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  1. MJ DeMarco

    The Social Media Duality: Tool of Destruction? Or Growth?

    I'd like to reiterate that social media is a TOOL. This thread advocates deleting social media. My agreement depends on how the tool is used. You can use social media to hammer you over the...
  2. O

    How do I provide value to a Facebook Group I'm creating?

    I have this validated idea for a Shopify app. I've created a Facebook Group to catch my target audience. I'm scared to death. Too many I's, I know. I have never created content before and am getting sick trying to think about how I'll: 1 - Grow the group. 2 - Create content that provides...
  3. shubham___3011


    Hello there fastlaners! Ive been running facebooks ads for my online bookstore and trust me the new update has ruined everything, Im unable to stay upto date with the update(please suggest something to stay upto date). My cpc, cpa are all time high and my roas is all time low. I dont understand...
  4. heavy_industry

    Young fastlaners: SHUT DOWN ALL SOCIAL MEDIA

    Important note: The internet is the most powerful communication tool in the history of mankind. All powerful tools are inherently dangerous and need to be used properly. There is a huge difference between using a tool, and being crushed by it. It all depends on how you use them. This thread...
  5. EarlOfChina

    Are Facebook Groups Dead?

    Hey Fastlaners! I’ve seen guys like @Andy Black and @Fox talk a lot in the past about the power of Facebook Groups. I’ve scoured the forum and a lot of these threads are several years old - and we all know how quickly social media moves! Recently I have built up a decent Discord community...
  6. ycee

    The only solution to Facebook ads performance drop that worked for me (it's not TikTok)

    The ongoing privacy-related updates by Apple after iOS 14.5 have pretty much killed Facebook ads. This means Facebook’s data and tracking abilities are that much worse. This is why you see your ROAS is down, CPMs are up, Reach is declining, and conversions are decreasing. So how do you adapt...
  7. MJ DeMarco

    Prime Example Why I Go to the Dentist More Than I Go To Facebook...

    So I posted this over on Facebook and look at what comments FACEBOOK deems as most relevant. I get dozens of comments from people who love my work and say positive things. But NO, Facebook says "the most relevant" posts come from this a**hole clown who knows NOTHING about me. View...
  8. B

    A question about Facebook traffic

    Hello everyone. I have a problem. Just a week ago, traffic from Facebook skyrocketed almost 10 times on our website. Traffic comes from the USA, Ireland, Sweden,. Our site is Russian and promoted in Russia. It has nothing to do with the above regions. Computers were checked for viruses, no...
  9. LifeisSuffering

    Who had the Same Problem Before ?

    i have a construction materials (production and selling) business located in two different region that both have their own phone numbers for clients to make order and two different Facebook pages. And now i'm adding a third sell point in a new region. What should i do about phone numbers ? and...
  10. MJ DeMarco

    Why control is so important and Facebook/Instagram cannot make or break your brand...

    I cannot stress this enough. Stop trying to make social media your business when it simply is a marketing channel. I mentioned this before, by back in the day I was growing the TMF FB page at a great clip. Then suddenly, FB stop showing my posts and continually nagged me to "pay to play" ...
  11. OverByte

    Why iOS 14.5 Didn't Kill Facebook Ads Tracking

    Forums and blog posts keep saying that iOS 14.5 killed facebook ad tracking, I'm posting this to explain why that's not the case. To investigate I went to the source (the apple dev docs) and deciphered them so you don't have to. Almost everyone is tapping 'Ask App not to Track' so why isn't...
  12. shakeshake

    FB ADS/ Choose the Right Objective after spending 250k

    Hey everyone, In total I've already spent over 250k on Fb ads with a perfect ROI, absolutely very satisfied with this platform. But my big question to you guys: how the F*ck can you make it work without the conversion target? Brand awareness, clicks to the website, nothing works. Only if I...
  13. seomatic

    The Internet is broken ... can we still win?

    I was reading this book The Ten Equations That Rule The World. And one of the Equation is essentially the algorithm used by most social networks these days. In short, if you got traction you will continue to grow but if you don't have traction you are invisible and there is pretty much no chance...
  14. ElleMg

    DOING IT (Marketing marketing)

    I remember once reading the quote along the lines of 'the best way out of a difficulty is through it'. It definitely helped me a lot in the past. Sometimes fear stops you doing the most natural thing to do, which combines your purpose, what you're good at, and what there's a demand for. I...
  15. Furniture-brah

    Making my start in the Furniture game

    Hi Guys, Myself and my partner have been looking to move out of the 'slow lane' for some time now, we both work for a corporate making just enough money to scrape by each week. The 9 - 5 wage slave life is soul crushing so we have been aligning ourselves with the sentiments espoused in MJ's...
  16. Unknown M.F


    Why did Facebook block my URL? You may ask... The short but unpleasant answer: You are not VALUABLE. You might get upset about that answer and say: "but I am valuable. I only shared my link to few groups and across Facebook. What made you say such? Am I not on Facebook? Is that not value? My...
  17. F

    How do I get my disabled Facebook Ads account unblocked and which Facebook policies triggered my ad account to be closed?

    Hi Fastlaners, My Facebook Ads account has been blocked, banned, disabled, closed, ... These are a couple of the messages that Facebook shows to me at various places: Ad account disabled: You can't use this account to run ads. Its ads have stopped running and some of its advertising assets are...
  18. kalx

    Affiliated marketing idea. $2381 per 2 weeks

    Jan 1st to 18th, I earned $2381 per 2weeks. In korea, I use affiliated site to earn my money. And It's my result. There's so many affiliated site in korea. Coupang partners, Amazon Affiliate, Tenping, Naver Adpost..,etc. There's so many afflicated site on your country also! So how to earn...
  19. nutleydotie

    Removing Social Media from my life, in particular Facebook

    Hey, Been a member on here around 3 years, but have been slow to participate. Over the past year, I've come to realise just how much time I've wasted looking at Facebook and other social media. I've removed myself from Twitter, Snapchat etc. I had already turned off notifications for the...
  20. minivanman

    Thoughts on the Facebook MarketPlace

    A few weeks ago Facebook changed up Market Place (Seems really slow to post things now). Today Facebook changed the entire look of Facebook (Not a fan of the new look but I have no say-so in it)...... are they getting ready to start charging for Market Place? If so, they are going to mess up my...