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WEB SCHOOL Best web design for SEO?


Jul 26, 2019
I Agree with you there are far better alternatives to wordpress but for me speed is nowhere near as important as stability and security. It's not hard to have a 2 second load time with wordpress on cheap siteground.

I'll be working with someone soon that will be using Kirby instead of wordpress and yeah it's easier to make it faster but for me not having to use all those plugins and their issues is the best reason.
sure I seen someone mention Kirby here a few days ago. Ive never seen it. Might have a look in to it just to see what its all about.

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Shahadar Hussain

New Contributor
Apr 9, 2019
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Wordpress loads slowly. Google hates slow loading websites. I was on a page from one of the forums users today (his link was in his sig although I cant remember who it was) and his site took 18 seconds to load. Have a look at this link:

Also do some research on Above The Fold SEO. This is just some basics to look at.

Customers slowly stop referring your service to others because of a poor experience. Established websites are less likely to link back to your content. It might even put people off signing up for your newsletter. The speed and the uptime – these two are significant factors for every website that exists on the world wide web. Web hosting companies mainly handle these two vital factors, however. So, choosing the right host for your website is essential. It is also vital when it comes to Google ranking factors. However, speed and performance also depend on the theme, the lite coding, images, and other elements used to build the theme. WordPress themes with good UX always are lite, fast, and perform better in any server.

Read more about UX factor that you should know about your WordPress site.


Know Thyself
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Oct 7, 2019
To answer the original poster's question. Platform matters. They are tools, but it does matter.

Try leaving your plugins so out of date that you get a search console notice. See how well you rank then. (Some clients really need help y'all).

Never have this worry on an html site.

Get hacked on WP? See how the "this site may be hacked" alert in the search results impacts your rankings.

But only certain platforms have this issue.

That's just a couple examples, and sure it may be easy to overcome, but that isn't the point. The point is it matters.

Wix. Ugh. If a company had to run a marketing campaign to "prove" it is good for SEO, you know something is wrong there.

Again it matters. Maybe not much. Or maybe it's Wix. But it matters.

Subjective. I run Wordpress and less than 500ms is not even a problem.
I'd love to see the WP site that loads in half a second. I've seen this claim a few times, but have yet to have someone show me. I am genuinely curious.

Considering network latency is often .3 seconds (in the US) this seems like a bold claim. I have yet to see a WP site get ttfb lower than .4 seconds. Even one image, a logo, a css file would push load time past the half second mark. Lazy load the images? But then we aren't talking full load time, just the DOM, right? If so, that's cool.

Is it all text and inline css? If so, why bother putting that on WP?

Would you be willing to PM the domain so I can see and learn? I'm genuinely interested in witnessing "the impossible".

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