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How do i rank my Blog?

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Nick M.

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Jul 13, 2018
I have written some blogs on medium, but I didn't get much traffic on my blog. any tips or suggestions?

How and where do you want to get ranked? On Google, on Medium, elsewhere?

If you're looking for your posts to get ranked on Medium, check out how to submit posts to publications. You can get lots of traffic that way.

Also, try connecting Twitter and other social media accounts to Medium:

There are loads of articles by successful Medium writers you can easily find. Check those out.


New Contributor
Oct 22, 2019
Look to write 30-40 articles with 1500+ words over the course of the next few months. Make sure it's quality, and make sure it's relevant to your target audience. Don't rush it, and certainly don't expect a few articles on medium to do much. If you want a shortcut, and you have some money saved up - just pay a bunch of freelancers to write those 30-40 articles for you.

Buy real cheap from India or Pakistan, pay like $0.50 per 1000 words, and you're bound to get quality writing. Or don't.


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Oct 3, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
The rules for ranking are both simple and universal.

Write quality content that people are going to want to read.
Link to your content on every platform you are on.
Go to where your audience is, interact with and help them there, and earn the right to link your content.
Repeat this 100 times.

Andy Black

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May 20, 2014


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Mar 17, 2016
My plan starts like this
1. Find Long Tail Keywords, think "best blender for under 150" this is because instead of going after "best blender"(super competitive) you are going after a keyword with less competition.
2. Group those long term keywords into silos. Write about similar topics "best blenders for runners" etc. Then after writing about 10-20 pieces of content for one silo I go to the next. This way google thinks,"oh hey he didn't just make a website with subjects that jump all over the place, so we'll rank him higher for these words".
3. Have a consistent layout for each article. That means if you say "how to fix x problem" then you should use h3's for the subheadings in other articles, if you style them similar ways. Instead of just bolding a title in one and using a h6 for a title in the other. We are trying to help an algorithim here, computers are stupid by nature. Don't make things difficult
4. relate to the reader by giving them a friendly tone, or be contrarian if you want to make it stick. You can be the normal guy too of course, I've just had better success in leaning one way or the other.
5. Three sentences before spacing to give the eyes a break. Reduces bounce rate from my testing.
6. polish off the blog, pictures, a good about me, etc.

These are the steps I use that have led me to success. After you write a lot of posts, then reach out for link building if you want. Finally, I group all of my silos into a content calender of google spreadsheets before I start a project.

Simply follow these steps, put the work in, divvy up the steps and you CAN become successful in this space. Everyone has problems in every hobby and every niche that exists, you or anyone can hammer your solutions into wherever you want. Some more refined research into topics brings dividends.


Dec 26, 2019
I have written some blogs on medium, but I didn't get much traffic on my blog. any tips or suggestions?

The first and most important step for increasing traffic to your blog is Precise Keyword Search.
Determine what your customers are searching for.

If your blog content is not on a topic that people are searching for, people won’t see it in their search results. If your goal, is to gain readers from Google, evaluate what your customers are searching for, and determine if you can conceivably outrank the existing competition before creating the article. The selection of keywords should be such that it has sufficient search volume, low competition and is relevant to your business.

The second step is On-page SEO.

This will help Google understand what your content is about. Once you have selected a keyword that has sufficient search volume, low competition and is relevant to your business, you have to help Google understand what your story is about. Google’s algorithm evaluates a number of “on-page” factors to determine what a page is about. These on-page ranking factors include Title, Meta description, URL, Subheadings, Content of the article, Image tag. You should try to optimize and include target keywords in each of these locations.

The third step is link building.

This will help Google understand the quality of your content. Some of the best tips for building links are
  • Write amazing content that people will want to link to
  • Guest blog for high domain authority sites in your industry.
  • Reach out to other bloggers who may want to cite your article within their articles.


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Feb 2, 2017
my house
I wrote a post recently that offers a counterintuitive perspective on blogging and organic traffic. While everyone says quality over quantity, I propose a different strategy.

That doesn't mean that quality isn't important. I just think it's less important until there are actually people reading your writing. Until you have traffic, it's just bots, and bots are not as good at judging quality.

In the beginning, the hardest part is getting enough content published to gain momentum, so of you need to sacrifice quality for quantity in the beginning, I think that's ok. Just be ready to revamp your content and make it badass once people start reading it.


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