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  • Hey J.

    Your article on 'How To Learn A Language' was really helpful. Thanks!
    I like your cat
    I wish it were mine! It's just a picture of a random cat from the Internet.

    I should change my avatar to reflect pets I actually have. It's been a while since I've been here. Thanks!
    hello there iam new here and read fastlane now reading unscripted but its a big book with almost 400 pages how can i make a Quik summary to absorb everything in a good way cheers mate
    Don't worry about how big it is. Just take it one chapter at a time. You'll reread it later anyway. J

    I noticed in a thread you just posted in that you organize some of the Toronto meetups for the FLF. Would you be willing to send / share an invite to the events or Slacker group? I live a couple hours north of the city but would love to join everyone next time you're meeting!

    pm me with your email address
    Hi there,

    If you still want to attend B&P but don't have a ticket, check my latest thread.
    You took a seat someone else could have used at a sold out conference. The money went to pay for that seat in a convention hall, pay for a group reservation of food, and your % of the expenses for the conference. You should have sold it and recouped your costs. There were several other people here that would have gone if given the opportunity and more notice. The expenses were split into 1/50th shares. I don't think it would be right to expect the organizers to take a hit simply because you were a no-show. Next year is it's own block of tickets and corresponding expenses.

    We were bummed you were not there. You were missed. You should come next year.
    That's really cool. I did karate (kyokushin and shito-ryu) for about 10 years, never got past brown belt though. I love martial arts, really want to find a new school again. :)
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