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    "Fastlane" is an entrepreneur discussion forum based on The Unscripted Entrepreneurial Framework (TUNEF) outlined in the two best-selling books by MJ DeMarco (The Millionaire Fastlane and UNSCRIPTED™). From multimillionaires to digital nomads, the forum features real entrepreneurs creating real businesses.

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New Contributor
May 21, 2019
I just finished the book. Very eye-opening. And true when I think about it. To summarize it to people I pretty much tell them that the sidewalk is for money-wasters who want to be rich, including those with high incomes; the slow lane is money savers; and the fast lane is a business owner who will retire within 5 years.

Over the past few years I've been buying rental properties. I have 8 which should cashflow around $300 each, but due to all the tenant problems and city taxes, etc., I barely break even.

This book made me realize that the smartphone app I thought of 5 years ago still doesn't exist (on a mass scale, if at all) and that it isn't my idea that's worth a $million, it's the implementation. At this point I bought 3 app books. I'm going to read them first and go from there. I might learn to code myself.


New Contributor
May 13, 2019
Just finished reading it. Perfect activity for being on bed rest! MJ really broke down the concepts to clear and easily digestible pieces. Not gonna wait any longer to get to implementing.

Thank you for writing this book!

MJ DeMarco

Raving Lunatic
Staff member
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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jul 23, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
For example, if you buy an audio system that costs $4,000 and you make $10 per hour, what’s the real price? What is the weight of the poop? That price is 400 hours of your free time, since you must work 400 hours X $10 per hour to repay the debt. Add 10% interest and your final cost stacks up to 440 hours of your free time added to your weight burden.
Yup, debt = Theft of free time.

Love the books and can not recommend them more highly.
Thank you!

Hands down the best book on finance/entrepreneurship I have ever read
Yes, nice to hear it!

I loved them both and have recommended them to my 3 sons (2 have read TMF and 1 has started UNSCRIPTED) and to an number of friends and clients.
Thank you for the recommendations!

MJ and bought extra versions of it for my closest friends
Thank you for the recommendations!

What stuck with me most was an idea that I hadn't been able to put into words until I read the book. Yes, entrepreneurship is risky, but the "safe" option (what the book calls the "Slowlane") is risky too! I was laid off during the financial crisis, and watched as that crisis and the Bernie Madoff scandal wiped out the fortunes of so many people who did the right things and played by all the rules. I've never been able to shake that feeling that the safe option isn't so safe.
So true, life has risk. I much rather take pockets of risk, than a risk that encompasses decades.

MJ this book is really a masterpiece, I bought the book 3 years ago or so and read it. The knowledge didn't really stick or resonate, now every word does.

I’ve read so many books on entrepreneurship and this by far is number one. Production is almost never discussed neither is going in business with the intent to serving others with valuable products and services. This came at the perfect time for me in my life. Thank you for creating such a powerful resource for a solid kick in the rear end.
You're welcome. Production > consumption yields consumption without debt.

Listened to the audio book during my last 2 week vacation in April and thought it was the best book on Entrepreneurship but I was wrong. UNSCRIPTED is even better!
Thanks, I like to think so!

I've read both, multiple times, while in some of the lowliest and most vile hell holes of the New Jersey state prison system.
Wow, was it in the prison library? Or you bought it?

Not sure which I like more, TMF or Unscripted, but it's not a competition to be honest. They're both great.

For example, how many people have read the book without purchasing (borrowing/library) and used some of his other products?
What other products? Outside of an INSIDER subscription for people who want to view the forum ad-free, I have NO OTHER products. I write for a living now. If I wanted to make money, the last thing I would do would be spending (wasting) my time at a forum 7 days a week. There's much better money not writing and not running a forum. But this is my passion project.

I can't help but feel as if this is another story where someone "got in during the dotcom boom"
Wuh? I sold my company (the 2nd time) in late 2007, 8 years after "the dot com boom" -- really tired of the narrative that I somehow got lucky in the late 90's when that sale did very little for me in terms of wealth (by the time it was all said and done).

