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  1. Yanezez

    Which Platform Allow Most Detailed Targeting?

    Hello all, I'm thinking of giving X (Twitter) a try in ads. I'm trying to find a correct audience for politically-themed clothing, for a very niche ideology. Facebook Ads has not been good in this regard. The AI confuses laughing emoticon and not so nice comments as positive engagement and...
  2. Flawed

    Twitter Followers into cash

    I have 340 twitter followers. At this pace I estimate to grow well past +20k followers. How do I actually make money from my followers?
  3. Vasudev Soni

    Where to market mobile app for best results?

    Recently, I promoted my app on google ads for about a month and received decent results with about 300+ paid downloads daily. Now, I am thinking of marketing my app on social media and I need your help in determining what social media apps should I go with and how should I maximise the returns...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    One metaphor everyone needs to hear...

    From the Fastlane Newsletter being sent out today... Highly relevant to this thread about shutting down social media. ------- My stepson never cared about financial freedom or wealth until he started getting up at 6AM and working Monday through Friday. Now all of a sudden, he's interested in...
  5. heavy_industry

    Young fastlaners: SHUT DOWN ALL SOCIAL MEDIA

    Important note: The internet is the most powerful communication tool in the history of mankind. All powerful tools are inherently dangerous and need to be used properly. There is a huge difference between using a tool, and being crushed by it. It all depends on how you use them. This thread...
  6. KushShah9492

    AMA: How to grow an audience on Twitter and write highly engaging content

    I have been writing actively on Twitter since January 2022. Since then, I've written 3900 tweets, 60+ threads and have an audience of 1200+ followers. I'm not saying I'm an expert in anything on twitter, but I just wanted to share some insights on what I did, how I did it and help people...
  7. MTF

    Building a Following and Developing Relationships on Twitter

    Despite not being a fan of social media, I'm giving Twitter a go. Here are my reasons: With Elon hopefully soon becoming the new owner, I have high hopes for the platform's future. Yeah, call me naive, I don't care. I believe in Elon. Twitter is the only major social media platform (perhaps...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    Elon Musk acquires Twitter, Discuss

    Just announced! Agreement is reached and this deal is going down!
  9. MJ DeMarco

    Elon Musk's Letter to Twitter's Board for Private Buyout...

  10. SDE

    How to Leverage Twitter for Your Biz (and without political BS)

    If you still would like to get the best of twitter, I suggest using the Lists and Mute functions. These two made my twitter experience much better. 1. Lists: If you follow someone on twitter, your timeline will show: - their tweets - tweets that they shared (retweets) - their replies to...
  11. Andy Black

    Figuring Out Twitter

    Quick background: I've been on Twitter since 2011 but barely used it. When I did log in it was to half-heartedly post a quote I liked and it was invariably to tumbleweeds. Twitter recently acquired Revue as @MTF mentioned here (thanks @MTF). I like paid email newsletters as a business model so...
  12. Jemmalee

    After a few years SM experience

    So I know how to grow a brand to some degree via social media. I can develop new brands really quickly using social media in fact, however, I have made the poor decisions previously to submit myself to the endless scroll holes that be Facebook groups and connections. I get what age groups...
  13. MJ DeMarco

    Post your social media pages; Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    We had a thread like this but it is a bit old. If anyone wants to post their social media pages here for networking, feel free to do so. I'll start...
  14. A way of life

    Having difficulties finding problems on Twitter

    I have been having difficulties finding problems on Twitter when using #Ihate ,#Imtiredof etc and searching for "Why is this like this? , "I wish there was" etc. Anyone that has used Twitter to find problems got any ideas on how I could search better for better results.
  15. Jonny Blaze

    I Would Love To Hear Your Opinion On Social Media Platforms

    Hello all! Let's just get straight to the point, I don't need an extensive introduction, I will keep it short and simple. A lot of the marketing I do is strictly through Social Media, and I often times ponder a very particular question that I'm sure many others have as well. Which Social Media...
  16. D

    Verifying faked social media posts

    Would you guys use the following service if it existed? Screenshots of posts from social media, think a screenshot of a tweet from donald trump or whatever can be faked super easily. We were thinking of building a service that would verify that screenshot to see whether trump actually wrote...
  17. Kwikbitz

    Making connections (read followers/follow) ...

    There are a vast number of members here in the forums with differing areas of knowledge, expertise and business, but the one thing we all have in common is connections. Just by reading this you are connecting with me, you are finding out more about me, may be how I work, what I do, the language...
  18. JoeB

    Anything like Buffer that posts direct links?

    Hi Guys, My website does some pretty cool stuff with twitter cards when I post a straight website link but when I schedule tweets with something like Buffer, which redirects via links it doesn't happen. Does anyone use anything which schedules direct links which they can recommend? Thanks