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My experience thus far at Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Seminar


Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Apr 1, 2017
Silicon Valley, California
Definitely post more when you have the chance! And I can't wait to hear more about your plan to help others.

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Gold Contributor
Speedway Pass
Oct 9, 2017
Nikiski, Alaska
Fastlaners! What's up!

Little background first, I'm 20 years old. Dropped out of college and I'm huge into growth an entrepreneurship. I currently personally train teenagers and flip stuff online. I transformed my own physical life during my teenage years and decided to take my knowledge and skills to pass it on to other young adults. This is not my long term thing, I'm doing it temporarily since it is something I know how to do and brings me income.

Now, on with the juicy stuff... I'm currently in Dallas, Texas. I'm here because Tony Robbins is currently doing his Unleash the Power Within seminar here. I decided to hop on here and share all of the golden nuggets I've learned thus far. This is only the end of the 2nd day of the seminar so there will be more to come but has been an incredible experience so far.


1. State is everything. To achieve what you want you must get yourself in the right frame of mind. Throughout this seminar we do this in several ways. Puts on some crazy techno music, and we all jump around screaming our a$$ off for about 30 seconds. Sounds crazy. I know. At first, I thought the F*ck am I doing. But the energy, focus, and mindset it gets you in is incredible. I've hardly slept since I've been here. The seminar has been over 12 hours long each day and have only been able to sleep about 4-5 hours before having to wake up and go again. I hardly feel phased by the lack of sleep, it's incredible. Very useful for start-uppers that are running on low sleep. Get your a$$ up and move whenever you feel like shit! MOTION CREATES EMOTION.

2. Limiting beliefs restrict us from everything we want. Easy, we all know that. But how do you change these is the real question? Well first I'll explain what exactly limits us..

A limiting belief often stems from a lack of certainty. AKA, not certain we can do something, accomplish what we want, uncertain what people will say or think about you etc.

So, the real question, how do we snap out of this state and turn it into certainty to create action?
Uncertainty usually stems from the state you are currently in. Stressed out, lack of sleep, frustrated, etc. Snap out by doing what #1 says above.

After you are out of this state then what? Close your eyes and envision what you want in your life. Get crystal F*cking clear. We all want similar things on this forum so I envision, driving a Ferrari, financial freedom and retirement by the age of 30, a yacht, all the toys.

Next, envision what you want in your life in the next year. Is it starting that company you want? Is it making those sales and driving your revenue through the roof? What do you want in the next year.
Finally, vividly envision you achieving this. Envision you going and landing that first deal, envision you picking up the phone and dialing those cold calls and selling the shit out of them etc. TIE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF EMOTION to this vision of you conquering. Envision this every single day for 10 minutes. Run it over and over in your head. Then, envision what will you feel like if you don't do it? How will it feel if you don't get any of the things you're chasing and you sit and do nothing like you are currently doing... ATTACH SO MUCH PAIN AND NEGATIVE FEELINGS TO DOING NOTHING.

Feeling down on yourself think you cant do it? Immediately snap in this state of envisioning what you want this year and picture you doing it. Tie emotion to it and how it'll make you feel to F*cking conquer! Emotion is what drives you! link enough emotion and you will do it.

3. How results happen. The process of results is simple. What you think about ->> determines what you feel ->> what you feel determines what you do ->> what you do determines results you get.
Think about success, think about what you want, not what you don't want. A HUGE MISTAKE we can often times make is focusing on shit we don't want.

If I asked you what do you want out of life? Most would respond with "I don't want to work a job" "I don't want to be unhappy" "I don't want to be stagnant and feel like I'm taking no action"

These statements DON'T tell us what you want, it doesn't tell your subconscious what you want. These thoughts are what drive negativity, frustration, anger, and NO ACTION. Focusing on what you don't want makes what you actually want FEEL further away and impossible to reach, thus limiting beliefs begin to set in and nothing occurs.

4. Proximity is power, we all know it. Who you are around determines who you will become. So how do we surround ourselves with more like-minded individuals? Simple.
Go to meetups, business networking events, anything.

Look for people that have achieved what you want. On this forum that means, successful entrepreneurs that make shit happen. FIND PEOPLE THAT LIVE LIFE TO A HIGHER STANDARD THAN YOU DO OR EQUAL TO YOU, NEVER HANG AROUND PEOPLE WHO SETTLE FOR LESS THAN YOU DO.

Provide them VALUE WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING IN RETURN. What can you provide for them? Is it services, is it knowledge or information, is it other connections you have that can link them to more business or provide them with something?

After you provide them value before asking for anything, they will feel they can trust you and will create a bond. From there, surround yourself with them and learn.

This has been a very long post as is. There is plenty more in my notes I have to share and will share everything I've learned if you guys would like. Just wanted to drop this in here to see if it added some value to you guys on any level. If you guys enjoy, I will add a ton more stuff that I've gathered so far and will continue to add to it based on what I learn during the next 2 days. Best of Luck!
You're 20 years old. Tony has been having these classes for years and years. Yes, he has a lot of good stuff to teach, BUT... All this stuff is available in books and for free on the net. Have you thought about getting some real-world experience? Maybe a job where you can pay your own way by earning money and learn some hands-on skills? Just a suggestion. There's no substitute for experience and knowledge learned by working.


Bronze Contributor
Feb 15, 2019
You're 20 years old. Tony has been having these classes for years and years. Yes, he has a lot of good stuff to teach, BUT... All this stuff is available in books and for free on the net. Have you thought about getting some real-world experience? Maybe a job where you can pay your own way by earning money and learn some hands-on skills? Just a suggestion. There's no substitute for experience and knowledge learned by working.
I have a job.


New Contributor
Jun 4, 2019
Great, detailed review.
I recieved tremendous value from Tony's earlier books. About a month ago I was wondering what new value one might attain by going to a live event.


Platinum Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
May 10, 2015
Islands of Calleja
Do Tony Robbin's exercises work? I get skeptical with this NLP type stuff, as NLP is usually pseudo-psychological dogshit, but I've heard good things about Robbins' programs.


Legendary Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Aug 13, 2007
Northern VA
The feeling fades fast, take advantage of it while it is there.
You hear this a lot at the event and after. The thing is, this is a choice as well. As with any education, the event has nothing to do with the process. If you goto the event with the idea that it's simply an event, that's all you get.

When you are a credentialed professional, what is usually required to keep those credentials?

Continuing education and practice

Seriously, doctors, pharmacists and especially entrepreneurs have to constantly learn to grow and stay on the bleeding edge if possible of an ever adapting marketplace.

I went to two of them in less than a year and have continued my education ever since. I also ready everyday... it's on my weekly sheets, 30 min minimum. DAILY.

So I totally agree, it fades fast, if you let it. I am personally not into wasting time or money on something l'll let fall apart later on though, if it's useful I'm going to foster that in my head and let the useless stuff fade.

Not a jab at you @GPM just jumping off a common response I always thought was interesting.

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