@MJ DeMarco - Have you thought maybe about writing a third, short book expanding on those chapters just on business advice like that? They're really helpful and tbh I just want more of it.
The next book in the Unscripted series will be short digestible pieces of advice. A common theme I hear from readers is "everytime I read it I get something new" -- that book will help.


New Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Apr 9, 2019
I just finished the book and started reading Unscripted. Awesome books!

Told 2 of my friends that followed the guy with 2 dads about the book and started reading TMF, and can't put it down!


Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jul 24, 2018
The next book in the Unscripted series will be short digestible pieces of advice. A common theme I hear from readers is "everytime I read it I get something new" -- that book will help.
I read Unscripted before TMF. I should give it another read now that my mind is more attuned.

Thanks again for the books, MJ. You is a good person.


New Contributor
Jul 25, 2014
Bit late maybe, but already read the book 2x in the last 3 years. Going for a third time soon! Great book, MJ! Just got Unscripted aswell on the Kindle!


New Contributor
Apr 29, 2019
Hi MJ,

It is definitely great what you've accomplished as you describe in your stories, and I mentioned my "critical" comments with respect of what you seem to have done. As someone who tries not to believe everything he reads or hears, I say "seem" because the only thing I can "witness" is the incredibly valuable forum you've created, and your stories in your books. But for the most part I take your word for the things you've mentioned (in terms of wealth, mission, desire to help share your story in a way to help people become successful, etc...).

@mindsetferg For example, how many people have read the book without purchasing (borrowing/library) and used some of his other products?

What other products? Outside of an INSIDER subscription for people who want to view the forum ad-free, I have NO OTHER products. I write for a living now. If I wanted to make money, the last thing I would do would be spending (wasting) my time at a forum 7 days a week. There's much better money not writing and not running a forum. But this is my passion project.
I was specifically addressing your Q&A where you wrote "Most of my net worth (over 90%) comes from activities not related to authorship (Kindle, Loc 7972)."

Even if 90% of your wealth did come from activities from the forums, my statement was regarding how much the book CONTRIBUTES to the success of your other activities.

To use an analogy:

You mentioned the razor business models of selling low margin products initially, but then high margin "replacement razor heads" parts. But in order to ever have those "razor head" sales, you need to sell the razor itself. Although most of the profit comes from the razor sales (your website), the initial low margin "razor" (your book) contributes to the overall sales.

So although "authorship activities" does not seem to contribute a high amount directly to your overall net worth, I wondered how much it contributes indirectly. (hypothetical questions ahead) Are people who purchase and read your book more likely to pay for activities that grow your forum? How many people find free versions (libraries, borrowing, bootlegging, etc...) of your book (thus take away from your authorship revenue) and end up buying memberships?

Again, this is more about understanding the indirect causes of how your authorship success (totally grateful you wrote them!) contributes to your overall net worth with reference to that Q&A section. And my personal "hypothesis" is that your books have contributed, at least indirectly, to greater than 90% to your overall net worth.


@mindsetferg I can't help but feel as if this is another story where someone "got in during the dotcom boom"
Wuh? I sold my company (the 2nd time) in late 2007, 8 years after "the dot com boom" -- really tired of the narrative that I somehow got lucky in the late 90's when that sale did very little for me in terms of wealth (by the time it was all said and done).
Right on, I know you addressed this concept of getting tired of people calling you lucky. I didn't mean it that way, although I would say all success has some element of luck to it as well. I'm sure most people reading your forum know about Warren Buffett's story about luck and how he was born in a time and place where he didn't need to get chased by lions (because he wouldn't survive). Or the ideas in "Outliers" which I don't agree with about being born at a certain time, and having the right skills at the right time (although there may be a some truth to it).

I felt your story had some common ties with many of those who made their money through the internet, who now share their stories to help others.

But take for example the "Internet Money" programs on Nightingale Conant. Take into consideration the people who are building courses around "making money online, and internet secrets" who often base their "secrets" on major concepts developed up through the dot-com boom, and finally shared between '05-'10 (when I believe the methods started slowing down, because why else would people share their "secrets?"). Even Tony Robbins Money Masters program interviews mostly successful people who made most of their money "in that era." And I believe Robbins has all positive intentions to help people.

