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Tactics For Validating Product Demand

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Jan 23, 2018
Fort Worth, TX
I have heard that it's best to talk to actual customers about your problem/solution in real life.

I have tried to do this before. I had an idea for specialized headphones for solving noisy office environment without going deaf.

I visited a high rise commercial center where a lot of people worked. At around 4:00PM, I caught a couple dozen people going home from work. Most people I approached quickly shut me down for an interview. A few had rather visceral reactions to being approached by a random stranger albeit a polite one.

Finally there were some 30 people who gave me a few minutes of their time for a problem/solution interview. Most of the interviews went along the lines of.....noise in the office is a big problem.....a common solution they used was headphones albeit damaging to long term hearing.

After everything was said and done, I felt like the whole process of interviewing people in real life was a bit cringy. Even though I had validated my problem/solution, I didn't feel like I had gained valuable insight on whether my idea had good growth potential. Potential that someone could commit years of their life to. E.g. most people wouldn't want to commit to a new fashion line business or donuts business. The demand is irrational for the former and local demand is small for the latter.

So I guess my question is what are some good tactics to validate a product? Especially if this validation motivated you to take a plunge on an idea.
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Mar 1, 2016
I had validated

You haven't validated your idea. Here's the better way.

Make a shopping website with pictures of your product. Make it full funnel until last purchase page.
Drive some traffic from FB ads.
When they'll click to last page of buying, tell them that you are out of stock and grab their email.

Check how much you pay for ads, how many people "almost bought" and whats your profit per product to see if numbers play in your favor.

If you'd do that, you'd have validated your idea.

Good luck.

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