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Andy Black

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May 20, 2014
I think this is the 5th time you announced your departure, not to mention a prior banning. I have no idea what prompted this (haven't been at the forum much today) but I'm guessing you hijacked another thread with more of your tangential rants that do nothing but derail the original topic.

Incidentally, the MODS perform their duties at the BEHEST of the members who report posts as nuisances or hijacks. So perhaps your gripe isn't with the MODS, but with the MEMBERS who continually report your posts as noise.

and i am fed up with your limited understanding that not everyone here wants to hear your latest philosophical musings in an eCommerce thread.

And BTW, the last time you left "forever" it was 2 months. Some forever.

Incidentally, I thought your latest forum posts where more measured and appropriate hence why you were never re-banned (after your original ban and new account was discovered) so I have no clue what "mod action" prompted this. I haven't deleted any of your posts in months, and I see nothing in the mod logs recently either.

So perhaps you're hyperventilating over nothing, which wouldn't surprise me.

For someone so supposedly enlightened, you flip-and-snip whenever the wind blows the wrong way.
I’ve no clue what’s happened either. I log in to remove spammers, reply to queries, support folks where I can, and encourage members to come out of their shells. Occasionally I’ll post something.

I neither have the time nor inclination to have a vendetta against anyone or push a worldview.

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Oct 16, 2015
Is there a way to integrate a no-bump feature?

I feel a little impolite pushing something to the top sometimes (I kind of feel that way right now...).


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Oct 25, 2015
Arizona and Maine
so new creative ideas can't really reach people since moderators 's limited point of view decide what is right and wrong.

no place for superior understanding outside the accepted truths

i am fed up with moderators's limited understanding of life and i quit posting on this forum

for ever.

but you should understand that people with superior understanding won't be stopped by your limited point of view in life.

you can stop them here

not in life

when you will encouter them, you will lose 100 % of the time

guaranteed. you can't stop intelligence. hard times are coming. your limited point of view wil destroy you

have a nice day

I really think you're not getting the engagement you want here because your subjects are concerned with metaphysical reality @guy93777 . They are not new ideas either, bra.
The problems we take up here pertain to empirical reality. Not myths or religious beliefs. Not an imaginary universe.
No one else is on the forum to share pretend stories about some mystical design which requires us imitate immortal beings that you yourself have thought up or read about.

People live their lives and people die without experiencing any of the performance anxieties you have imposed on yourself. You want us to be like you. You've stopped focusing on reality and now prefer waiting for gigantic beings with wings and rock hard biceps and quads to take notice of you and listen to your thoughts, all so you can earn immortality.

Maybe you have lost someone, a queenly mom, or an absent, sidekick dad, and you just aren't interested in pulling yourself together as time goes by.
So the make-believe supernatural heroes and their unreasonable company restore faint feelings of fami!iarity and smooth over loneliness and grief.
And they're immortal companions too.
Find more people. I'll bet you're a really sweet man overly tormented by loneliness.

Take a college course in some pretentious subject to feed your mind. If you can argue with the snowflake professor after class, and go face-to-face with a real person with a wellspring of challenges rather than a tight-lipped ghost, you'll find much satisfaction not mention stress relief, I promise you.

I think you're not of superior intelligence just because you think of human nature in uncommon ways and pressure others to do the same, unsuccessfully. You're definitely off the hook as a teacher of Mankind. Enjoy the years to come.

If you're rea!ly infatuated with metaphysics, why don't you study William Blake's work, then Neil Gaiman, and start writing and designing young adult graphic novels? Readers will indulge your slightly irritating imagination until Hell freezes solid. Heck, put that scenario right in there with the rest.

I don't think you're doomed to isolation at all. Frankly your ideas are actually quite popular to certain crowds.
Find some local metaphysicists for a little one-on-one.
Google Jung and anima and spirits in your location.
Google metaphysics, angelic, power, and your zip code.
Google angels, eternity, and far right or far left politics.
Go audit a university class in 17th-century metaphysical poets, my vanilla broffa.
Your real people are in the woodworks, bro.

I am sure you could produce an incredible comic book series.
Good luck.
No more anguish.
Stalemate is super trite.
You are a good person.
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Jul 21, 2018
I would delete the men's room section. I do understand where you were coming from by trying to limit these kinds of discussions to a specific section.

However, I feel like creating that section has in fact encouraged people to write more about this kind of "men talk" to the point where the forum is overloaded by it.

It'd probably better to delete those kind of posts altogether.

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