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  • Darn, I really missed hearing about "true story" at the FL summit!

    No bullshit - they were all true. How are you, man?
    MJ DeMarco
    MJ DeMarco
    I'm OK, u still rolling in the limo biz?
    Until April 30, 2017.

    I'm done! Burned out. Health reasons -- all the sitting. Putting my life on hold, driving folks to their dreams while deferring my own. F*ck that! Not with all these people dropping dead around us.

    I will not look back, ten years from now, with a "woulda, shoulda, coulda" question. Between me and you, working on a senior focused supplement to be marketed through newspapers and direct mail.

    Things are okay on this end. My new son was born three weeks ago and sleep has become a distant memory around these parts.;-)

    I started a real estate wholesaling business but have not completed a deal, as of yet. In this particular environment, REO broker relationships are key and I don't have them, quite frankly.

    I have two new ideas:

    I come across off-market properties that could sell in the high six/low seven figure range but I don't have buyers for them. I would target rehabbers who are doing high end fix/flips. I've located, and made calls, to a couple investors who do just that.

    I know a divorce attorney who handles wealthy clients. I want to speak with him about the property that comes into play when the couples split.

    It's all about working those connections that you have.

    Be well, Jay.

    Thats alright, I'm doing good. How are you? I used to live in san gabriel valley by south pasadenaI miss going to santa monica. Hope your having a good friday night. -Jay
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