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business model

  1. M

    New Flashy Business model - legit or not?

    View: So I've seen this new business model called growth operating, has anyone done this before or have experience with it?
  2. E

    17, profited $60k already, but completely lost in life.

    I'm 17 years old, and throughout the las year or so, I've been hopping around from business to business, side hustle to side hustle, and managed to save up $60k. However, none of these "side hustles" have been scalable, and at my best I made just under 7k in one month. For the last month or two...
  3. M

    Business models - eCom vs service vs personal brand vs SaaS vs platform

    Hi all, I currently have 2 services businesses - cleaning + social media agency and am starting a SaaS. I am considering all the pros and cons of each business model and would like to share my thoughts on them: Service - I currently have 2 service businesses - a cleaning business + social media...
  4. Lochlan

    Is SMMA a good business model to start

    Im 15 and trying to decide on a business model to start, I'm leaning towards SMMA at the moment because even if it does not work out I'll have a good foundation in marketing for when I start another business (like a internet business). I ran it by the 5 commandments in the millionaire fast lane...
  5. SofianeMessaoudi

    Business Model

    To all accomplished entrepreneurs, I kindly request your insights regarding the most effective business model that has contributed to the successful launch of your career, along with the sequential steps you undertook to achieve your current position. Your valuable expertise will greatly...
  6. ajlall

    Is a digital marketing agency a Fastlane business?

    I'm in the process of starting a digital marketing agency, and I don't know whether it is a Fastlane business or not. I get clients on a monthly retainer, and every month I pay a freelancer to do the work for the clients, so I don't spend much time doing actual work(in theory). I started working...
  7. thewalkingtemple

    Blog Expertise Needed! How do I get my blog to outperform my medium presence?

    Hey guys, I've been running a science blog (wordpress) for a little over a year now. I have been putting in steady effort into the content (over 200 quality posts this year). The results are mixed; the traffic is poor on the main website. I am currently monetizing the main website only via...
  8. M

    How do I keep gaining income from this business model?

    Hey all, So cutting straight to the chase. I have this idea of creating a platform, that connects customer with specialist. The specialist is charging pr. session, so for every session, I'd like to take a cut, of course or somehow get profit out of every meeting they have. But how can I make...
  9. T

    Blue Ocean Strategies/ Biz Models in 2022

    Hey, Wanted to get everyone's thoughts on some examples of 2022 blue ocean strategies/ biz models. What I mean by this are: the business opportunities today that will create the next wave of millionaires. Put differently, they are the opportunities that in 2025/26, people will look back on and...
  10. M

    Platform business model: Percentage or Pay per Lead?

    Hi so I am building a service based platform business similar to Uber Eats, Lyft, Upwork etc. From what i've seen there are 2 main models 1. Percentage e.g. Upwork charges a small percentage 5-10% of clients booked. This can mean that profit varies, it can be a large profit if it is a large...
  11. A

    How Do You Define Success, What Is Success Here On the Forum, And How Many Business Models Can Be Found Here?

    I know, many questions here. I just joined the forum and am already excited and overwhelmed because there are so many threads and roads to travel. I'm used to my one website creation/blogging/niche site forum which is great, but this is so much more. First, how do you define success or even the...
  12. Mikkel

    Import/Export to India

    I came across an interesting opportunity for myself and was hoping for some input. I have been networking with people from India, as I have been working to import products for a brand that I am working on. I got to talk to a CEO of a biotechnology company who wants to export his products to...
  13. M

    Marketplaces: Uber, AirBnB, Snappr, Fiverr, Upwork and niching

    Hi so I had a question about the marketplace business model that you see nowadays - essentially while there are still small businesses and even big corporations, many professions have been turned into freelancers. Essentially a service business is a marketplace - for example if I run a digital...
  14. schmidi

    App business model strategy: Charge premium users OR give the app away and charge partners?

    I quit my job a few weeks ago, thanks to the books. Since reading them I value my time more than money. Good job MJ! Currently I am building an app, and there are already paying users. Its not enough to make a living, but at least proves, that users value the concept. If possible at all, I...
  15. Michael Bavarian

    Incoming recession: Ideas for taking advantage? (Brainstorming)

    Hello guys, I guess at this moment it is quite obvious that we will face a quite harsh global recession the following months and years due to the effects of the corona virus. Nevertheless, I do not want to follow all these "the-world-is-going-under" claims - it is just a recession, and we will...
  16. F

    Is this a viable idea to pursue?

    For about a month I've been working on a new business. At the start, I was pretty convinced that this is an amazing concept and I am onto something big. I won't go into much detail about the product itself, however, what I can tell is, there already are a lot of big players in that industry and...
  17. Trevor Kuntz

    Chick-Fil-A: How to beat your competitors by using a completely different business model

    As most of us know, the fast food franchise industry is not where the Fastlane money is. High investment costs, low margins, high failure rates. This post is not going to convince you to open a fast food franchise, but it might help you see how one corporation is beating other corporations by...
  18. SheikhNaveed

    Fastlane Forum business model

    View: While listening to the podcast above. I got to remember the fastlaneforum model is based on subscription. They offer you free advices and you pay for more quality one by paying to insiders. In the meanwhile, forum is not rendering customised services, it's...
  19. alord

    WeWork's $21.1 billion worth question

    WeWork has been all across the headlines recently. If you've never heard of it, it's a company offering co-working and office spaces present in 123 cities. Despite its rapid growth, boosted by a total of $21.1 billion in funding, it is losing money for each customer acquired, and the business...
  20. FastLaneSage

    Paralyzed by Decisions....

    Not sure about you all. This is my first post....Really excited about being involved here and love the stories from you all.... If you have really been in my spot ( being paralyzed by making a choice to move ahead) also in major bouts of anxiety and being sad....Is there anyone who finally...