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mj demarco

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  1. João Luz

    Is "solution selling" a wrong way to find Needs?

    I am reading unscripted and MJ writes: "Don’t have time for domain experience? Then ask the people who do. Every so often, a drive-by user posts this generic question at my forum: “What do you guys need help with most in your business?” The question is perturbing because my forum entrepreneurs...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    FEATURED! Introducing... WEALTH EXPO$ED, A Short Story By MJ DeMarco

    Finally! I just launched a short story on Kindle (FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited)! After several weeks of modifications, I put my short-story up on Kindle. You might be familiar with it -- it is the heavily modified (and extended) version of the argument I overheard as a limousine driver...
  3. blueyedgibson

    Urgent! Don’t get sued because of your website..

    A recent lawsuit prompted me to write this post to protect other forum members. Websites need to be ADA complaint to accommodate visually impaired users. Please make sure your website complies with the appropriate regulations to avoid being sued.
  4. Rivoli

    OFF-TOPIC Does MJ have an Instagram?

    I’m worried the guy I’m following is an imposter lol
  5. thegreatestlinda

    INTRO Hello, I am a future millionaire.

    Hello everyone, My name is Linda, and I am a 17 years old student from South Korea. I am currently in 12th grade and I will be graduating from a high school in the U.S. in five months! (Yay!) I would like to tell you guys why I decided to join this forum. About two weeks ago, I traveled to...
  6. G

    INTRO Thanks to be here.

    This book millionaire fastlane has really changed my way of thinking and how I see things. Thank you author of millionaire fastlane book. Thanks again once more
  7. River McTasney

    What Catches Your Attention?? MJ said he would answer it on the forum.

    I ask, "What catches your attention?" The reason I ask is because I study a lot of neuromarketing and subconscious influence. I wanted the general question to be answered by the first thing that came to mind. Maybe I should ask, "What do you think catches your attention?" I originally...
  8. Mwila Chimutete

    INTRO I have been struggling with the online business model for 4years

    Hi ,my name is mwila..I have been struggling to make sales when I start any online business with paid traffic at first and with free organic traffic. I have been struggling with this since 2016 no breakthrough. It's time I get some form of mentorship that will take me to another level so that I...
  9. Alfiero

    INTRO Trying to post intro thread and getting an error

    Hello everyone! I tried posting my intro and have kept getting an error, the error says, Oops! We ran into some problems. Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console. I managed to get half the post out but it's cut off and when I...
  10. MJ DeMarco

    The #1 Book You Need to Read If You Want to Retire Early

    Wow, TMF got a mainstream mention on a mainstream financial news website. I'm shocked!
  11. Max Shapira

    RANT The Personal Development SCAM

    The Personal Development SCAM Fair Warning! This message may be a little long. But you have my promise it will be well worth your time. For some of you, this message is really going to clean your clock! For some of you, it will open your eyes. And you will be FREE! Maybe for the first time in...
  12. Aryan Sharma

    Why You Should Go Beyond Theoretical Big Talk??

    There Are Millions Of Way You Can Show Yourself As An Expert In Any Field But This Sweet Talk Won`t Lead You Anywhere You`ll Become One Of Those Instagram Celebrities With Fake Talk The Only Way You Can Go To The Next Level After Reading Unscripted Is Going Out And Take Experiences And Try...
  13. bingnanxu

    A Failure | That you can LEARN From | Real Estate Wholesaling

    Hello, So here is one of my many failure you can learn from just couple month ago, I've decided to jump in to the real estate wholesaling business. Why? Because making 5k - 20k on a deal by just fliping contract is just too EZ(well, i thought...) So, watch loads of Youtube video, seeing...
  14. good rebel

    INTRO how much can you change in 3 months

    pardon on my english first of all i am writing this to thank mj for writing unscripted which opened my eyes to a new prespective hello guys i am an 18 yr boy from India this was my last day of school and i have 3 months of vacation aka free time and i want to change my life for good all of...
  15. B

    INTRO A New Paradigm

    It was the summer of 2014 at the SIB Library in NYC that I stumbled upon the “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ Demarco as I was skimming through the Business section. My first reaction was that it may be another one of those financial books that advocated cut throat expense cutting, maximizing...
  16. Y

    Consumer/Producer equation?

    In "Fastlane" the book, p.287 (regarding "trust and verify"): There is only one person you can blindly trust in this world, and that is YOU. Why so cynical? If you don’t understand now, you will later. When you serve millions, you come in contact with millions. Only then will you understand the...
  17. vinniemcdinnie

    INTRO Aloha! New to the scene!

    Hey, my name is Vince McDonnell and I am a 19 year old entrepreneur. I had a bit of an FTE back in college last year. During the day I would go to school, work, and come back to work on my ideas. Once I started actually executing on the business I wanted to start, I realized how much more I was...
  18. D

    INTRO Community Introduction

    Hi, Am Duncan and also a young internet entrepreneur. Am I welcomed? Thanks Mj for this wonderful forum you've made.
  19. Max Shapira

    INTRO Max Shapira - Israel

    I'm so thankful for The Millionaire Fastlane and the UNSCRIPTED. From my bunch of books, if I needed to pick only 5 (even though I haven't read 80% of them), MJ's two books would start the list, hands down. Here is my story... A year ago I've decided to switch lanes and drive the Fastlane. I...
  20. Max Shapira

    Income & Expense Tracking - Worksheet!

    Hi, I'd like to share with you a powerful tool of mine which will assist you to track your income and expense effectively and stick to a budget. This excel sheet can work in every nation, you just need to adjust the currency correspondingly. When you open the worksheet for the first time...

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