I think the methods and tactics just don't work the same today. For every one "SEO discoverable" article published before 2005, there are 1,000,000 (arbitrary number) videos, articles, photos, and websites, if not more published today. I totally understand you are focused on a single business now, and it is your passion.

So yes, the boom was around 2000, and many people either flopped or pivoted and flourished. But the ideas that continued to flourish seemed to carry through to 2005-2010 when you see most of the "internet secrets" concepts published including "money making websites" "writing what sells" "newsletter email lists" etc... And I assume most of the ones who are still financially free from the "internet boom" prior to 2005, and who did not completely flop, have either "pivoted" or are living comfortably on their hard earned money.

Ultimately, I am not saying you were "only lucky", although I disagree with believing that a little bit of luck is somehow a bad thing (but I get how internet critics can become annoying). There was smarts and hard work that went into it. But again, the story about building a limousine "website," that struggled through the 2000's (and fortunately you pivoted and came out a winner), seems to have a lot in common with other sources.

But ultimately, this is just my interpretation of historical events (not first hand), with a heavy case of "Tekel Syndrome." I'm sure it would be more worthwhile to ask you questions, instead of sharing my potentially wrong historical interpretation. Just wanted to share all of this for the purpose of letting you know I'm not coming "at you" as a critic, but more of a "cautious skeptic," because there is a lot of information around to think twice about.

I know you make a huge effort to be different than "internet marketing gurus," (because I have spent a lot of resources learning about a lot of them) and I definitely believe you are adding MUCH MORE VALUE than most. I can see that your forum is one of the top resources for entrepreneurs from what I've searched - better than most of the rehashed articles/listicles on Entrepreneur, Inc, Success Magazine, Techcrunch, combined. And this contributes to innovation on a massive scale (when applied appropriately by the people viewing your forum).

Lex Love

May 21, 2019
I have read the book. Currently engrossed in UNSCRIPTED.

The more I read these books the more I find myself subject to an unexpected sensation: conviction, leading to repentance.

Forgive the religious-sounding phraseology but that is the closest way I can articulate my feelings. I recognize my "sins" in how I have thought about wealth and freedom and want to "repent" from them. Not what I was expecting when I opened up a book about entrepreneurialism. And not an easy task to accomplish as an author.


May 26, 2019
I've read the book more than two years ago but didn't have a time to apply any of the principles (excuse, I know)...what I like is that author is very straight forward in explaining on how the things work today and on how we should think in order to step out from the crowd regardless of the current level.
I'll have to repeat some chapters, no doubt, and start my journey.


