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  1. N

    Struggling to monetize audience both via email, website and social media for niche site

    So I have a niche dating site that is about 2 years old and a yt channel with about 10k subs and a small email list of around 250ish subs. My audience loves my content but they don't want to open their wallets. In fact, this was the reason why I stopped posting new content on my site a while...
  2. A

    76,068 Ads Served, $0.20 Revenue Earned From WordPress , Is This Normal?

    As my title of my posts says, one of my posts went viral on reddit, reaching the front page, etc and attracting around about 18,000 visitors mostly from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the EU so all western first world countries, according to Wordpress during the time the article has been...
  3. E

    My blog is going nowhere and I want traffic!

    I started a website based on the topic of a coaching service, and I've been blogging for 9 months. I've published 3 posts per week without fail for that whole period. Last month I stopped writing, partly because I was feeling like I was running out of things to say, and partly because I was...
  4. S

    Roast my 10+ year gaming blog that hardly makes me any money.

    I quit my cushy job 10 years ago to work on my growing gaming blog. The blog covers gaming, esports and tech. I barely get any visitors (around 100 a day). Back in the day, like 4 years back, I used to get average 1500 a day. My life is kind of a mess, I need to raise my income in order to...
  5. Cam Rayan

    Building a Personal Brand and Becoming a One Man Media Company

    Hey everyone! Long-time lurker here, but finally joining the community as an official member. My name is Cam Rayan, I work in cyber security for my day job, it pays the bills + more but I have a fire inside me that wants to create and build something of my own in this world. This year...
  6. S

    How do I increase the income on a gaming blog I own?

    Background; I started a gaming blog in 2012. I, and a handful of other people would actively post content on it for the next 3 years. We did so because we had advertising deals with select gaming brands, that I was lucky enough to secure. Then the contracts ran out, and I was left with no choice...
  7. Unknown M.F

    Did It On Facebook. About To Do It On Youtube..

    Hey guys. The name is Koji Agudah and I'm from Nigeria. I've been thinking of growing a YouTube channel for a while in the digital market space to be specific SEO but for my shyness and not really proud of my voice, I've been putting it off - till now. I actually started my journey in SEO 2...
  8. C

    Is blogging a good business idea?

    Hi everyone! I would like to know if starting a blog is a good way to make money? If yes, what are the best ways to make money with a blog? Here are a few of the subjects I am an expert in or know a lot about. Is there any I should focus on? - Nature and wildlife - Earth sciences (volcanoes...
  9. Unknown M.F

    If You Are Just Starting A Blog, Target Keywords With KD 0

    ...also check the top 10 pages DA and make sure it ranges between 0 - 60. P.S: I wasted a lot of time on my site trying to compete with high DA sites when i just stated out.
  10. DarkWoods

    How to find a profitable blogging niche?

    Hi everyone. I like to write and I'm good at it but I would like to know what are the steps I should follow if I want to build a profitable blog? Thanks for your help!
  11. peterb0yd

    Epic Resources For Content Marketing (Blogging)

    While working on marketing for my startup idea, I've come across some phenomenal resources for content marketing, specifically blogging. Some of you working on promotion through blogging will find this useful. Here is an e-book written by Priceonomics, a company that started blogging to promote...
  12. G

    I don't want to fail anymore_Ending the failure cycle

    Hello, Really glad to be here! I know that I’m not a real active member of this forum, but I seriously take time to read some of the hot topics sent to me via e-mail each week for a several months now. I’m more active in another forum about Internet marketing. But I think The Fastlane Forum is...
  13. N

    My Blogging Journey and Content System Creation Process

    I had meant to start this progress thread a few weeks back but have been going through some personal events recently that really made me hit some really low points in my life. Like many others here, I have a dream of escaping the shackles that bind us towards the slow lane and living a live of...
  14. Martin7677

    How do i rank my Blog?

    I have written some blogs on medium, but I didn't get much traffic on my blog. any tips or suggestions?
  15. Dave James

    Desire for fashion

    Hi, I'm a fashion consultant by profession and passion. What amazes me about fashion most not just fancy clothes or cool specs but the trend that you may see over the time whether inspired by some diva celebrity or either by an event. They brings me deep thoughts what more can I turn them into...
  16. lludwig

    AMA: SEO

    I already did one on affiliate marketing, let's try one on SEO. AMA: SEO. My Background: I've been developing websites for 25 years+, and had an affiliate blog for 10 years which 80% of the traffic was from SEO. Starting from zero, I had over 300,000 unique visitors per month. I sold my...
  17. AFMKelvin

    The Return of Blogs

    Hi, today I want to talk to you about why we might see a second wave of blogging soon. The first wave happen around 2007-2012. Than social media platforms begin to pop up and many bloggers switched over to those. Specially bloggers that were in video, photography and even journalist...
  18. Danny01

    How to Get Free Traffic from Search Engine Optimization

    Hello Guys, This is going to be more an interactive session for others who wish to build high traffic website for profit. I built a high traffic website in under 6 month with Search Engine Optimization. If you have any questions regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Post them below.
  19. A

    Hi I'm Axe Colver, Interested in SEO

    Hi I am Axe Colver from the US, I'm new here and looking forward to share and ask for great idea especially in SEO Internet marketing. I do love SEO work with latest updates today! Hope I can find here useful tips and share my strategy as well, Bdw I also love to play the piano, watch movies...
  20. Danny01

    Google AdSense Publishers Thread

    I'll like AdSense earners to post their contributions here. What's been working for you and how much revenue you're generating from your sites? It could inspire and help some people out there who are working hard to earn some income from their websites.