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YouTube SEO question: What to do with 40 EXCELLENT-rating keywords?

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Sep 25, 2019
Barcelona, Spain
Edit:Thanks to the moderators for helping me move this thread to the right section!

OK, so as some might know, I'm starting a Youtube Channel about fantasy sculpture.
I'll be sculpting dragons and other mythological beasts, and I aim to monetize it inthree ways: a Patreon, selling these sculptures as resin kits, and selling sculpture video courses.

I bought TubeBuddy and, I've been trying different combinations of keywords, some of them ranking good or very good.
Combinations like "how to sculpt a dragon in polymer clay", "centaur sculpture tutorial", and such.

But where I've found a hundred of very good rating keywords and about 40 excellent ones, is with actual names of mythological beings or weird animals, all of them simple names, not "how to xxx xx xx" questions. Also I've found some good-ranking names of beautiful but little-known models and actresses, which I'm a huge fan of and from which I could make portraits of.
So they are all characters I could sculpt, but I have lots of doubts on how to implement everything. I've tried to condensate them here. @Fox , if you could take a look at them I'd be incredibly grateful!!!
Here are my questions:

1. Let's take two excellent-rated mythological beings, "Salamander" that has 3M monthly searches and 500k results, and "Manticore" that thas 50k searches and 400 results.
Which would be the best to tackle first? First one because of the search volume, or second because of the higher search volume to results ratio?

2. If sculpting let's say, an Egyptian god, would it be wise to put good-ranking names of Norse gods in the tags? Or it would be too different from the video content and people wouldn't like it?
Or is it better to put "salamander" (the high ranking one) and the others to be "salamander tutorial", "salamander sculpt", etc, even if they just rank "good" or "fair"?

3. Is it a good idea to use the highest-ranking keyword I've found as my brand name? Like, "Salamander Sculptures" if that was the case? Or I should try to develop my own brand name?

4. If "Salamander sculpting tutorial" ranks bad, but "Salamander" ranks very good, is it better to put just "Salamander" as a title for my sculpting video? or will it mislead non-sculpture-interested people and affect me negatively?

5. Is always better to use short tags so that you can fit more of them in the tag window?

My main issue is that all the tags are related in a way (all of them are mythological beings) but not so related as to be in the same video, and I don't know how to proceed from here.

By the way here's my first video! I'm quite proud of it but I'm planning on making the next one much more dynamic, with camera changes, me talking, etc.


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Oct 31, 2017

1: Start with long tail with low competition: " Manticore Sculpting". Youtube will consider you as relevant for this topic when you have a certain biography and visibility. Both is easier to reach with targeting of low competition keywords.

2: I do not know. I use relevant keywords.
3: I recommend to not use it as brand name you will regret it on long term. Create 1 account and subcategorize via playlists and so on.

4: What do you mean with ranks bad - you have no video so no ranking. Use the title for what you will show, you already name it in your question :)

5: I do not know.

If I were you and I would really see that much potential there I would buy a book / ebook / read blogs about YouTube SEO, that´s what will help

Best regards
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Andy Black

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May 20, 2014
What about running ads on Google and seeing if you can get people to your videos that way, while buying data about what people are searching for on Google (which will be similar but not identical to what people search on YouTube)?

I’m testing this and wrote up on it in the last few posts of my YouTube progress thread (linked to in my signature).


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Mar 1, 2016
Off topic a bit but can't you sale items created in the video? If you worry about scaling of this you could hire someone to sculpt them on-demand and treat video as sales hook.

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