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mj demarco

  1. A


    Je suis Arthur ESSEGNON, Béninois. Je réside au Bénin, un pays francophone de l'Afrique de l'ouest. J'ai eu l'immense privilège de lire les deux tomes de "L'autoroute du millionnaire." Ça a été une sacrée révélation. Mon esprit a été éclairé, mes rêves ont repris vie et je me suis engagé à...
  2. B

    Monogamy in Software Development: One Product or One Field?

    In the “Make Execution Matter: 13 Best Practices” section of “Unscripted,” the concept of being “Faithfully Monogamous” raises an intriguing question for us software engineers. Does this mean we should commit to developing just one product, like a SaaS, or does it suggest a broader commitment to...
  3. A

    Bank credit = free money

    Months ago, I received the fastlane newsletter in my inbox. It was talking about something like « test drive the fastlane lifestyle » where mj explained why he got a bank credit to buy a house. It was like a no brainer for me, but I lost the mail. So I just wondered if someone can find it...
  4. Z

    I am 16 with nothing and Lost

    Realization I turned 16 about three months ago. I recently hopped on self improvement and self isolation because I realized these people I used to hang out with have no real future other than a corporate job getting B*tched by their boss for a measly 5k paycheque monthly if they behave well. So...
  5. J

    Fastlane Supercharger

    I'm Joseph, I recently graduated from university and I'm in the point where I can't figure out what next to do clearly, I have tried a few things which came to no fruition. Though at the moment I'm studying cybersecurity. The Millionaire Fastlane was referred by someone who I listened to and I...
  6. MJ DeMarco

    Unscripted, now available in hardback.

    By request, Unscripted is now available in hardback, right now exclusively available on Amazon. Have to wait a few weeks to get some inventory here for any signed copies. Signed copies...
  7. Sorrento

    A global live chat feature?

    So I'm a 17 year old, almost 18 in few months. Has a huge difficulty connecting with like minded individuals with fastlane attitude. Almost most of my age and even older dudes r either into doing drugs, smoking or doing dumb shit or too much studying. Their views towards money, life, and...
  8. B


    Hi I am 15 and i would like to learn more about mistakes that different people have made and vice versa I would like to help people by saying my mistakes.This way we can learn from each other together.
  9. Emperor7

    Just dropped out

    Hello guys, I am new here, 19yrs, I just dropped out of college just now, to focus on the business i am working on, I made $1500 last month, I am from Nigeria so you know it's a lot here, literally the average salary is $100 per month, I hate the corporate life, thinking of it makes me sick. I...
  10. J

    My first step to an entrepreneur

    Hi MJ Demarco I am a 16 year old student who is trying to be financially free and take over the driver's seat. This book has really changed my life as it really changed my mindset towards money. At first I thought true wealth was just fancy cars and designer clothes etc. Even though I was quite...
  11. B

    Eating cereal without milk causes canker sores!!

    Ben, 29 from the Middle East. Have you ever had the world hit you with a major epiphany? Something that is so universally powerful, that the universe just shoves it up your FACE and alerts you profusely to get out to the world what is holding you back? Gratitude is what we're talking about. I...
  12. A


    First of all thank you to who is reading This in Ur valuable time Can you suggest me some skills that pay me to make some new cash generating assests as a beginner ? I have only one assest but I m not doing 9 to 5 shitty job . I need to make some new assets like I want to start a restaurant on...
  13. Mashal 7

    What are Your Views On This?

    Hey @MJ DeMarco! Hope you are well. Just wanted to know your take on this video and if is it optimal advice for teens. Please also share how this resonates with your early days. View: About Me I'm a 16-year-old, based in a third-world country...
  14. King of kings

    Why is MJ's forum frightening this somewhat NEW 21 years old dude?

    Hello everyone! First, I'd like to say that I'm more than glad to be here. Like, I've been as happy as a kid they gave a very chilled Icecream—since I found myself in this awe-amazing, and frightening forum. Smiles. I don't know for others, who in some way, are still new here. But personally, I...
  15. Iamdebesht

    Hello everyone.

    Location: Watford, Hertfordshire, UK Time: Joining around 10 pm 17/02/2023 Age:16 Wagwan, I am an Indian teen who has very high academic expectations from his parents, I recently had to choose my A-level options and therefore had to get serious about what career path I wanted to go into and what...
  16. MJ DeMarco

    The Great Rat Race Escape, French Version Now Available

    Now Available!
  17. Amerstain

    How to narrow down which business you want to get into?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and i do jot know how stuff really works, so i will get right into it. Im 20 years old, fully by myself and no support from my parents. I have a buffer of a couple of months before i have to work in order to live. I have been trying to get some clarity on business...
  18. VijayKChary

    Paving a way for the kiddos

    Good day folks! First and foremost, a big thank you to @MJ for writing these books and for creating this platform for like-minded individuals to come together. It's an earnest attempt from him to help those who are willing to help themselves out of the rat race and I am sure it must have...
  19. Kareem Hassan

    Aspiring Teenager From EGYPT

    I'm still in High School, A Topic like Entrepreneurship is a forbidden topic to talk about in the middle eastern society let alone the Egyptian society, I'm sure Egyptians here can relate.. I've Read through UNSCRIPTED and it amazes me how this debunked almost every single other "get rich"...
  20. Silvalion

    how to become an entrepreneur

    hello entrepreneur friends my name is Silva I live in Germany and I'm 35. I always thought I just have to play by the rules and I'll have a good life in this system. but I was unhappy every day because I kept asking myself "It can't be that I have to work for someone all my life for starvation...