeted search...
  19. ErikKriebel

    Building a Community as a fastlane?! (Feedback would be great!)

    Hey Fastlaners! Thanks for taking the time to check out this post. The motive to write: The reason why I create this thread is because me and my team have worked on our business for roughly 2 years now, but with the mindset of it being a hobby of ours. Now, because we can find more time in our...
  20. YoungPadawan

    First production run, need advice

    So I've been developing a product for the past few months, and I need some advice. So the product is similar to what the manufacturer currently manufactures, I'm just asking them to make it from a more durable cloth and have specific dimensions. So they may need to special order the cloth for...