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OFF-TOPIC Morning routines

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Bryan James

Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Jul 1, 2018
Texas, USA
I've heard that a lot of successful people have very specific morning routines upon awakening. Was curious if any of you folks have a specific routine you go through when you wake up. I'd provide mine but it's pretty boring and probably wouldn't add any value to your life.


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Mar 1, 2018
Atlanta, GA

Jaden Jones

Igloo Builder
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Aug 22, 2018
Mornings are awful, I think its very possible to be successful without having a morning routine. I do everything I can the night before so I dont have to do anything in the morning. Get up and go...


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Jul 24, 2007
I love mornings. Alternate taking dogs to mountains and running the neighborhood with them. Very peaceful except when it's not. They don't care for other dogs so that has to be managed... :)

Good thing the mountains are only ten minutes away.


Silver Contributor
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Jun 12, 2015
Vancouver, Canada
@Bryan James

What a great discussion topic, thanks for posting.

A morning routine has been something that I have been implementing in my daily life over the last year. Basically, since reading Unscripted , I recognized that having a routine would be a huge part in bringing consistency and discipline into my life.

It has taken a lot of different directions over the last year, but I can assure you all that every routine is going to have benefits for you.

There are some out there who believe that a 4 am routine is the ONLY way to do things and there are others who believe that it is just as important to complete the routine throughout your day as you can.

I've got some great resources to share with you all as I've incorporated elements of all these daily routines into my own life, so here goes:

The Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod (SAVERS - Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading & Scribing)

Hour of Power - Tony Robbins
(Get the Edge Audio - Breathing, Gratitude, Visualization, Affirmations, Celebration)

Core 4 - Wake Up Warrior
(Body, Being, Balance and Business - Metric Driven)

Tools of Titans - Tim Ferriss
(5 Minute Journal, 4 Steps Each Day)

Jocko Willnik
(The true 4 AM hero)

The Miracle Morning
is a great place to start and I believe that it is on Amazon Kindle for less than $5 dollars right now. If you would like more specifics on each of the routines, please feel free to ask.


Silver Contributor
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Jun 12, 2015
Vancouver, Canada
@Bryan James I'm in the process of trying to create and stick to a morning routine. My biggest obstacle is that I do shift work. So, my hours change frequently.

I just finished the book My Morning Routine. Lots of examples on how you might construct one of your own. I struggle with this also.

@Rawseed and @Get Right

Don't fret! The process is about building the routine the best you can - whether it gets completed in the morning or before bed, the most important thing is that the routine gets completed on a daily basis and becomes a part of your life.

Shift work is not easy and makes the whole process a lot harder. Be kind with yourself and adjust your routine that it can be a win. One thing that I did as well, is that I actually did the "morning" routine while on shift. Who says that you can't do your morning routine at 2 am?

The routine should serve and inspire you, if it starts to become a burden then it is time to build your routine in such a way that it becomes a WIN no matter what.

Paul David

Gold Contributor
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Feb 17, 2015
I've been thinking a lot lately on how my time is spent. Everyone from the people who have nothing to the Billionaires of the world get exactly 24 hours each day. The important part is how you spend it.

I have realised however that willpower isn't there 24 hours a day and diminishes as the day goes on. Therefore from my experience it's better to get the most important things done as early as possible in the day.

My morning routine used to be, wake up 7.30-7.45am, quick check of email, sky news, sports websites, twitter etc. Give kids breakfast, iron school clothes, then generally hang around whilst waiting for them to get ready for 8.35am when we leave for school. Then after the school run i'd come home and do 45-60 mins of exercise (run, insanity etc). My working day then starts around 10.15am-10.30am.

The problem with this routine was, firstly checking email/social media sites etc affects my mood for the morning. I could have seen an email about work that annoyed me, or something on social media or the news. Secondly i'd again spend time looking at these things whilst waiting until 8.35am when we left the house. Thirdly sometimes i'd talk myself out of doing the exercise during the school run and fourth when i did do it the morning was nearly over by the time i'm actually starting any work on my business. In no time at all it's then lunch time.

Now i get up at 6.45am-7.00am. Straight up from the alarm (no snoozing). No looking at my phone. The night before i have my gym stuff ready and everything prepared for my exercise routine. 7.45am-8.00am shower and get kids ready as above. By the time we leave the house at 8.35am, i'm refreshed, i've done my exercise and i'm fully awake and ready for the day.

Then when i get home at 9am i do the most important task on my business. ie anything that directly leads to financial growth for the business. 12.30pm lunch time.

So at 12.30pm every day i've done (in my opinion) the two most important tasks of the day. I've contributed to my health and also to my financial status. The afternoon then can be free to spend on normal tasks that every business owner has that need doing but aren't urgent or important.


In Progress
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Sep 24, 2016
Its been a life changer for me.

It sets you "straight" if you wake up feeling like sh*t.

Heres mine:

-40 pushups - to wake myself up
-weigh in - and put it into an excel - keeping and staying on track
-take front, side and back pictures of my body - keeping and staying on track
-review my goals
-take a look at my schedule for the whole day

Miracle Morning is a great book to help you with your morning routine.

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