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INTRO Brennan O'Connor - free meditations

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions (Who are you!?)' started by HwhOC, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. HwhOC

    HwhOC New Contributor

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    Dec 13, 2016
    Rep Bank:
    Hey everyone! My name is Brennan just wanted to start by saying thank you to MJ for an awesome and inspiring book. Also thank you to the many of you who have shared valuable information on this forum! I've only recently realized (finally genuinely believe) that if there is ANYTHING I want to achieve I definitely can, as long as I am willing to put in the time and effort. My skill is in helping people to perceive their circumstances/problems/situations in a more optimistic light, and helping people to return their awareness and attention toward moving towards what they want, and not so much away from what they don't want (that can work too but can be trickier.) I also teach meditation. I've started putting out daily meditations on Youtube as well as my facebook page that I created with the purpose of building an audience. My goal and intention is - Help improve the lives of millions of people, making millions of dollars, enjoy what I'm doing everyday in order to make this happen... I would love feedback on the videos that I am posting out, but I know it is not appropriate to post links etc. with my own stuff... as far as my structure of, posting out free daily meditations/affirmations to help provide value and build an audience do you all think that is a good way to start? Around that I will eventually provide more specific services/products like a book and coaching etc. Anyways, thanks so much this forum is terrific and genuinely appreciate that it exists!! much love to everybody
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