May 27, 2019
I finished reading the book in 3 days time.
Actually, prior to reading this book I was suffering from severe depression because I had massive failures in my life.
I am from India so I might mention a few terms that might seem "new" to you.
The education system here is like this:
Kindergarten > Class 1-10 (Board Examinations at Class 10 to graduate) > Class 11-12(Science/Arts/Commerce stream)> Collge(3-4 years) >Higher studies(Optional)
Since I was in Class 8, I was interested in CryptoCurrency and the route it will take in the future to affect the world economy.
I learned about Bitcoins and tried to look for various ways to earn them. There was this forum called where you would put signatures under your post to advertise specific websites. At the end of each week, they would pay you a certain amount of money for doing so.
Since my parents are living in the past and India was still not Digitalized yet, they refused to give me any money to invest in Bitcoins online. I didn't have a credit card/Bank account to work with either. These things demotivated me from continuing further.
After Class 12, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed. I was bemused and depressed for not investing in Bitcoin or any Altcoin.
To enroll in an esteemed college, we have to prepare for IITJEE(Entrance Exam for Engineering). I didn't like Chemistry. To get admitted into the best CSE(Computer Science and Engineering) branch of a college, you need to be good at Math, Physics and Chemistry (not Computer, they didn't have Computer Science as a subject in the Exam). I got into one of the top 5 colleges of my state (but couldn't make it to one of the best in the country) and that made my depression worse. The average package offered by my college was 5000-7000$ per annum. I hailed from a middle-class family and it was drilled into my brain that only doctors and engineers make a decent living in the country. I knew I didn't learn anything from college. The teachers came and read everything from a PDF file they provided to us. It was like listening to an audiobook without any explanations. They taught the wrong information about coding at times. I bunked college for months. I knew I had no future ahead. I started learning to code. In 4 months, I learned Java, C++, a little bit of C and Python.
However, because I was absent for months, I got a year back at college. I got rebuked by my parents and teachers. My computer teacher told my parents that students like me don't go anywhere in life. That I was a failure and they should hand me small business instead of letting me continue college. My depression was at its peak. Suicidal thoughts came across my mind. It was then that I started reading about Entrepreneurship and owning your own business. I was simply looking for escapism because I didn't want to accept what my teacher told me.
I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and it motivated me. I was amazed by his way of looking at money. Then I started watching Dan Lok videos on YouTube. I read the book Money Master the Game. It was an amazing book as well. However, I still lacked the proper mindset to start and I didn't know what exactly to do now.
A few weeks later, my friend recommended me this book and told me to make it my first priority to read it. I did that. On reading up to 50 pages, I was bought. The way MJ explained everything from Slowlane mindset to Sidewalk mindset to the importance of time and how money can bring a revolution to life, really lit a fire in me. Now I know what things to do and how to achieve them. I didn't value the importance of time. I was lazy.
Thanks to the author to make me realize that. You are amazing. I promise that I will put your knowledge to good use.


May 28, 2019
Now that there are over 250,000 copies out there in the wild, multiple language translations, etc. this is the thread to let me know that you've read The Millionaire Fastlane.

If you read the book, post here and you will get an icon under your screenname and additional forum privileges. (Private forum, more PM storage, etc.)

Feel free to post your comments about the book as well!

Thanks, MJ
Read the book!!!! Twice, once in 2017 and once just now (on audible while doing basic maths on excel for my corporate day job : )


New Contributor
Mar 13, 2019
I'm reading (or rather listening to via Audible) The Millionaire Fastlane a second time. Along with Unscripted, these are by far my two favorite books in my Audible library, and I always get back to them when I find myself getting stuck in the slowlane mindset again. Thank you for your hard work and your eye opening books, they gave me an new perspective on things and I'm going to switch the lanes to a better destination as soon as possible.

Maybe it's also worth mentioning that your Youtube channel and all the short videos are great too, it would be great to see you upload again.

Greetings from Germany!


Jan 29, 2019
Read this book last december and started my fastlane journey. There hasn't been a day that I regret the decisions that I've made after reading this book. Thanks MJ.


Nov 2, 2018
Just finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted after a hospital stay, and I gotta say, great books! I felt like MJ wrote these just for me. Long story short, I grew up in a family that seemed to value higher education more than money. My paternal grandfather was a college president and grandmother was a professor. My maternal grandfather was a "worker bee", with my grandmother being the only entrepreneur /biz owner in the family. Grandma was financially successful, but with NO time freedom. These were Black people born before or during the Great Depression, so education was seen as something that "couldn't be taken away". It was also key to their social climbing.

At the age of 5, I had 2 near death experiences and spent several months in the hospital. While I was there, my "roommate" died of leukemia. I learned very early that you never know how long you get. But I was raised by people that BELIEVED in the slowlane...get more degrees, then you will be able to get a JOB that pays you more! Work hard and you can retire in semi-luxury when you're old like us! I couldn't understand why that never sat well with me, but it didn't. Who wants to wait until they are 60? What if I don't even live that long? I refused to buy into it, but if not that path, then which? I didn't want to WORK my life away, so now what? You all know all the advice/books/media out there, saying pretty much the same things designed to keep you following "the Script". Read lots of it, and none is worth mentioning. TMF answered now what, and Unscripted answered how. I'm in love! I'm making my kids, 13 and 15, read these books AND discuss them with me this summer. It's on, baby!

Thanks, MJ! Thanks for being counter-culture and loud about it!


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