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Why most people are WRONG about Cryptocurrency


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Jan 26, 2016
Fort Worth, Texas
Well there’s difference between investing in a legitimate company for those reasons (expansion) and something you know to be a bubble.

The analogy I’m drawing is if you invested in bitcoin knowing it was speculative bubble and then withdrew at just the right tome, making money.

I mean if someone did it I wouldn’t care. There are different levels of immorality. Scamming someone out of an iPad is like 70/100 on the scale of evil. Investing in a speculative bubble is like 2/100 minor n to worth mentioning. I mean it’s not a big deal, but I still would feel like a dick. That money has to come from somewhere, even if he is a ‘sucker.’

And the reason I say this is all morality is based on the ideas of win/lose, win/win, and lose/win situations.

Theft? You lose, I win. Rape? She loses, I win. Murder? Well no one wins, but the victim loses.

Those things are considered immoral.

If I donate money I lose, they win. If i volunteer, I lose (time,) they win

Those things are considered selfless and altruistic.

Investing in a speculative bubble.. i mean I don’t give a sh*t lol.. I wouldn’t judge or even care. i just would rather not do it myself. I’m not adding anything of value of the world so I don't feel right taking.
There's no morality in buying and selling stocks or cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been manipulated by whales but the poor Dad losing his life's savings is not anyone's fault but his. The whales are not convincing anyone to buy. They won't send you an email, knock on your door or give you a call to get you to buy anything. It was his decision that got him to invest in something he doesn't know about.

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