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business advice

  1. T

    Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    Got a small budget but need big marketing results? Here are a few tips to get you started 1. Read up on SEO basics: It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to drive organic traffic to your website and increase brand visibility. There are literally 100's of SEO related videos on YouTube by real...
  2. F

    Community for Networking with other Business & Money Focused People

    Two Questions: 1. Is there an existing group chat/discord/community of current and/or aspiring entrepreneurs? 2. If not, who would be interested in joining one? Let me Explain… I’m a 23-year-old working in Finance with an obsession of business and entrepreneurship. I have a few ventures I’m...
  3. H

    DUMP PROJECT and start all over?

    Hi everyone! I would like to ask you to help me see things clearer regarding a project that I developed over the last years and have sunken a lot of cost into. I've probably been suffering from "sunken cost fallacy" but now I'm ready to throw it away (or not). But I would like to have some...
  4. J

    If you were starting over, what would you do and why?

    If you were to start over and learn a new skill to start a business around, what would it be and why?
  5. jwest95

    27 Years Old, Living Mortgage Free, But Unsure Of My Next Step...

    So I've just moved into a fully-paid off house at 27 years old. I'm in an extremely fortunate position to be able to say this and in many ways feel secure for my financial future. At the same time, I in some ways feel a bit lost on what my next step should be. I'm currently working a job, it's...
  6. mazzonleonardo

    Business partner lies for 3 months on corporate money he spent

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'm glad to be able to see other people who have taken up the fast lane and are helping each other to walk it the best way possible. I am making this post to ask for advice from people who have been in the game for years about a situation I am in right now...
  7. T

    Thoughts on Crowdfunding

    Hey everyone! I am working on building an app but have decided to go the route of having someone build it for me. I am not knowledgeable enough in code and it will take a while to get to the place where I can build it myself. I appreciate the resources you all sent me a few months ago but I want...
  8. Umer.Khalid

    Foreigner living in GCC (Bahrain)

    Hello, everyone. MJ, @MJ DeMarco thanks for giving me the privilege to join the fastlaneforum My name is Umer Khalid, and I am 27-year old electrical engineer working with the military of Bahrain. Although I'm not a citizen, but I've been living in Bahrain for the past 21 years. Originally...
  9. B

    Best business startup with $20,000

    Hello fastlaners, I am in need of ideas for a prefect and profitable business i can start up with $20,000. I thought of a going into tech and getting my own app but no better idea yet. I am scared of losing this money on unnecessary things. I have to act fast and start up a good business.
  10. connorkennxdy

    How To Choose Between Multiple Business Ideas?

    I've recently had an idea for a SaaS business which satisfies CENTS. I have been mind-mapping it out to figure out how I'll go about starting & building it. However, I've also had another idea whilst thinking of problems I can solve via a business. It also satisfies CENTS but I don't want to...
  11. T

    What's the value of a daily newsfeed topic modeling SaaS?

    I am a software engineer and some time ago I bought a pretty decent domain ( I had no ideas as to how to put it to use for a while, but recently I came up with something viable. A daily topic feed source The core idea is to have huge scrapers feeding a topic modelling processor...
  12. B

    What Am I Not Considering?

    In this pandemic era, I often run into signs where fast food businesses are closed for the day because they don't have enough (or any) workers. Here in the U.S., the entitlement mentality (and government handouts) cause many able bodied people to not work because they want instant...
  13. C

    Smart people wanted: 10X income in 5 years, how would you do it?

    Hi Fastlaners, How would you 10X your income within 5 years? A little context, I live in The Netherlands and I'm fortunate enough to be earning double the national average salary, making €4,000 after tax monthly. After my expenses, savings and ETF investments I have about €1,500 left each...
  14. Joseph_

    Unique business ideas for you to steal (with the help of AI)

    Hi people! :praise: So I consider myself a big "idea guy", I love coming up with ones myself, hearing about others' and I even created a bot that generates IDEAS. Yes, app & actual business ideas. I wanted to share 20 product ideas (generated by IdeaBot) with you today, feel free to steal any...
  15. K

    $20.000/month ecommerce - Should I just sell it?

    So... This is the most stupid post of the century. (Alert: English is not my native language) --> I got this eCommerce business that is selling Bestseller brands (read: high competition, with the same products) and doing $20.000/month after 8 months. October is the first month that we're...
  16. deadevil

    Business Ideas in Non-Congested Markets

    Hi everyone, I am based in the UK and have tried a couple side hustles which I thought would do well, but have ultimately been less spectacular. Namely: 1) Freelance - I do some freelance work as a software developer, but find it difficult to compete with pricing with developers in say India...
  17. TaeHwan

    Have you meditated before?

    Hello, I'm Taehwan. Please understand the translated version. Have you meditated before? Yes, I'm sure you have. Because spacing out is also a meditation. It's not every day, but I meditate (it's been less than half a year). I do it after I sleep or before I sleep, but if I do it before I sleep...
  18. KushShah9492

    Pros and Cons for SEO 2021

    I came across a few articles wherein it was stated that SEO might be dead by the end of 2021. From what I’ve studied about SEO, I beg to differ. However, I’d like to get some inputs regarding the same from you Guys.
  19. H

    Dropped out!

    Hi guys! I recently dropped out or rather failed my college degree ... I'm only 19 without a college degree , without money, living with my parents. I don't know what to do now, I want to start a business but I have no knowledge. if I'm posting here it's because I need advice on what to do next...
  20. D

    What is Fail Fast? Fast Idea Validation and Follow Through

    Hi Fastlaners, If your like me, you've probably failed before. I actually wanted to kill myself the first time I had a business go under. Spoiler alert... I'm still alive. Now I am fast-laning with my new approach to online business. Over the past 4 years I have tried and failed. Now, I...

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