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  1. robin1123

    How do you guys approach the subject of 'interest'?

    For example, I've been seeing a lot of articles about how hot TikTok Shop is right now. But ecommerce dreads me really. I hate it with passion. Would you still go forward and try it out despite this feeling? Hatred is just an emotion at the end of the day, I can still force my hands to get...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    The Social Media Duality: Tool of Destruction? Or Growth?

    I'd like to reiterate that social media is a TOOL. This thread advocates deleting social media. My agreement depends on how the tool is used. You can use social media to hammer you over the...
  3. ChryslerCreates

    Making Money on TikTok

    Hey guys, after my 2 failed attempts, I'm getting back to you. I have been looking into the new AI technologies and have Created a few videos. This is about health and fitness. However, with facts that you do not hear at every corner. I have now after a week 500k views and 7k subscribers. I...

    Monetizing TikTok Growth

    I've grown my account to over 1000 followers in one week on TikTok. 300K+ views, and I can add a link in my bio. Is it time to quickly make a construction related course about how to get a job in the industry (I can actually make it really good) Can I get some inspo on how to monetize this...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    One metaphor everyone needs to hear...

    From the Fastlane Newsletter being sent out today... Highly relevant to this thread about shutting down social media. ------- My stepson never cared about financial freedom or wealth until he started getting up at 6AM and working Monday through Friday. Now all of a sudden, he's interested in...
  6. heavy_industry

    Young fastlaners: SHUT DOWN ALL SOCIAL MEDIA

    Important note: The internet is the most powerful communication tool in the history of mankind. All powerful tools are inherently dangerous and need to be used properly. There is a huge difference between using a tool, and being crushed by it. It all depends on how you use them. This thread...
  7. Benjamin Pavliha

    Social media strategy: Instagram vs. TikTok

    Hey fellow entrepreneurs, I hope you are well. My niche is helping entrepreneurs and professionals get control of their alcohol drinking. A bit more than 6 weeks ago I launched my Instagram and TikTok account in order to start building my brand and generating leads. If you check both of my...
  8. N

    Successful Tik Tok Organic clothing brand

    I started a clothing brand and scaled it to 60k followers on tik tok in 4 months here's what I did: 1) learning phase, I spent a solid 2 years learning tik tok algorithm, dont let this deter you, to learn some valuable info on tik tok just find a couple good videos on youtube that teach you how...
  9. Andy Black

    Using Short Videos to Grow Your Business

    HOT! CHAT 
    Thought we could discuss short videos in this thread. Remember, this is a forum for producers so think about this from the perspective of a producer not a consumer. Even if you don't watch or like short videos they're a massive opportunity for businesses right now and will be even more so...
  10. mikecarlooch

    Get 100,000+ New Eyeballs On Your Brand

    What does it take to get up to 1,000,000+ eyeballs on your brand? Some people may be thinking "1,000,000? I tried this social media thing and I've barely gotten a single view! What am I doing wrong?" Let me ask you a question - WHAT are you posting on social media? Is it structured for success...
  11. mikecarlooch

    EVERY Health, Wealth, and Relationship Coach MUST DO THIS.

    Coaches are missing out on a massive opportunity by not being on.. you guessed it.. TikTok. I see so many coaches on Instagram and Facebook who ARE relatively successful in their coaching but are missing out on the ability to reach and impact so many more people. If you're an ADVICE-BASED...
  12. Jemmalee

    After a few years SM experience

    So I know how to grow a brand to some degree via social media. I can develop new brands really quickly using social media in fact, however, I have made the poor decisions previously to submit myself to the endless scroll holes that be Facebook groups and connections. I get what age groups...