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mj demarco

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  1. harlansjobs

    MINDSET Dedicated to MJ Demarco

    If this is not the right spot for the video please excuse me. I have basically only responded to the posts of others. Only a few original posts. The author of this video James Jani, has dedicated it to MJ Demarco. You can even see MJ's books in the background. What makes Bezos, Musk...
  2. T

    Lifestyle servitude as discussed in ''The Millionaire Fastlane''

    Hello fastlaners, I am a young lad in my early twenties who's just about to enter the sphere of financial independence. After reading the book ''The Millionnaire Fastlane" I have to say it is a very good book, well done MJ DeMarco. However I have a question related to the chapter that talks...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    MINDSET Central Hub: Podcast Interviews with MJ DeMarco

    I've probably done 100s of interviews over the years, but the sad fact is I never really post them here. I will start to do so in this thread so there can be ONE CENTRAL location for all of them, so if anyone wants to binge watch a bunch of Fastlane content, they can do it all from here...
  4. Aryan2193

    INTRO Hello

    I am a 20-year-old, aspiring entrepreneur in India. Having read Millionaire Fastlane and UnScripted, which are undoubtedly, the best books on entrepreneurship and providing value (Thank you MJ Demarco), I am now starting a journey to become an UNSCRIPTED entrepreneur. I know the journey will...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    GOLD! MINDSET Why success and "living Unscripted" is like winning a rigged carnival game...

    As I got settled into my new home and caught up on email, I was happy to see dozens of emails from readers and fans. None of this mail was "hate mail" but a lot of messages of thanks and status reports of progress. Great right? Sure, except my brain wasn't happy about it. You see, it was...
  6. A

    INTRO Despite all my rage... I am still just a Rat in a Cage

    I'm reading unscripted - the great rat race escape. It's so good.. I got goosebumps on my walk and thought to myself.. Even if I was a billionaire.. Discovering a book I love and walking in the woods / nature is what I would be doing this moment, there is nothing id rather be doing. That’s...
  7. C

    INTRO Hola! Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! I'm very glad to be part of the group. I'm Colombian, recently read TMF and completely changed my perspective. I did not realize all my education was leading me through the slowlane. I'm grateful to having found @MJ DeMarco book and getting a new perspective. I'm currently...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    GOLD! I've Read The Great Rat-Race Escape !

    If you read THE GREAT RAT RACE ESCAPE, please post here! I'm happy to announce that my next full length book (444 pages, 16 hours Audible) is now available with a release date of Tuesday June 29th, 2021. - Audible Audiobook - Amazon Paperback - Amazon Kindle - Google Play - Kobo - Apple -...
  9. J

    INTRO I am

    Hello! Julius Aurelio it’s not my very name, but everyone can call me like this nickname. Sorry for my bad english. Im from Italy, but now live in Germany. Im subscribed here because i want to talk with people with ambitious, and with people that think and do. I 'work' online, with...
  10. MJ DeMarco

    HOT! MINDSET Introducing MJ's Personal Unscripted Network, Join Now for FREE!

    If you'd like to keep your Unscripted journey on track, please text me direct at the number above, or click my signature to subscribe. If you are in IDEA mode, text "IDEA" to the above number. If you are in LAUNCH/START mode, text "LAUNCH" to the above number. If you are in GROWTH/SCALE mode...
  11. Ara0Rz

    INTRO Introducing myself!! Newbie here

    Hello everyone!! I am so excited to be here, I just joined and want to introduce myself. (Still learning english btw) I am Ara, I am 15 who is currently in high school. I had heard about this book 'The Millionaire Fastlane' a couple of weeks ago on Instagram and I decided to give it a go, it...
  12. OneLifeOneChance

    INTRO The 19 year old that's gonna go from nothing to EVERYTHING

    Hello everyone! Thank you for letting me join this forum! I am super excited about everything omg. I've just read The Millionaire Fastlane and WOWWW, this is one of those books that I know can change your life. I've only had one other book that has also changed my life that I'm currently...
  13. F


    Hello,, which is the best resource to learn marketing
  14. X

    INTRO Tax havens

    So what do you guys feel about tax havens should an established entrepreneur get into it or is it some kind of fraud?
  15. C

    EXECUTION Day 2 (failure...)

    Alright, let me explain... Remember when I said I would start going to bed early? well... When I got home from work last night I ate dinner and went straight to bed. That's when my girlfriend came inside the room and started putting the moves on me. I think you can piece together what happened...
  16. Vigilante

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Birthday MJ DeMarco

    I've been busy the past few months, and hopefully will get back here in short order. Just popped in today to give birthday best wishes to my friend, mentor and favorite author. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @MJ DeMarco For the lives you've changed, many wishes that this upcoming year finds you healthy...
  17. PratLey

    INTRO I am happy to be part of this community

    I will introduce myself I am PratLey. Currently in BBA degree. Soon I am going to graduated but I don't want to trap in rat race so I decided to learn programming languages and to start freelance. My future goal is to build startup in virtually reality , augmented reality field. Happy to hear...
  18. Mayor042

    WEB DESIGN How do I get started

    Good day everyone, I'm really glad I found this book the millionaire fastlane at my local shop and read it. It has really opened my eyes and changed my perspective of financial freedom, now i have ideas burning inside of me which I intend bringing out to life, ideas that I know will benefit...
  19. Hugo Del Portel

    INTRO Getting started

    Hey ! Hi to everyone ! I'm Hugo, 26 , born in Italy, raised in France, currently working in Spain. About my schooling, I've a Master in Industrial Engineering, curious and practical guy. So, a few line to introduce myself, I promise to be short. As far as I remember, I wanted to be an...
  20. kugrenyuk

    TheFastlaneForum App

    Been thinking about this, the Fastlane Forum really needs a mobile app. Would make the communications a lot more easier. Karolina :))
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