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Apr 17, 2022

Important note:​

The internet is the most powerful communication tool in the history of mankind.

All powerful tools are inherently dangerous and need to be used properly.

There is a huge difference between using a tool, and being crushed by it. It all depends on how you use them.

This thread is not about demonizing certain technologies, or black and white thinking.

I'm not saying anything is inherently good or bad, but what I am saying is that a lot of people are using these tools in a way that is not conducive to good mental health and positive business results.

If you're using various platforms to improve your business, further your education, connect with people, and improve the quality of your life - that's great. You are using these tools in a smart way.

However, you find yourself spending the entire day glued to a screen, heavily addicted to watching pixels move around, and you're wasting your time, energy, life, and you're feeling horrible as a result of your behavior, this thread might be of interest.

Target audience:​

Beginner fastlaners that don't have anything positive to gain from being on social media or other entertainment platforms, and are just suffering as a result of this unnecessary addiction.

The large number of forum posts in which beginner fastlaners complain about this issue, is a clear indication that this problem is widespread, even among people that are actively trying to build a better future for themselves.

If we want to be the 1%, we cannot behave like the 99%.

Let's explore this idea.

Young fastlaners:​

SHUT DOWN all the social media, and the bullshit apps that are not helping you on the entrepreneurial path that you've chosen.

Don't aim for moderation, don't try to find any balance, because the is no such thing.

Everything has been designed from the ground up to be highly addictive and to grab your attention for as long as possible, in the hopes of you clicking on a stupid ad or buying some bullshit that doesn't help you in any way whatsoever.

Besides the huge amount of wasted time and energy, that cannot be recovered, you are very likely to become addicted to those apps.

If you let this happen, physiological changes to the brain will occur, which will result in the impairment of the prefrontal cortex.

This will result in the following symptoms:
  • poor executive function (translation: can't do the F*cking work)
  • goldfish attention span
  • no focus
  • low energy / low motivation
  • poor long-term planning ability
  • bad choices

You can't be successful in anything, but especially in business, if your brain is not firing on all cylinders.

These changes are not permanent, and they can be fully reversed if you stop everything right now.

In a few months time, your brain will be back to normal, and you will be amazed at your new-found motivation and superior cognitive function.

If you want to be the 1%, you can't do what the other 99% is doing.

All the information that you need can be found on this forum.

Let this be your "social media".

You will learn many useful things that are nowhere to be found anywhere else on the internet.

(Just don't get addicted to the forum, and don't turn it into an action-fake)


Thanks @Matt Lee for inspiring me to write this post.
Check out his comment here.
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Mar 27, 2023
Semi-agree to this. If you're using social media to endlessly scroll when you could be doing better things (which 99% of teenagers are doing; I'm looking at you, past me) then yes, absolutely delete your social media accounts. It's gonna take some rewiring to get that social media muscle memory ridden of but IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.

However, if you're using social media as a tool instead of an entertainment then it is a highly profitable endeavor. If your market is other young people or people in their 20s and even 30s, social media is still a great way to reach out to a very wide audience, imo.

Imagine you're selling an eraser with pop culture designs on it. Who would buy this kind of stuff? Teenagers. What platform will you most likely find these kinds of people on? Tiktok and Instagram.

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