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HOT TOPIC Ask Me Anything - Facebook Ads [2M+ Ad spend]

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May 28, 2020
I'd like to start doing some facebook ad runs for my small business I'm trying to raise local awareness of.

It's an in-home service so I really only want to target people in my local area. From my understanding, since almost no one knows I exist, I would want to do an awareness campaign? I don't have a company website at the moment, just a Facebook Page set up for my business with my services, photos, etc. I was thinking of targeting people in my local area with kids. My business is focused on home stuff and kids make for a messy home which I believe my services are very applicable to.

I don't have anything for them to buy, since it's service based, nor do I have a way for them to book an appointment on my Facebook page as each client's needs could vary wildly, and they wouldn't know how much time they would need from me. I put my email, phone number, whatsapp all easily accessible on the page though so I am just trying to drive people there to raise awareness of my services.

Just looking for a bit of guidance for if this is what I should do as a first test run on their platform...

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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
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Jul 24, 2020
Las Vegas
Hello Pritesh,
I hope this finds you doing well and healthy in these unchartered times, from your name I’m guessing you are from one of my favorite places - (where I travelled EXTENSIVELY) - on earth - so Namaste!

For the past 25 years I’ve successfully created in front of & sold spray paintings around the world. A Successful Sidewalk (literally!) Spray-Paint Artist NEEDS help with e-Commerce- due to CV -19 and police regs I can no longer do this where I live in Las Vegas.

Put me in any police free- good weather- tourist hotspot and within minutes I have a crowd and pockets full of money and happy people walking away from a fair exchange :))

So in April I went to Udemy and took the top rated courses in FB& YT ads, also a course by a very successful online artist of how to grow a FB page and sell online-

Three months of intense study I was bubbling with energy apply my new found knowledge!

Three months later -after various giveaways, building my FB page to 550 “fans”, Monthly Promotions, daily content updates- almost zero engagements per ORGANIC post- (So much for the FB Page course!)

Alongside this front of attack - I tried to place YT ads (I know not you’re but hear this) for 3 months tried 8 different iterations of ads - each would not show- after following JC’s course to the letter- so contacted him - he looked at my back end- HE could not figure it out - so went to Google- they FINALLY after weeks - different tiers of reps- because I used the line “For the first time ever in 25 years due to CORONAVIRUS I’m offering my art online!”

YES we cannot mention CV19 in Google Or YouTube
- the funny thing the next day they put a note on all the ads this was the reason- NOTHING before- so 3 months held up because of this.

Edited the ad I wanted to run and 10 days later good figures back! Was a Traffic ad to build Website Visitors- so when above 1000 will retarget them.

On the third front I have run FB ads as follows:

Engagement 3 times and three ads and ad sets - $2-3 a day (to promote the Monthly Giveaway) 1 cent CPC - The giveaway I announced a day before, then two hours before and the only people turning up were friends from childhood!

The Course I took all recommend this tactic - so when I saw 4-5K Engagement figures WOW I NAIVELY thought = all those people coming to watch the Giveaway and they’ll buy If they don’t win!!!

Page Likes - was happy with this as getting Page Likes for 25 cents a click -

Then also Ran Conversion Ads - as very little traffic to my website I checked Google Analytics and around 300 since opened - so instead of Sales - I set Campaign for Add To Cart & List Content

So five months of trying and ZERO sales
- the Engagement Campaigns even though I put for interests Street Art -Graffiti - Banksy etc (as no particular category in Interests for spray paint art even though MILLIONS of views on Social Media- not me at this stage!) ALMOST zero interest in a FREE painting or coming to my page and watching videos!

The guys that run the FB ads course I took RAVE about Engagement ads and yet I’ve heard since they are not the best ROI- I’d love to hear your real world take on this too, please.

I NEED a plan of action - I have tried and failed miserably - and running out of time and money fast.

I saw in this thread you recommend Conversion ads - Optimized For Views-

Would you recommend the same for my situation - with A: Very little website traffic B: Limited Budget C: Limited real world experience and not wanting to throw money away - as I have so far

I would happily spend a grand a month on ads IF it brought back a healthy return after all my overheads.
So any advice you can give-

For your time answering this - please go here and choose a picture I’ll send to you Pritesh
Home Of The Original Times Square Spray Paint Artist - Spray Paint Art

All the best Simon


New Contributor
Oct 22, 2020
If I want to promote a mobile application for android and / or ios, do I choose Facebook Ads or Google Ads? I specify that I am alone and not yet have a lot of means to invest in advertising credits. What strategies do you suggest to me? Thank you for your help.

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