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NOTABLE! If you could only pass on one life lesson to everyone on this forum, what would it be?


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Feb 8, 2019
I can guarantee you ... Warren Buffett could EASILY rope in more hot women than I could ever hope to do in a lifetime.

You think Melania thought Donald Trump was hot? Or the playboy bunnies thought Hugh was a stud? Nope. Money changes everything.

I'm not saying all those other qualities are meaningless. They are all well and good. And can only serve to enhance your attractiveness.

But when it comes to attracting women ... cash is king.

And, for the record, I have nothing against "gold diggers." I think "gold diggers" are smart entrepreneurs. You might be amazed what "marrying" your way into the fastlane can do for your standard of living. More power to them.
Ya I agree.

It is funny that people think that money is just a number sitting in the bank account. It is not.

Power fame and status versus money? Not much difference. Famous and powerful people are rarely poor in a capitalist economy. All the politician and celebrities we know have minimally medium 8 digits net worth. In fact having money alone, even if you are not famous is a form of status, probably the best form depending on your perspective.

Let us talk about behavior and charisma.
9 out of ten times a person with money also wins. Because it takes a lot of discipline and drive to become a first generation wealthy person. Sometimes they might be full of themselves also. But let me assure you they have plenty of charisma and attractive behaviors.

And I have news for some people here. Most wealthy people below the age of 40 are not the first generations wealth creator. This doesnt mean that they did nothing commendable. This is a fact of life. Trump is a third generation property developer. Trump is a capable person too. They also win in charisma and behavior. Having not to worry about money since young gives you the ability to develop the charisma that average dudes wont have a chance.

Basically these rich descendants will either develop personalities like
-Charismatic assholes like trump who is like able in many aspects. (Ya I know some would hate him).
-Charismatic prince who knows literature, music, wine and art. These are the socially acceptable “perfect gentleman”.

And let us talk about relationships. A lot of the money seeking behavior isn't about getting the guy to spend money on her in the future. It is about marrying someone who is “worthy of themselves”.
Even rich ladies and upper middle class family background ladies are quite reluctant to marry a poorer but good looking dude. Self-made compatible dude or 2nd gen compatibles dudes are still first choice.

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