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facebook ads

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  1. MightyOwl

    MARKETPLACE - Unlimited Graphic design for a flat monthly price - Logos,Videos,Banners and more!

  2. ethandiaz

    Facebook Advertising

    Hey all, I have a question for those who use Facebook as one of their advertising tools. You should all know about making a Custom Audience and how it usually takes some time for the audience to populate before being able to use this new custom audience. However, I've recently made a custom...
  3. H

    Analysis of a client account

    Hi folks:peace: Since I now have a customer whose google ads account I analyzed and looked for ways to improve, I thought about documenting the whole thing. Therefore I have created a checklist for Google Ads, which I would like to share: Is an account structure existing (is it useful)? Are...
  4. Pritesh

    HOT TOPIC Ask Me Anything - Facebook Ads [2M+ Ad spend]

    Hey guys, I am here to answer any questions you might have about Facebook ads. I have around $2M+ Ad spend experience on Facebook (85% agency, 15% personal). Total paid ads experience of $7.2 M+ if you include Google Ads. I am here only to talk about Facebook ads, as my experience with Google...
  5. Pritesh

    FOR HIRE Looking for Clients/Leads/Sales For Your Business? I am Your Guy

    I am offering my services of getting you more clients/leads/sales. for your Business. Here are the businesses I will not be working with (clarifying this upfront so there won't be any misunderstandings in the future): 1. Businesses that have just started with little to no sales experience...
  6. Scot

    Facebook Ads: Create Custom Audience from a Group?

    Alright Fastlane brain trust. I need your help here. I’m considering doing a crowdfunding campaign for my business. The great thing about my niche, is that there are several large, active support groups for the illness we serve. I’m active in the groups and have gotten the blessing to post the...
  7. Tom.V

    12 Reasons Why You Can't Scale Your Store (Video)

    I put together this video earlier as there are several common themes I come across over and over working with ecommerce stores. Some of the advice contained within may be akin to beating a dead horse, but they are all absolute requirements once you are spending >$10,000/mo in ad spend. Abandoned...
  8. Paul David

    EXECUTION I'm going to go from bankruptcy/£240,000 personal debt to a life of freedom using Facebook ads.

    Ok, where do I start with this? This is long so i'll break it up into smaller more readable posts. Your time is valuable so I hope you can get something out of my story. Yes you read it correctly, my name is Paul and at the time of writing this, I'm £240,000 in personal debt and on the verge of...
  9. Paul David

    I'm launched my brand and i'm stuck what to do next

    I've recently launched my new brand which primarily is being marketed via facebook, instagram influencers and Google ads. I've never ran facebook ads before but i read quite a lot and then i created the facebook ads myself (similar to the ads of my competitor who spends $80k a month) but after...
  10. pkom79

    Basic Facebook Ads Math Every Marketer Has To Know!

    Few months ago, I talked to a potential consulting client who had a pretty unique football related product that sold for $25. He was convinced that a top FB Marketer can bring him sales at 5X Return On Ad Spend. He expected a cost per purchase to be on average $5. I explained to him that...
  11. pkom79

    Deal or No Deal?

    Here is the deal: You are given an opportunity to sell a product that is a best seller on Amazon. The current seller (brand owner) has to remove the product from Amazon so would have to open your own e-commerce store. This product is patented and you would be the only seller. You can't use...
  12. pkom79

    Do You Want To Learn Facebook Ads For E-Commerce?

    I have a question to everyone that might interested in learning more about Facebook Ads for e-commerce: What would you like to learn about running Facebook Ads to your e-commerce store? I want to offer a monthly subscription (4-8 lessons a month) that would teach entrepreneurs how to...
  13. itfactor

    NOTABLE! [GUIDE] Facebook Ads Made Simple (That Even Your Mom Can Understand) 2019 Edition

    Hello Fastlane, I’ve wanted to write a guide on Facebook Ads for some time now. While there’s already a great PPC guide by @eliquid on this subject, there’s always new stuff to learn and to talk about when it comes to FB ads. Note that this isn’t going to be a step-by-step guide, but rather a...
  14. Jsoh

    The Seedling Method [Facebook Ads]

    Hey Fastlaners, Anybody out there in Facebook Ad Land? I came up with an analogy that might help some people when it comes to running ads on Facebook... Quick backstory on my experience: Was directly involved with media buying for Tai Lopez (I worked for him), and so I saw on a massive scale...
  15. HiGHPeR

    MARKETPLACE Get a higher converting website or landing page from

    Hey everyone! We're almost into summer and its that time of the year to launch those hot summer offers! Contact me today to schedule a free consultation, and lets see how can help you improve your overall ROI or FB ROAS and simply make you more money. We've been in the...
  16. eGrizzly

    Facebook Ads Audience based on Country of Origin

    Hello my fellow Facebook Adseers, Is it possible while creating Facebook Ads to setup an audience based on where people are from. For instance, if you wanted to target all Jamaican-Americans living in Kansas it would theoretically be something like the below: 1. All people living in the state...
  17. L

    No Cash For Facebook Ads? Post Funny Memes.

    I've found that posting funny meme videos about my industry is a great gorilla marketing tactic. I've got 1,000 likes on my Facebook like page but can reach over 12,000 people in one day on most post that get shared. All I do is find a YouTube video (mostly a movie scene) chop it up to a 30...
  18. Danny01

    Local Lead Gen for Insurance Company

    I'm meeting with a Multi-National Insurance Company branch in my region tomorrow. The meeting is about how I can generate leads for them. I want to get them clients and get a good pay for my service. But I want to ask, which method is the best for marketing an insurance company? Google Ads or...
  19. Lucas Lee-Tyson

    EXECUTION [Progress] Journey to $10,000/month as a Facebook Ads Expert [2019]

    Hello Fast Lane Forum readers, My name is Lucas. I'm 20 years old and a Junior in college. I've been building and selling things online since I was 15. I first got started when I stumbled on the Internet Marketing forum BlackHatWorld. I have had a handful of successes and lots of failures. I've...
  20. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Targeting Big Events With FB/IG/Google Ads Geotargeting?

    I had an idea that I've been tossing around in my head for a while. Ever since Facebook and Google introduced geo-targeting as an option, I have thought about using it to target say College Football games using a geofence. Think about it, thousands of people with a common interest are gathered...

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