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MARKETPLACE [The Path 2.0] Who else wants to double their business this year?

Kung Fu Steve

Platinum Contributor
Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Jul 8, 2008
Road Warrior
How Would You Like Me To Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Your Business This Year?

I'm KungFuSteve.

Last year I set out on a mission to create a private coaching practice for entrepreneurs.

It's called The Path (You can click here to check it out)

I wanted to give hungry business owners access to the tools, strategies, and distinctions that I teach day in and day out to some of the most successful companies in the world and some of the most challenged companies in the world with one goal in mind: growth and success...

...and the results were more extraordinary than even I expected!

Of the original 70 people who joined the program, 18 stuck it out for the entire year.

Out of those 18 committed and hungry business owners:
  • 1 person is on pace to QUADRUPLE before the end of the year...
  • 2 people have TRIPLED their revenue...
  • and 5 people have DOUBLED their businesses...
And to give credit to the rest of the group, some have started brand new businesses, some have shifted their organization to run without them, and some have simply found their passion for their business once more and actually enjoy this entrepreneurial ride!

Here's The Exciting Part For You:

The content inside The Path is essentially designed to "loop" after a year.

Not because there isn't more to teach (because there always is) -- but it's time to review our goals for this next year, devise new strategies for growth, and make decisions about where we are going and who we're going to become.

If you're hungry and serious about growth this year -- now is the time to jump on this train.

You can join us on The Path right here.

What This Is:

If you don't know me, my day-to-day "job" is as the head trainer for a fairly prominent and world-renowned "life coach".

I go into businesses and organizations with the intention of taking them to the next level with tools and strategies that he taught me... and after doing over 2,000 of these trainings -- I've gotten pretty good at it.

In fact, if I can be so bold, the reason I'm the "head trainer" these days is because I get results for my clients. Every. Single. One.

But because I'm getting such good results with business after business... it usually ranges anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 for me to come in and work with you for the day.

Yes it's that valuable... but at that price, it often means the very people I get so excited to help, get priced out of the opportunity.

And my real, no bullshit, mission in life is to help people.

That's why I wanted to package the same distinctions, tools, and strategies I teach every day into something anybody could afford.

And that thing is called The Path (click here to check it out)

The things I'm teaching inside of this program are the same strategies I've used to build my companies -- and I'm even doing it again, right now, with a new business I've recently purchased.

My point is, I get high on my own supply.

I'll never tell you to do something I'm not personally doing myself (which is actually my biggest pet peeve with "coaches")...

And to put it bluntly, as you can see from the results, these strategies work.

What This Isn't:

...but this isn't a hand-holding program.

Everyone inside the group right now understands *they* are ultimately responsible for their results. I can simply show you what we're doing and how to implement in your business... but I can't do it for you... that would cost a helluva lot more :rofl:.

It's actually a really fun and cool group and I'd like to keep it that way.

So if you're not cool and fun, this probably isn't the group for you.

If you don't currently have a business... this probably isn't the group for you, either.

After all, it's really difficult to multiply zeroes -- and this program is designed to double your business.

I won't turn you away though if you're hungry and COMMITTED to doing something. Everyone in the group is ultra supportive and if you need a new group of friends who will hold you to a higher standard? These are the folks!

However, if you're looking for sympathy or just new people to tell your excuses to... you aren't going to have a good time.

So Here's The Deal:
It's time to make the decision to join us.

And you can do that by clicking here.

Once you do that, you'll get access to the "members area".

It might look a little overwhelming at first because there's a lot of stuff in there -- in fact, there's probably a hundred thousand dollars worth of information I've compiled from my coaches over the years... and you're going to have immediate access to that.

There is a step-by-step system in there so you can start working on things TODAY.

However, every Sunday at 10am CST, we'll be getting on the live coaching call where I'll personally walk you through how to implement the next strategy and get you going for the week.

If you can't make the call, they all get recorded and thrown up in the membership area immediately so it's no big deal (actually almost every member is in a different time zone so only half or so get on the live call every sunday).

If you have questions, need to bounce ideas, or just need some help -- you'll have my personal email to contact me anytime you want (as long as you're patient with my insane travel schedule :rofl:).

It's really a pretty simple program... but probably the most powerful strategies you'll implement this year.

You really can double your business this year. I'm committed to you... the question is, will you commit to me to do what it takes?

You can make that decision right here.

By The Way...

If you were wondering why such an insanely valuable coaching program is so inexpensive (I mean, I should be charging $2,000 a month instead of $200, right?), I'll tell you:

I don't actually need the money... but if you don't pay, you don't pay attention.

My ulterior motive is I want to make a name for myself as one of the greatest coaches of all time. It gives me more opportunities to practice my craft.

And when I double your business for real, I get the pride, the joy, and the excitement of actually making the difference I was put here to make.

Anyways... let's do this thing.

Click here to join The Path

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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Approved, good luck.

Reminder for forum users: "approved" does not mean vetted. However I think several folks here have been thru Steve's program in the past and have had positive things to say.


Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Jan 22, 2014
Tempe, AZ
It's more expensive to NOT be in this program.. Literally the first couple exercises alone are worth it. Not to mention a ton more exercises, a year's worth of recorded coaching sessions, and a LIVE call with Steve every week..

Every person needs a coach; If you don't have one this is a great opportunity to get your feet wet.

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