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  1. S

    Question: Millionaire Fastlane vs. The Great Rat Race Escape

    I'm currently reading the Unscripted: Escaping the Rat Race book. Sorry, but it seems to be a rehash of the previous Unscripted book. But I don't mind. I like to have audiobooks playing in the background. In this book, there's a scene where "Jeff" orders a bunch of custom tee-shirts. And his...
  2. Sir_Jude1


    Hi, my name is Jude and I’m a Realtor and serial entrepreneur. I’m from Lagos, Nigeria and I’m here to network, learn and grow with great minded individuals around the world.
  3. The Five Honey

    I Joined the forum. Nice to meet you.

    I was so impressed to read the book of fastlanes that I joined this forum. I'd like to see various people's opinions on various topics. Since I use a translator, the way I speak may sound strange, but I will gradually improve it. I'm not sure if it's right to write here, but it's nice to meet...
  4. Marcos Morales

    2021 Couldn't Start Better Than This...

    Good morning, I'm a 22-yo, old-time-lurker, who loves to plan and sell, but hates to do unnecessary work. Can you see that sunset I've just recorded? You're losing the real magic. On the back-end, I was listening to "The Millionaire Fastlane" audiobook for the very first time. Let me...
  5. OneLifeOneChance

    The 19 year old that's gonna go from nothing to EVERYTHING

    Hello everyone! Thank you for letting me join this forum! I am super excited about everything omg. I've just read The Millionaire Fastlane and WOWWW, this is one of those books that I know can change your life. I've only had one other book that has also changed my life that I'm currently...
  6. C

    Just a young entrepreneur who is looking for people who are as ambitious and hungry for success as he is to talk to and get to know

    Hello there, my name is Connor and I want to be a very very very wealthy businessman, innovator, and philanthropist. I am learning how to code and love it quite a lot. When I get really good at it, I'm gonna start creating mobile apps to help and bring value to people and am going to create a...
  7. T


    Hey all, Recently finished The Millionaire FASTLANE and I have to say that the book was one of the most captivating and enlightening that I have ever read on the subject of entrepreneurship and obtaining financial freedom. In all honesty, because of MJ's lessons and examples throughout the...
  8. abhishekk_33

    A hello to every Fastlaner from India.

    Hey everyone... I am Abhishek.. 18 years old,thus inexperienced. In India,our culture has always thought us to serve others without craving for selfish outcomes and outcomes will follow you (process principle). And that's what i believe in. Thus, Joining this forum with sincere optimism to...
  9. PapaGang

    I loaned my friend the Millionaire Fastlane, this is how he returned it

    I asked him why he covered the book in a Trader Joe's paper bag. He said, "Dude the title of the book was so inflammatory to my wife and friends that I had to cover it in order to read it without getting involved in a controversy." I like it. I'm keeping the cover.
  10. Robert25

    New Mindset

    Hello, I’ve always had dreams of owning a business since middle school. I always told everyone, studied business as I grew up and told myself that I would pull the trigger when an opportunity presented itself. Fast forward to age 27. An opportunity presented itself to open a new restaurant in...
  11. MJ DeMarco

    The #1 Book You Need to Read If You Want to Retire Early

    Wow, TMF got a mainstream mention on a mainstream financial news website. I'm shocked!
  12. Spino

    Hello Everyone, I am Luca

    Hello Everyone, I am halfway through The Millionaire Fastlane and though of visiting the Forum... And here we are! My name is Luca, 37, born in Italy I moved to Melbourne, Australia, a little over 6 years ago. I come from a humble family and a slowlane education. Moving to a new and rich city...
  13. G

    15 Signs You'll Never Be Rich (Millionaire Fastlane is promoted?!)

    View: See #2 for a promotion of TMF, idk if the video's useful but the channel has 1.9 million subscribers (no small feat).
  14. U

    Probably the youngest guy here

    My name is Donovan and I'm 18 I read the millionaire fastlane by accident("Accident???"-Yes I know) when I was trying to read Millionaire 90 days by Ben Stewart(Much inferior book). Now I'm on the last 100 pages of Unscripted and I gotta say they are both great books. I graduated High School a...
  15. E

    Going beyond wantrepreneurship

    EJK here, 27 year old man with a Sociology degree. I read Millionaire Fastlane just out of college from a recommendation on a blog I read frequently (Bold and Determined). It completely changed the way I looked at money, work and economics. I was a wantrepenur learning about buying websites...
  16. Varun

    Hello everyone, Varun here

    Hi all, Just finished TMF and Unscripted. They confirmed what I'd felt deep down for a long time. I've got a degree in law from one of the best institutions in my country. However, I never wanted to work at a law firm. Most people think life at a law firm is like Suits, the tv show(haha). Of...
  17. MJ DeMarco

    The CENTS Business Commandments for Entrepreneurs

    Thought I'd start a thread based upon the CENTS Business Commandments found in The Millionaire Fastlane and UNSCRIPTED, just in case someone searches for it by search engine. Since this concept is covered in both books, I don't think I ever posted an "official" thread on the topic. It would be...
  18. MJ DeMarco

    The Millionaire Fastlane, French Edition

    The Millionaire Fastlane license for the FRENCH language was sold some time ago. Here is the website were to check availability: Éditions Trédaniel - Courrier du Livre Should be available soon. (Will update when more news comes....)...
  19. A. Rodriguez

    Kick-starting My Fastlane Journey. Thank You MJ

    Hello Everyone, I'm glad to be in the forum at last. I've read The Millionaire Fastlane and the concepts there resonates with me a lot specifically the commandments of scale and Law of Effection. A very close friend of mine is averaging $3k/mo from his blog. That amount of money is large in my...
  20. Jess Grey

    Learning to go from manager, to owner, to investor

    Hi all - I just finished Millionaire Fastlane and could not put it down! It was one of those books that had me going through it with my wife daily after nearly every chapter, trying to apply it all to my life. This is a game changer if you're up for it and I am more than ready to invest myself...