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  1. Enzo.Deniau

    Hi, it's my first post on this forum and I come with a little question.

    Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself quickly. My name is Enzo. I'm 20 years old, and I'm a young boy from France, from the suburbs of Paris. In short, my mindset has changed quite a bit in the past year. I'm no longer in the same mindset as the people around me. Many of my friends chase after...
  2. intotheabyss

    Am I the only one who has lots of browser tabs opened? Time to optimize the web browsing experience.

    Hello to the Fastlane Community! I noticed that I always have loooots of tabs opened in my browser and it started to bother me a bit. It happens during both - professional research and personal browsing. My main motivation to leave things in the opened tabs is: "It is interesting, but I don't...
  3. David_GER

    My Journey in Business

    The goal here is to be as honest as I can be. I won’t lie to you or try to sell you something. Just a guy who tells his story in real time. I started this thread to maybe help others and to help me. I am gonna Journal my way in business, maybe I can help you. It’s not going to be anything...
  4. J

    Is web development still valuable? - [Question]

    Hello there again. Currently, I'm learning how to set the backend of a webpage with Flask and then learn about Django. Is this still valuable for the market or do you think It can be easily done with an App/Extension and I should be spending my time learning other web skills?
  5. ajakupi

    In soft phase seeking feedback

    I am currently in the Proof (Soft) phase. I have edited my website incrementally based on the users acitivity but I want to start an ad campaign with one single picture that showcases the physical product (which still doesn't exist, only a mockup). The picture shows a can submarged can...
  6. Mike Stoian

    is my app too controversial? Need help

    Hello everyone! I've been working on an idea for a while and finally launched it in January this year. It's a politician review website. Think IMDB or rotten tomatoes but for politicians. After a few posts on reddit, it got about 40k visitors a month for the first 2 months...
  7. J

    SEO/Web Dev, step by step?

    I am looking to learn SEO and Web Development to build an SEO business. I got 2.5 months of 100% free time before I begin my new job, and I thought I'd spend this time starting to learn SEO and Web Development. So that I maybe could start an SEO business part-time and work on it till I...
  8. MaxT

    Boost your daily productivity

    Hello friends ! Today is a big day for me, I finalized my first version of my Google Chrome extension. This is an extension to improve concentration and boost productivity. If you want to take a look: focusLab And a more detailed presentation : A complete solution to maximize your productivity...
  9. X

    How's my sales approach / strategy?

    Hey there fellow entrepreneurs! I've started designing & selling websites 1 year ago without a lot of success to say the least :happy: Anyways, I've figured my problem was my sales approach and strategy- I've tried selling websites on IG and tried promoting it there, it did not work very well...
  10. Crexty

    I want to start a Software Agency.... Where are my software business owners?

    I want to start a software agency. No not your run of the mill development agency in India that promises to produce your software for $500, but a professional firm. Not interested in website design as much as creating actual full-stack apps. I want to help people launch/build software that is...
  11. Mohammad Asal

    Developing my website

    Hello everyone, I'm Mohamad Asal, 16 yo lebanese. I'm really glad @MJ DeMarco decided to write his book Fast lane Millionaire! As it changed my mindset! Ever since i read it (5 mon. ago). I searched for "needs" like a cat chasing a mouse. Before reading the book, I was a programmer and a...
  12. FlightFight

    Programmer looking for the best way to make money

    Hello, my dream is to no longer have to worry about money so I can focus on game development and other things like exercising, socializing etc. Books like TMF, Unscripted and many more made me face the tangibility of this dream and to learn programming in the first place (in my free time). It...
  13. berrydev

    Lead generation for real estate agents??

    Would it be a bad idea to web scrape various different sources containing leads for real estate agents? I know there is competition, but feel there is still opportunities available in the niche. Thanks for any and all feedback :)
  14. JohnnyClub

    Arrested, walked into jails then walking out of it! I am Hyun johnny Goo! I am being a King!

    Before start this story, I am screaming aloud!!! Since my age now as 28, until 33, I am going to make the real business on the market, putting attitude making myself the most beautiful, sexiest millionaire, the king!!! I’m(Means will be) buying a good house for my mom, dad and my sister. I’m...
  15. E

    I wanna make marketplace for peruvian handicrafts

    Hello Im a web designer and i live in Perú i like to make a peruvian handicraft markeplace online, but before start i like to learn from you marketing tips to get clients interested in for example alpaca rug, teddy bear baby alpaca, scarf , etc... i already have the suppliers wich i think...
  16. Grahamn117

    Free website designer services?

    I've acquired to my arsenal, but was wondering if anyone new of any better ones? Preferably free too!
  17. wordwarrior

    Looking for New Email and Web Hosting Services

    I currently use Google services for my personal email and blog, and I don't have a personal or business web site. This needs to change. Do you have any recommendations? This sort of relates to the command of control even though both services are complimentary to any business/career. Both are...

    Best technology choice for a Blog with optionally paid Posts

    Hi! I am currently conceptualizing on a sort of educational portal for Data Engineering. The idea is to have a site with a blog where I share tips, tricks, trends, insights etc. on the topic. Then, in a section called "Projects" I plan to give deep insights about specific projects from being...
  19. puckman

    Best web design for SEO?

    hey guys, I used to work at Google and have a perspective on this, but I wanted to get your input too. Shoot down my theory and share your thoughts below. My theory; managed website platforms are bad for SEO, platforms like Squarespace, Shopify, hosted, Wix, Weebly, etc...
  20. Disciple96

    Edge Computing - the Future of the "Internet of Things" - Web 3.0

    Here a few videos about "edge" computing. The first one explains how it is likely to replace our current hierarchy of processing, "cloud" computing. So, instead of online services, your device itself handles the majority of the workload, before sending the most critical data back to the...