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  1. Pritesh

    HOT TOPIC Ask Me Anything - Facebook Ads [2M+ Ad spend]

    Hey guys, I am here to answer any questions you might have about Facebook ads. I have around $2M+ Ad spend experience on Facebook (85% agency, 15% personal). Total paid ads experience of $7.2 M+ if you include Google Ads. I am here only to talk about Facebook ads, as my experience with Google...
  2. Ben Botello

    INTRO Greetings! My name is Ben

    Hi guys my name is Ben I'm from the suburbs of Chicago. I do Affiliate Online Marketing running white hat only lead gen on Facebook and pretty new to it. I'm 21 years old and I'm just trying to make a full time income with affiliate marketing that way I don't have to wake up to a job anymore...
  3. M

    The Math Doesn't Add Up (FB Ads)

    I'm buying traffic from FB to a single product page, and while I am new to this, the math just doesn't make any sense to me. COGS (including shipping) is $6 Product price is $25 Leaves me with $19 profit, if I have no other expenses. But I'm advertising, so I have to factor that in. If I want...

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