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mj demarco

  1. Amerstain

    How to narrow down which business you want to get into?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and i do jot know how stuff really works, so i will get right into it. Im 20 years old, fully by myself and no support from my parents. I have a buffer of a couple of months before i have to work in order to live. I have been trying to get some clarity on business...
  2. VijayKChary

    Paving a way for the kiddos

    Good day folks! First and foremost, a big thank you to @MJ for writing these books and for creating this platform for like-minded individuals to come together. It's an earnest attempt from him to help those who are willing to help themselves out of the rat race and I am sure it must have...
  3. Kareem Hassan

    Aspiring Teenager From EGYPT

    I'm still in High School, A Topic like Entrepreneurship is a forbidden topic to talk about in the middle eastern society let alone the Egyptian society, I'm sure Egyptians here can relate.. I've Read through UNSCRIPTED and it amazes me how this debunked almost every single other "get rich"...
  4. Silvalion

    how to become an entrepreneur

    hello entrepreneur friends my name is Silva I live in Germany and I'm 35. I always thought I just have to play by the rules and I'll have a good life in this system. but I was unhappy every day because I kept asking myself "It can't be that I have to work for someone all my life for starvation...
  5. K

    New York City Slowlaner here

    So this is the first time I’ve ever been apart of ANY forum, so here goes nothing. I just finished reading the millionaire fast lane and I’ve and now want to change my life forever. Just a little background about myself . I am a 30 year old male, single, no kids, living alone in a two bedroom...
  6. T

    A Specialized Skill or Rat Race Job Proxy?

    I watched MJ Demarco's YouTube video about how to go from flat-broke to filthy rich. I've got the foundational job and I am learning a specialized skill, generating leads for businesses using Facebook Ads, qualifying them and live transferring via phone to the client . Facebook recently shut...
  7. A

    Advice me on my Fastlane journey

    My journey ---> Hello, I am Amir. A few months ago I decided to quit my job, at that time I hadn't heard of MJ Demarco and I hadn't read his books, but I had read other books and I knew that the path I was on the path to work to get paid was wrong, so I launched an online course and quit my job...
  8. J


    Good evening everyone! It is a pleasure and privilege to meet me in this forum with you! My name is Jonathan Ngoy, 19, I am a student passionate about entrepreneurship and financial independence although I have not yet started my business. After reading the book not to the script that had been...
  9. N

    Depressed, Struggling, Recovering from Burnout from ages.

    Hi ! Everyone. Great respect to sir MJ Demarco I'm Navjot from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Firstly, I can't tell you all how much courage I have gathered to write this. Me - I was Born in India in a lower class, dad died at the age of 5. All he left was debt from bank on us (me, mother and...
  10. Nate_34

    Started my first LLC - From play-faking to taking action.

    I've spent the past year dreaming of a Fastlane and taking small steps towards making it happen. I read Millionaire Fastlane, then listened to MJ's other two books on Audible. I've spent the past 6 months listening to books on tape during my commute each day to work. It's been primarily a mix...
  11. MaxT

    If you had to summarize what you learned and/or what struck you in MJ's books

    I thought this could make an interesting topic that would be useful for everyone, for people who are new to The milionaire fastlane or those who have already read everything. So my question is the same as in the title: If you had to summarize what you learned and/or what struck you in MJ's...
  12. rktheking99

    The journey to entrepreneurship started!

    Every journey starts with one decision, one step and in my life it's quitting the college. There are some specific reasons for that and I found freedom through this. This seems hilarious for others, but coming from a middle class family, being a 20-year-old, it's quite hard to convince family...
  13. _firelxrd

    Does appearance truly matter in the world of entrepreneurship?

    Well I've been thinking of this all day and I was aching to ask you guys what you think about it... :bulb: I'm 17 years old so I guess I'm still in that phase of "fitting" in and stuff like that, but I've learned to mostly get away from that space. You could still say that I have this "edgy"...
  14. X

    Any advice is much appreciated!!

    I am desparate in need for an advice on where to start and I am open to any criticism if my mindset is wrong. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestion that can be put into an action. I would love to hear from anyone with insights or anyone in aviation industry that have succeeded in...
  15. Andres1004

    I need advice

    Hi everyone at the forum, my name is Andres Rodriguez and since a few days I am here at the forum. I am writing this message because I need an advice. I have 17 years old, and as I explain in my presentation to the forum I am seeking to become an entrepreneur, but even though I am completely...
  16. harlansjobs

    Dedicated to MJ Demarco

    If this is not the right spot for the video please excuse me. I have basically only responded to the posts of others. Only a few original posts. The author of this video James Jani, has dedicated it to MJ Demarco. You can even see MJ's books in the background. What makes Bezos, Musk...
  17. T

    Lifestyle servitude as discussed in ''The Millionaire Fastlane''

    Hello fastlaners, I am a young lad in my early twenties who's just about to enter the sphere of financial independence. After reading the book ''The Millionnaire Fastlane" I have to say it is a very good book, well done MJ DeMarco. However I have a question related to the chapter that talks...
  18. M

    Fastlane thru Unscripted life to escape the Rat race. At least I hope so!

    Hey everyone, This is my first post here. 1st of all would like to thank you MJ DeMarco for your wonderful books have read 2 so far a fastlane and Unscripted. Very high value and an eye opener. Time to change my life. My current situation is I am married have 2 children mortgage and a middle...
  19. E

    Introduction, how I started the journey and hurdles to take

    Introducing myself, I am Ed Schimmel, working as a software developer for over 25 years. Besides software development, I have a great affinity with graphic design and making art, in the form of paintings and prints. I have always been open to starting something for myself, as a software...
  20. MJ DeMarco

    Central Hub: Podcast Interviews with MJ DeMarco

    I've probably done 100s of interviews over the years, but the sad fact is I never really post them here. I will start to do so in this thread so there can be ONE CENTRAL location for all of them, so if anyone wants to binge watch a bunch of Fastlane content, they can do it all from here...

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