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  1. MitchM

    The ultimate Review Outreach thread!

    If you sell anything, you know that reviews make a huge difference. Especially on Amazon. Nowadays, getting people to leave feedback seems to be getting harder - so I wanted to start this thread for people to share their approach, learn, and grow. I'll give some of my own input and advice...

    Does anyone know Lauren Tickner and her Impact School program?

    Hey folks! I'm just curious if anyone knows her or if anyone is a student of hers because I'm thinking about enrolling in her program. that's her insta Lauren Tickner • Million Dollar Systems For Coaching Programs (@laurentickner) • Instagram photos and videos
  3. Andreas Thiel

    Are Ramit Sethi's Courses Legit?

    I can write a bit about Ramit Sethi, specifically the Zero To Launch course. I do think he it firmly legit. Yes, he makes his money telling people how to get rich, but he covers topics that he is familiar with and doesn't preach one thing while doing something else. I liked the concepts from the...
  4. IceCreamKid

    Josh Braun: The Badass B2B Growth Guide, Worth It?

    I wouldn't recommend 99% of guru courses out there because they're either outdated, outrageously overpriced, or provide trash quality info which sound good in theory but doesn't work in reality. With that said, there's one that I recommend: Josh Braun - The Badass B2B Growth Guide - Price...
  5. Lex DeVille

    Ash Ambirge,, Reviews

    Ash Ambirge - - Price: $300 - $999 Ash has a really interesting perspective on business and marketing that takes a branding-first approach. It works well for her, and she's shared some brilliant insights over the years. I've bought a bunch of her products and they were...
  6. Lex DeVille

    Mike Bundrant - (Reviews and Discussion)

    Mike Bundrant - - Price: $300 - $500 I enrolled in his NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs in 2015. I'd already studied NLP since around 2007, but it never fully clicked until I went through these programs. Afterward, I was able to leverage the NLP Communication...
  7. Lex DeVille

    Yechezkel Madanes - School of Enneagram (Reviews and Discussion)

    Yechezkel Madanes - School of Enneagram - Price: Around $1,000 I enrolled in their Enneagram Coach Certification program. The course could probably have been presented better, but the content was awesome. Madanes' take on the Enneagram was different from other perspectives I'd read about up...
  8. Lex DeVille

    Bastian Ernst - Relationship Funnels, Review and Discussion

    Bastian Ernst - Relationship Funnels - Price: Around $500. I think it's only around $100 now. I found Bastian through a Google search that targeted my exact search term with his unique funnel approach. It pulled me in and I bought same day. The course taught me how to use ActiveCampaign for...
  9. Lex DeVille Project 24, Reviews and Discussion

    GURUS - Project 24 - Price: $300 then $249/yr, but today it's $449 then $249/yr They teach a bunch of stuff mostly centered around turning blogs into businesses. I found their blog and YouTube training helpful at least for having the ability to quickly rank new sites on Google. They...
  10. Lex DeVille

    John Fealy, (Reviews and Discussion)

    John Fealy - - Price: Around $1,000 or $1,500 can't remember. Provides a full shed-building business system. Although I didn't follow through on this one, the training and support were excellent. The course is well-made. John offered private support. The instructions for...
  11. BaiAnrui

    Mike Winnet, Entrepreneur and AntiGuru YouTuber

    Mark Winnet has a very funny Youtube channel about çontreprenuers'. Don't know if i it is any help for this topic, but i will post it anyway ;)
  12. mikecarlooch

    Noah Kagan (Videos, Courses, More)

    The latest course I took was Noah Kagan's Monthly 1k Course The cost of it is $100 I purchased it because I love Noah's stance on product validation and keeping everything simple, and wanted to learn more. The thing that made this a no brainer for me was, after watching a few of Noah's...
  13. MTF

    Stretching and My Experience With Ultimate Human Performance by Joe Hippensteel

    Over 3 weeks ago I started following an extensive stretching routine that I do daily. So far I've spent over 20 hours stretching, with the longest session taking almost two hours. Joe Hippenstel, the creator of the program, says that it may take up to 100 hours (or more) to reach all the...
  14. MTF

    Free Marketing Materials from Alex Hormozi... Legit?

    Free solid course on how to create offers: The guy offers all content for free because he's already made nine figures and only works with bigger businesses to scale them further so no BS "act now" offers hiding at the end.
  15. MJ DeMarco

    I've Read The Great Rat-Race Escape!

    GOLD! HOT! 
    If you read THE GREAT RAT RACE ESCAPE, please post here! I'm happy to announce that my next full length book (444 pages, 16 hours Audible) is now available with a release date of Tuesday June 29th, 2021. - Audible Audiobook - Amazon Paperback - Amazon Kindle - Google Play - Kobo - Apple -...
  16. W

    Buyer Experiences at Empire Flippers

    I have been consuming Empire Flippers' content for awhile, but it just dawned on me that they're a marketplace and not a broker company. I was excited to use their services because they appear to do more in depth vetting of sellers, but then I learned there's no exclusive due diligence period...
  17. H

    Kajabi or Teachable?

    Creating my online course and looking for a platform. Teachable is so much cheaper than Kajabi, does anyone have experience with both can help me to tell me the difference?
  18. zafseo

    SurgeCall Pay per Call network Reviews?

    Does Any one Know about surgecall ppcall network? Need Reviews
  19. Galaxy16

    Ramit Sethi - "I TEACH YOU TO BE RICH" - how legitimate?

    I found a book called I TEACH YOU TO BE RICH. Is that another Dave Ramsey replica or legitimate? The Amazon book preview mentions some truth about diet: Discipline, no magic pill.
  20. MJ DeMarco

    Best tool/software for creating animations?

    Does anyone have an animation tools or software they'd like to recommend? I'm looking for something that can do the quality of Prager U. PragerU | Short Videos. Big Ideas. Some of the more popular ones: Create Animated Videos for your Business | Presentation...